Introducing Ambi Kavanagh

From Entertainment Lawyer to Alchemist : How Ambi Kavanagh Changed Her Life (And Can Change Yours)

By: rē•spin staff
Introducing Ambi Kavanagh

For the first ten years of her professional career, Ambi Kavanagh worked as an entertainment lawyer and on-air legal expert in London. But following a 2008 spiritual awakening–affectionately called her cosmic bitch slap–after the end of a serious relationship, she has pushed down a path of self-discovery. From a breakdown to a breakthrough, Ambi was able to experience a personal journey of alchemy and discover who she was. 

Through that period of self-discovery, Alchemy with Ambi was born to reach and serve a community in search of their alchemy journey and align her professional life with her soul’s purpose. Today, she is an astrologer, mentor, life coach, sound healer, podcast host, and founder of Soulstrology, a platform used to educate and empower its community to become the best versions of themselves. 

Ambi’s alchemist journey was predestined after being raised in a spiritual home that emphasized the importance of ritual, self-care, and honoring nature. Her influences range from healers and homeopaths to astrologers and mystics within her extended family.

“I was born and raised in this environment and it is in my DNA,” she explained. “I am simply continuing the lineage and am fortunate to have so many tips and tools that were passed down to me through word of mouth and by real-life living examples.”

After astrological weather began to impact her chart, Ambi felt as though she was being punished by the universe. To better understand what was happening to her, she began studying astrology in-depth, realizing that no matter how rough the astrological weather was, she could navigate the waters. She explained, “This was hugely empowering as it transformed my entire life. I went from victim to co-creator and ultimately the victor. I wanted everyone to be able to have this cosmic consciousness as I like to call it so that it could help them lead better lives.”

Ambi began sharing her teachings through Soulstrology, beginning with a few people in her one-bedroom apartment. With time, her audience expanded to hundreds, then thousands of people. She explained, “It unfolded organically but could never have happened without me being my first student and teacher, all at once.”

Through Soulstrology, Ambi has been able to provide her community with Astrological Transit blogs, channeled readings, live meditations, and Lunar Soundbaths. She created her signature Soulstrology Soundbath–fusing astrology with sound healing–understanding society’s need for deep listening, especially during a time where there is little digital downtime. From texts and emails to hopping from one app to another, our brains have become overactive.

“We are overstimulated and our brains were not designed to process so much information so quickly,” she explained. “That’s why we feel so frazzled! Everyone needs to slow down and allow their minds, physical, and energy body much needed rest.”

Ambi recommends meditation as a way to slow down our brain waves and calm our nervous system, to allow for the deep rest we all need and deserve. Meditation, however, can be difficult for some, but that may not always be the case with sound healing. The sounds from sound baths have a powerful effect on our brain waves, effectively slowing them down to a deep resting state. All that we need to do is take the time to listen, sans distractions.

These days, listening to one of her sound baths has become a personal self-care staple for Ambi, paired with a salt bath to relax the body. She carves time out to create a moment to do something for her mind, body, and soul daily. Whether it’s yoga Nidra, meditation, or listening to binaural beats, Ambi believes that you must nurture all three to be truly well.

“I know how much I need to nourish myself so that I can nurture others in my life – from my husband and toddler to my clients and community and to show up for my businesses,” she explained. “It isn’t easy to find that time, but it is imperative to my well-being and to leading a truly successful and happy life, so I make sure to make time for me daily, without fail.”

2020 is a year that has presented us all with stress coming from all directions, driving a need for meditative practices to wind down, relax, refocus, and re-spin. No matter your age, relationship, or parental status, your wellness ritual is deeply personal–it’s normal to differ from someone else in your life, even your past self. What you’ve done before may no longer serve you, and that’s okay.

“There is no right or wrong, just a unique process which is ongoing,” Ambi said. “Live your process, not someone else’s—not the latest wellness craze, just your unique, beautiful, perfectly imperfect process.”

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