Black Business Month: Divine Feminine

Celebrating Black Business Month with the Divine Feminine

By: Julia Childs
Black Business Month: Divine Feminine

“I had to make my own living and my own opportunity. But I made it! Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.” – Madam C.J. Walker

31 days of celebrating Black business excellence occurs every August. Thanks to the national holiday created by John William Templeton and Frederick E. Jordan Sr, every August for the past 16 years has amplified the work of Black business owners across the country. Originally created as a way to push the policy agenda affecting 2.6 million Black business owners, the month bloomed into a celebration of resilience and innovation. We’re so excited to tie the last week of the month off with a round-up of incredible Black women who have paved a way in business.

There’s been a push to “buy Black” more than ever lately as our country has grappled with its relationship to systemic racism. In becoming more conscious about supporting small business owners and putting our dollars where our values are, there has been an immense amount of discovery. Brilliance is brimming within the Black business community. For the rest of this week, we’re excited to highlight six different Black women in business who inspire us immensely. Micha Brown is the founder of Press and Curl Bar and a hair artist who is redefining the salon experience. Adrienne Alexander is an attorney who created a unique career supporting influencers and celebrities, helping them navigate any and all legalities. Ella Gorgla is the mastermind behind 25 Black Women in Beauty creating new opportunities and pathways for black beauty executives. Nyakio Grieco has an incredible line of ancestrally-inspired beauty products called nyakio beauty. Tai Beauchamp created Brown Girl jane, a line of CBD products made for the brown skin girls everywhere. Shontay Lundy of Black Girl Sunscreen secured $1 million in funding for her genius sunscreen created with melanated people in mind.

We hope this week fills you with inspiration and positive vibes. Perhaps you’ve been waiting for a sign that it is time to create your own business. Maybe you are hoping to become a more ethical consumer and want to learn about the people who make the products you love. Or, if you simply are feeling void of direction (many of us are in this space right about now), we hope the stories of these women remind you that there is always a way, even when it feels like there is no way. We’ll see you tomorrow for our first Black business story of the week – stay in touch with us on Instagram to hear when each article drops plus to share your thoughts and takeaways!



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