Black Business Month: Micha Brown

Micha Brown’s Press and Curl Bar Salon is a Safe-Haven for Black Excellence

By: Julia Childs
Black Business Month: Micha Brown

 “Deal with yourself as an individual worthy of respect and make everyone else deal with you the same way.” – Nikki Giovanni”

Micha Brown is an entrepreneur, celebrity hair artist, and owner of Press and Curl Bar Salon. A woman who paved a way based on her experience and the gaps in the Black hair care market, Micha has set a standard for excellence. Her path to becoming a business boss was filled with surprises. “It has been quite a journey because I have so many ideas and I’ve been inspired by so much. Honestly, Press and Curl Bar salon is something I’ve really had to make up my mind that I was going to fully conquer and accomplish before moving onto the next goal,” Micha shares. This feeling of falling in love with so many different ideas and ventures is common to entrepreneurs. It is this lust for life that often drives folks to birth their most successful businesses.

Make no mistake, Micha is not new to the world of hair. She spent five years as a hair assistant and ten years working in multiple salons while building her celebrity hair stylist brand. With this wealth of experience, she felt compelled to create a black hair salon that could offer more to women. Micha explains, “Press and Curl Bar was inspired to give women a place to have their hair serviced without feeling judged because of their coarse and textured hair, where pricing does not change according to your length or fullness, and to simply feel beautiful about a piece of your natural being as a woman.” Many of us are all too familiar with the burdensome feelings that can be associated with hair care as Black women and it is affirming to hear that Press and Curl Bar is a safe space that is made for us, by us. Micha’s heart is at the center of all she does in this business, as she shares, “I truly have created a brand and business from the heart to uplift and empower women.

Uplifting and empowering other women isn’t only amongst the clientele of Press and Curl Bar. It is also a part of Micha’s approach to supporting her employees. “My biggest win is that I have three very successful hair assistants turned hair stylists that worked under me. All three of them are celebrity hairstylists, have their own business, and are very successful. I was very hard to work for but I believe that is what got them to the next level in their life,” she explains while reflecting on her impact.

Finally, we wanted to leave you with some wisdom Micha has for other Black business owners. She shared the following:

“Owning a business is rewarding but it is not easy. I encourage owners to set their business with a strong foundation and have a passion for that particular industry. I also encourage owners to be intentional and specific in building something beautiful. When you feel discouraged, be your own best cheerleader.”

Stay in touch with Micha here and book an appointment at Press and Curl Bar when it is safe to do so.


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