Black Business Month: Adrienne Alexander

How Adrienne Alexander, ESQ. Paved Her Own Path in Law

By: Julia Childs
Black Business Month: Adrienne Alexander

“Just don’t give up what you’re trying to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” —  Ella Fitzgerald

Adrienne Alexander, ESQ is an attorney with an innovative mindset. Operating as the principal of her own firm, Alexander Law Partners, for over a decade, she has become an intimate collaborator of rē•spin due to her essential legal guidance. We’re inspired by her story and how she paved her own path in the world of law beginning in her early youth. “If you ask my parents, they will tell you they knew I was going to be a lawyer at a very young age because I loved to ‘argue.’ I say I was passionate about getting my point across and wanted everyone to understand why it mattered,” Adrienne begins. Solidifying her goal of becoming a sports lawyer and representing professional athletes at just age 10, she began planning for her success at an age where her peers were still playing double-dutch.

After receiving both her undergraduate degree in marketing and her Masters in Business Administration from renowned historical Black university Florida A&M, she moved on to pursue her law degree from Georgetown Law Center. This marriage of law, marketing, and business expertise created a niche for Adrienne’s work. Yet, this path didn’t come without unexpected readjustments. Adrienne explains, “After graduating Georgetown, I was met with the unfortunate reality that the industry wasn’t ready for a Black female NFL agent/lawyer. I am so happy the industry has since changed!” Setting her sights on entertainment law, instead of sports law, created a dynamic career for Adrienne. She’s even had the opportunity to work with several professional athletes, advising them on a range of business ventures and preparing them for a successful career after the league. In addition to working with athletes, Adrienne also represents clients in the entertainment, media, advertising, and tech space.

Though all may not realize this at first glance, law is an extremely intimate business. Adrienne finds satisfaction in working closely with her clients. She explains, “I love seeing my clients happy when we close a deal for an opportunity they really wanted. I find joy in their successes! I’m blessed to be able to do what I do and have the opportunity to work with, advise, and protect incredible people and companies.” In a space where she is able to enjoy the fruits of her success, Adrienne recognizes that the path to becoming a lawyer wasn’t easy. Law school is regarded as one of those tough-as-nails experiences. When asked how she stayed inspired and motivated during her law school experience, she shares, “I was focused on my goal. I had three years to accomplish this mission. In your first year especially, your study groups are extremely important and critical to your law school success.”

Readjusting to the ebbs and flows of life’s demands is Adrienne’s expertise. We find it important to leave you with her advice for other Black women hoping to pursue a career in law. “Just go for it. Know your worth and don’t let anyone try to undervalue or dismiss you. Remember to surround yourself with other Black women lawyers who can be a support system, especially in the tough times.” Her words are impactful and apply to industries outside of the legal field all the same. Our presence, skills and dynamism are a gift. Let Adrienne’s story serve as a reminder to shine your light.


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