2023: An Energetic Forecast

An astrologer on why this will be a year of growth and expansion and important dates to know.

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2023: An Energetic Forecast

Last year, we saw several astrological themes emerge, from understanding self-love to experiencing much-needed nurturing and healing as the months went on. 

To better comprehend the energetic themes of 2022, Dheandra Nicolette, host of the podcast Manifest Daily, emphasized the importance of numerology. This helps us grasp the connection between numbers, events, and the energies we experience. (Think of angel numbers or the lore around 11:11 and the number 7.) 2022 was a year of 6 (2+2+2), a number associated with creativity, healing, love, and relationships. “For many people, 2022 was the year they were introduced to a soulmate or perhaps reconnected with one, while for others, this year meant coming to terms with what it means to truly love oneself,” Nicolette tells rē•spin. 

In the aftermath of the pandemic-driven events of 2020, many of us put a deeper emphasis on healing relationships with our loved ones and ourselves. Last year, the concept of “collective responsibility” also came to the forefront. “With Saturn in Aquarius for the most part, 2022 underscored the theme of critically examining our social structures, community, and collective paradigms to understand where drastic change needed to occur.”

Energetic themes of 2023

2023 is considered a 7-year (2+2+3). These years are especially spiritual and well-known for setting the stage for shifts in our perspectives. The themes set to emerge in 2023 revolve around finding comfort in and taking on independence, advocating for communities, attracting and expanding abundance through intentions and action, and embracing spirituality. 

“This is another year to lean into growth, expansion, and creating more moments for fulfillment,” she says. “If you haven’t yet set a focus word for this year, I highly recommend doing so and using that word as a guide for precisely what you want to embody and attract this year. It’ll help keep you grounded and remind you that, as much as many things are written in the stars, so to speak, you also have autonomy and free will over many others.”

Here are some key energetic dates in 2023.

March 7: Saturn moved into Pisces 

Over the last few years, Saturn has been transitioning through Aquarius, which has empowered it to set boundaries and create restrictions. We saw this manifested through events such as the pandemic and lockdowns. Since Saturn is now moving through a water sign, Nicolette explains that boundaries and limitations created or enforced during this time will be “led with much more flow.”

“With this head-in-the-clouds energy, Pisces can also be super dreamy. With Saturn being the big daddy planet of restriction, this can indicate a clash between our dreams and reality — sort of like ripping the rose-colored glasses off and seeing that things aren’t going to work out just because you look the other way and hope for the best,” she says. “Those entering their Saturn return can look forward to significant lessons and coming-of-age transitions unfolding in their lives over the next three years.”

March 23: Pluto moves into Aquarius 

The last time this transit occurred was more than 200 years ago. Pluto will be in Aquarius until June 11 this year but will return in 2024 for another two decades. Pluto is associated with death, power, secrets, and the subconscious. Through this transit, these themes will affect innovative movements, systems of structure and power, and technology — including a shift in how we share, understand and depict its influence.

“Aquarius also deals with groups and the collective, so we may see a sneak peek into significant changes in how we function as a collective and more rebellious acts and movements that encourage the people’s liberation,” Nicolette says. “This transit is a time of burning down the things that do not work to create a better path. It’s about the radical change that encourages a reality where it truly is for the people.” 

May 16: Jupiter moves into Taurus

Jupiter — which centers on abundance, expansion, and luck — moves from Aries to Taurus this May, remaining until May 25, 2024. When in Aries, this transit sparks boldness and diving headfirst into opportunities. With an earth sign like Taurus, we must embrace patience when it comes to what we are attracting. Nicolette explains, “This is the energy of watching your flowers bloom, slowly maybe, but surely, and investing your time and energy into a longer-term vision.

“This is a great time to make practical and grounded strides toward big goals and visions,” she adds. “During this time, we have Jupiter’s affinity for expansion backing us, but we need to be clear about what we want and take tangible actions to see this expansion manifest. This is a fantastic time for Taurus placements and one that will be filled with abundance and incredible expansion.”

July 17: North Node moves into Aries, and South Node moves into Libra

Our South Node relates to the past lives or principles we’re moving away from. Our North Node is necessary to understand our destiny and what we’re moving toward.

“This is a time when we’re seeing a literal balance of self and others play out. During the next 18 months, we will be feeling the opposition between doing what is best for us as individuals versus doing what is best for our relationships,” Nicolette says. “We may feel called to leave groupthink mindsets behind and adopt an attitude where we’re leaning into our independence. Aries and Libra placements will feel this shift the most.”

Though knowing when to prioritize your needs is challenging, now is as good a time as any to practice giving grace to yourself and those around you. 


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