6 Sustainability-Minded Home Essentials For a Spring rē•fresh 

rē•spin your criteria for rē•invigorating your space.

By: Sarah Carr
6 Sustainability-Minded Home Essentials For a Spring rē•fresh 

A flash of bright green asparagus at the farmers’ market, a night warm enough to kick off the extra duvet, the day you realize your skin doesn’t require quite as much oil as it did in December—our bodies recognize Spring in myriad ways before our minds register the changing weather. As the season inspires us to shed layers and rē-vitalize our homes and routines, we’re re-thinking the classic Spring rē-fresh. 

Rather than rē-inventing our spaces solely on aesthetics, we’re approaching Spring cleaning with an eco-friendly mindset. From the kitchen to the bedroom, upgrading a few conventional home essentials for modern, sustainable versions will make your space feel instantly lighter and brighter while doing better for the planet. 

rē-duce clutter and waste in the kitchen

When you’re ready for a sustainable upgrade that keeps your cabinets clutter-free, consider donating your stack of tired skillets and replacing them with one Pan. The Always Pan is an eight-in-one alternative to buying a bulky set and is made without potentially toxic materials often used in conventional cookware.

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Transition away from single-use paper goods with LeServiette’s linen napkins—they double as counter-saving coasters and towels for spills and come in a neutral tone, so you don’t need to treat them delicately. Plus, the natural linen gets softer and prettier with each wash. 

rē-fill your bath products and rē•invigorate your rituals

Make the switch to refillable bath products without sacrificing the gorgeous scents and skin-silkening effects that make self-care rituals soothing and satisfying. Explore formulas like Bathing Culture’s organic body wash and face and body oil—their biodegradable products are safe for soil and come in glass bottles so that you can refill yours locally.

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For a sustainably-minded daily scrub down, choose a natural linen loofah instead of the readily available—but environmentally unfriendly—disposable plastic kind for your home essentials kit. You can even go one step further and grow your loofah! 

rē-plenish your haven for rest and pleasure

Merino wool is the hot sleeper’s secret to lowering energy consumption—and the cost of cranking up the AC all summer long. Casper’s cooling collection includes a duvet insert with a moisture-resistant layer that naturally regulates body temperature. Plus, the cozy down fill is ethically sourced so that you can rest easy.

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respin your sleep with caspers new collection

rē-awaken pleasure with intimacy-enhancing formulas made with 100% plant-based ingredients. To create clean, eco-conscious oils, suppositories, and lubes for solo pleasure or use with a partner, Foria uses organic hemp grown on a biodynamic farm using regenerative practices—for a healthy sex life that’s good for the Earth, too.



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