Bringing ‘Old Souls’ Into the Home

Finding eternal beauty in vintage furniture and decor.

By: rē•spin
Bringing ‘Old Souls’ Into the Home

When we curate our homes, there’s a temptation to treat them as clean slates — blank pages that we can fill with crisp, shiny, and new items. But when we constantly lean on the latest and greatest, we miss out on the character, history, and stories ingrained in vintage design and the opportunity to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Founded by Kendall Knox, Ben Knox, and Laura Sotelo, Olive Ateliers focuses entirely on what the trio refers to as “objects with old souls.” After identifying a gap in the market for reasonably priced, one-of-a-kind vintage decor items, they transformed their passion into an innovative business. Before launching Olive Ateliers, Kendall Knox led public relations and celebrity talent partnerships for Revolve, Ben Knox served as the SVP of Digital for Super Coffee and a co-founder of Keto Farms, and Sotelo worked in estate management. What began as a side hustle for all three turned into what is Olive Aterliers today – a destination where inspired individuals can live curiously and forge an authentic connection with the company.

Since launching in 2021, Olive Ateliers has dropped releases of thoughtfully sourced found objects on a first-come, first-serve basis. It doesn’t have an online store; all the shopping happens in its Los Angeles-based space. Each drop is announced to the brand’s community through its online platforms, and the atelier only opens to the public during a drop.

Through limited drops that coincide with the arrival of new inventory, Olive Ateliers fosters an ever-growing excitement for vintage décor. It retains a tight-knit, curated community of followers on Instagram, allowing the brand to forge a synergistic relationship with its clients. Kendall Knox, Ben Knox, and Sotelo tell rē•spin, “Our customers have given overwhelming support for our drop model. We believe they’re continually excited by what we’re doing, what we’re offering, and how we’re communicating it all.” 

In keeping with cultivating wellness within the home, Olive Ateliers focuses on creating sanctuaries using vintage and found objects rather than relying on brand-new pieces. The atelier’s drops range from antique doors and onyx side tables to papier-mâché pots and vintage vases. The trio prioritizes organic materials and natural fibers in their finds, which can help to provide balance within a space. 

Styling these curated items doesn’t require much effort, either. Kendall Knox, Ben Knox, and Sotelo offer one simple piece of advice – leave it as is. “Let the history and character of the object do the talking,” they explain.  

Sparking a connection with the natural and old world

Whether Olive Ateliers’ founders are shopping for items in locations such as France, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Morocco, and Turkey, they are constantly looking for unique pieces with unique stories to tell. Their eyes are drawn to items that may be considered “rough round the edges” but possess a sense of character and tranquility that can translate into the space.

“Used and worn objects immediately enhance the charm and charisma of a space,” the founders explain. “To us, texture is a color. It creates an ambiance and a tranquil atmosphere. We like to create spaces that conjure elements of nostalgia and inspire curiosity.”

Over the years, Olive Ateliers has sourced home items for designers, including Drew Michael Scott from Lone Fox, who collaborated with the brand for a special drop. Earlier this year, the brand teamed up with Haus Plant, releasing a sold-out limited edition collection of special one-of-a-kind pieces with Lulu and Georgia.

By finding new homes for items with old souls, Olive Ateliers also promotes sustainability and enables its clients to live out rē•spin’s core pillars. Kendall Knox, Ben Knox, and Sotelo add, “These objects spark a connection with the natural and old world, nourish your soul through igniting curiosity, and awaken your sense of adventure by revealing their past lives to you.”

Embracing “curious living”

Olive Ateliers’ ethos is “curious living,” defined as a state of being that “represents curating spaces with charismatic, collected decor,” according to its founders. These one-off pieces can be leaned on to spark curiosity, invoke a sense of mindfulness, promote a connection with our inner selves, and help us create personal space to nurture enlightenment and positivity.

“We’re on a mission to inspire curious living by creating access to one-of-a-kind objects, awe-inspiring spaces, and innovative experiences,” Kendall Knox, Ben Knox, and Sotelo say. This foundation perfectly embodies an eternal “old soul” feeling that can completely transform a space and bring forth an otherwise missing energy.


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