Between The Sheets

Gifts to Go From Beneath The Tree to Between The Sheets

By: rē•spin
Between The Sheets

As we head into the holiday season, we’re craving pleasure. Carnal desires meet reality for many who are unpartnered, leading us to consider the role of self-love this season. For those who are partnered, being close and cooped up can be a real libido stressor. Perhaps it is time for those who are coupled to dive into a sexual renaissance with the help of duo toys. Whatever it may be, we can guarantee that the following toys would be lovely beneath the tree, but they really belong under the sheets. Buy one for you, your boo, your bestie — consider this a gift guide to presents that truly keep on giving. 

A few notes to consider: All sex toys should be made from body-safe or medical-grade silicone. Keep ‘em clean and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re going to use them with a partner for the first time, read the room and give your lover a heads up if you think they’d appreciate it. But hey, we of all people know that an element of surprise only heightens the mood… Read on and find your bliss.

The Frenchmen by the Smilemakers

If you can get past the illustration of a vibrator wearing a beret on the packaging, this toy is full of pleasure. Designed to feel like a tongue, it mimics oral sex. Some say it is best served with a water-based lube, which Nécessaire’s sex gel fits the bill for. This toy is great for beginners, so buy it for the vibrator novice in your life.


The Womanizer is the next step up from The Frenchmen. Perfect for those who couldn’t get past the beret-wearing vibrator, the Womanizer uses a suction sensation with a focus on the clitoris. Reviews come from pleasantly surprised women who had a quick yet deep orgasm. It’s only active when in contact with your skin, meaning it lulls to sleep after you cum. It’s perfect for those living in tight quarters with family, roommates, or nosey neighbors.

The Heart by Chakrubs

Chakrubs is a line of dildos made from healing crystals. Hand polished and totally body-safe, each stone represents a different intention. The Heart, carved out of soothing rose quartz, is perfect for those who are setting 2021 with the intention of loving themselves. These are great for those who aren’t into motors and machines, prefer to meditate before disrobing, and are into mindful sexuality.


Perfect for those who experience pain during sex, this CBD lube comes in an ultra-chic bottle that is you’ll have no shame keeping on your nightstand. If you want some heightened sensation during playtime, try Foria’s Awaken Arousal Oil.


A little fetish, anyone? The Fascination set is perfect for couples who are enticed by the idea of whips and paddles but also aren’t quite sure where to begin. Made of premium leather, you’ve got a mask, handcuffs, a whip, a paddle, wrist, and ankle cuffs, plus a gorgeous and unsuspecting travel case. The fantasies are endless, set your safe word, and get to it.


New on the scene is Maude’s Vibe. This toy is sleek enough to sit on your nightstand, affordable enough to buy for yourself and your best friends, and suitable for solo and partnered play. It is USB-charged, so no need to purchase batteries. The shape is perfect for both penetrative and clitoris stimulation. Consider this a mature, aesthetically pleasing, unassuming vibe for day-to-day use.


The palm-shaped Mimi was made for intimate moments with warm embraces. Used with a partner or solo, the ultra-soft silicone feels like silk against your body, making for a sensual experience.


Curate your experience. Lean into a bit of role play with this headpiece. It goes perfectly with Fleur Du Mal’s Satin Bullet Bodysuit for an evening of fantasizing you’re in a retro-inspired boom boom room.


Coconut oil and Vitamin E come together for a seamless glide. Perfect for use with lambskin condoms, solo play, or safely partnered unprotected sex. Not-so-good for use with latex and plastic, as the oil will degrade the material over time.


We had to save the best for last. This 24k gold, the made-to-order vibrator is the epitome of luxury. It comes with matching cufflinks, upping the keepsake novelty. The dual ends offer different levels of stimulation, one end is designed for an internal massage while the other is meant for clitoral pleasure. Spoil yourself, send it to your hubby as a wishlist item, or put it on your vision board for the ultimate future gift to you.


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