Millana Snow Talks Chakra Healing for Mind, Body, and Spirit

An energetic roadmap to awakening.

By: Jessica Ourisman
Millana Snow Talks Chakra Healing for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Artists have their preferred mediums, and healers have theirs. For Millana Snow, the founder of Wellness Official, it is a bespoke blend of energy healing and breathwork that she brings to her client sessions. “In my practice as a healer and facilitator, I always include those two [modalities]. I want someone to get the most out of one experience that they possibly can, and one session can be like a year’s worth of therapy if they really allow themselves to go there,” she says.

Snow’s work rē-spins the way we think about mind-body medicine to encompass the mind-body-spirit connection. Breathwork has garnered mainstream approval from renowned MDs like Dr. Mark Hyman for its ability to clear stored trauma and emotions from the body and psyche, but there is an important spiritual component that parallels this process. Energetically speaking, working through unseen blocks rē-connects you to your spiritual energy centers, or chakras, clearing the path for the awakening process to unfold.

Snow uses the chakra system like an energetic roadmap for awakening, combining her intuitive gifts with breathwork techniques and energy healing to facilitate profound shifts of consciousness and deep healing in her clients.

Clear Energy Blocks, rē-connect with the Self:

Snow begins each session by using a pendulum to check on the functioning of the chakras, which can become stuck open or closed due to the restricted flow of energy, or chi, in the etheric body. “Chakras close because the spirit has been withdrawn from that space,” she explains. “I use the chakra system as my grid to dig deeper, to tune-in and feel into why it’s [imbalanced]. The energy always goes where it’s needed.”

Although unseen, chakral imbalances show up in our lives as dysfunctional interpersonal patterns, stagnancy, and even physical ailments. Clearing a chakra brings consciousness to the core of the blind spot or pattern, at the root of which is a difficult-to-process emotional experience often associated with shame, trauma, or fear. Keep in mind that suppression uses up significant psychic energy, so releasing these emotional blocks frees up consciousness to intentionally change your behavior and grow as a person. This type of inner-work reconnects you with the unseen parts of yourself, integrating and healing your shadow, helping to facilitate personal evolution.

The experience can be felt physically, but it is the emotional clearing — the intense emotional component of resurfacing suppressed memories and their accompanying cognitions and limiting beliefs — that can be downright transformational as a practice. After the energy healing catalyzes their release, Snow’s guidance via breathwork technique allows the client to process and release them. She explains that it takes tremendous courage to do this inner work, which is why she facilitates the process with deep compassion and presence. “There is a direct correlation with [the healer’s] level of presence: If a healer cannot be deeply present and deeply compassionate, it tends to influence someone’s ability to drop down into the [inner] space to release the things that are scary to us, that we [emotionally] pull back from,” she says.

The Chakras: An Energetic Roadmap to Awakening:

Think of chakras as the metaphysical bridge where the physical, mental, and spiritual planes converge. “I use the chakras as a framework for different entry points to themes in someone’s life, as a grid to dig deeper,” Snow explains. The release this work facilitates is not restricted to one domain; it can be felt across the interconnection of mind, body, and spirit. Snow highlights some of the most common elements related to each chakra below.

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The crown chakra represents our connection to the divine, where spiritual energy is said to enter atop the head. “One of the ways we can tell the crown is closed is when people feel they can’t get in touch with their spiritual support team of guides, or in the flow of synchronicity,” Snow says.


The third eye is associated with accessing your intuition, the spiritual realms, your personal calling, and a sense of expansiveness related to future possibilities in your life. Snow also points out that it is related to everyday discernment — your “street sense,” if you will.


The throat chakra relates to your ability to speak your truth to yourself and others. “If you’re not speaking your truth to yourself, then it’s a really difficult job for you to hold people accountable, to be able, to be honest, and forthright about what you need, and also to communicate with others,” she says.


“In my interpretation, the heart is where the physical and non-physical life force connects,” Snow explains. She describes the heart as consisting of two parts — an upper chamber associated with self-love and receiving divine love, which pours down into the lower chamber, which represents the ability to give love to others. The ability to follow your heart, not to mention, the ability to give to others, is critically important to living a fulfilled life.


Associated with your identity in the world and the authentic expression of your purpose, Snow notes that for many of the clients, a blockage in the solar plexus is what is holding them back from higher levels of enlightenment. “Often the solar plexus is blocked because people do not feel worthy enough to fulfill their purpose, do what they love, or look into what they’re here for.” This results in a disconnection from the self and can cause digestive issues that make it hard to nourish the self on a literal level.


The sacral chakra is associated with creativity and sensuality — whether literally referencing pregnancy and childbirth or our creative endeavors in the world. “We create our lives and art and work from this space, too,” Snow says, pointing out that the sacral chakra is a frequent place where trauma is held among female clients.


The root chakra is associated with survival and nourishment on the most fundamental level — linked to food, income, shelter, and our most fundamental needs — but the sense of insecurity a root chakra blockage can create can be felt pervasively across our lives as a sense of general insecurity that undermines our underlying sense of peace and safety.


Many seek out energy healing for specific physical or emotional relief but soon become aware of the deeper purpose of these sessions: unfoldment on the path to spiritual awakening. It is common for spiritual truths and personal insights to come after clearing energy blocks. As you heal yourself and facilitate wholeness between mind, body, and spirit, this sense of one-ness spills over into the way you view the world, as well.

“The process of awakening is the profound experience and realization in every part of your being — mental, emotional, physical, spiritual — that you are everything, and that everything is you. There is no separation,” Snow explains. “That experience, while it’s very profound, can be extremely overwhelming, confusing, and reality-shattering if you haven’t slowly prepared yourself to get there.” As Snow references, conscious moments of one-ness come in fleeting glimpses for a reason. If unity consciousness became your full-time reality overnight (it can happen spontaneously, but it’s rare), it would spell out a breakdown for the human ego. Hence the spiritual path unfolds in a process, and this type of work, done over the long-term with a healer present, can accelerate it.

Shedding light on your unconscious and promoting psycho-spiritual integration, Snow’s transformational work with the chakras ultimately empowers clients to heal themselves. Her method enables a sacred process of rē-connecting with the unseen parts of your psyche, healing them with consciousness, and facilitating wholeness within the self in the process. In doing this type of multi-dimensional healing, practitioners become consciously aware of our spiritual purpose as living beings. This type of work plays a part in the greater whole, the spiritual awakening to which becomes a humbling and fulfilling element of your life.


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