These Are the Crystals to Work With in 2021

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By: Jessica Ourisman
These Are the Crystals to Work With in 2021

Andrea Di Paolo is a former business developer and director for sports tourism and hotel management that made the life-changing decision to embark on a creative career. She officially founded the crystal jewelry line Quartz and Canary in 2016, using her love of crystals and their metaphysical properties to create a bold, functional aesthetic characteristic of her collections. Her life has transformed as she has honored her intuitive gifts in a professional role that fulfills a deeper calling.

“Only now in the West have we [really] understood the anthropological presence of jewelry and the power it has to connect to the human spirit,” Di Paolo tells re-spin. “Jewelry has long been regarded as a source of protection, support, status, and an indicator of enlightenment.” She will be the first to tell you that jewelry is much more than a stylish statement depending on how it is selected and worn, with the potential to enhance self-care. “Connecting to a piece [can] give you an opportunity to enhance the intention behind any self-healing or spiritual practice in that moment,” she says. 

But first… what is the deal with crystals?

The premise behind the growing popularity of crystal healing is attributed to their highly ordered molecular structure, yielding them high-frequency energetic signatures. Within the framework that everything is made of vibrating energy, the underlying belief is that high-frequency states yield functional, joyful states, while low-vibrational frequencies yield physical disharmony and the manifestation of our shadow selves, or negative expressions. Our thoughts, emotions, diets, and lifestyles all impact the etheric roots of our wellness; by introducing crystals into your energy fields or homes, fans believe that you can make intentional, therapeutic adjustments to your energetic states.

“I personally use [several] methods [of crystal healing] daily,” Di Paolo says, naming crystal-infused sprays for the home, raw gemstones for her space or body, and crystal-charged water to drink. She also alludes to a specific strategy to placing crystals throughout your home with a feng shui-like precision. “One may want to place rose quartz in the corner of their bedroom, pyrite in their office, citrine in an entryway, or clear quartz in the main living area,” Di Paolo says. One compelling reason for placing shungite in your home office? The scientifically-backed EMF-neutralizing properties attributed to the stone. 

Other ways to utilize your gemstones involve physical touch and proximity to your person, such as practicing breathwork with an intentionally-selected crystal nearby. “We can use ‘crystals in the raw’ [by placing them on our bodies], or holding them during moments of prayer, meditation, or mindfulness,” Di Paolo adds.

Crystal-infused beverages, tinctures, and beauty products are another popular way to incorporate crystalline essences into your life — and, by the way, the only way they should ever be ingested. Based on the research of alternative doctor Masaru Emoto, who photographed water’s receptivity to positive intentions, words, and emotions, brands have begun bio-imprinting the energetic signature of crystals into our beverages — and even our beauty products, using a technique pioneered by Dr. Yuri Kron. If you would like to try out crystal-infused water yourself, VitaJuwel sells BPA-free, glass water bottles with pre-made and DIY crystal infusion offerings.

The Best Crystals to Work With in 2021:

“The climate of 2021 is most definitely less abrasive than 2020 [and an] energy that calls for activation, renewal, and success,” Di Paolo says. Without discounting the importance of honoring your intuition when selecting the gemstone that calls to you, the crystals below meet certain energetic needs of the collective this year.


“Moonstone sticks out as a must-have for 2021 because it is known as the stone of new beginnings,” Di Paolo says. “[Just] as the moon waxes and wanes, we see its phases constantly start anew.” And so it is with us: Moonstone reflects the moon, and Citrine reflects the sun — representing the polarity between yin (i.e., the divine feminine) and yang (i.e., the divine masculine) respectively. Di Paolo points out that balancing these opposing forces creates harmony within. Hint: Moonstone is also ascribed with emotionally soothing properties, and is a popular pick for new mothers.


Whether rough or polished, emerald is used to bestow patience — something we can all use. “Emerald acts as a proactive stone, replacing negative actions with the urge to take positive ones,” Di Paolo says. “As it proactively supports overcoming hardship, it also boosts intuition and bestows wisdom.” Emerald is also associated with ingenuity, inspiration, and integrity, said to usher in fruitful partnerships.


“Jade is said to bestow good fortune, abundance, and luck. It is regarded for its tranquility and calmness,” Di Paolo shares. Noting that it is called the dream stone, jade is alleged to help facilitate the integration of consciousness between the dream and physical realms, aiding in the expression of your authentic self. “This year we should undoubtedly look for green-hued crystals [which] support and uplift the collective to the place we should operate out of — the heart.”

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Lapis Lazuli:

Considered a stone for leaders, lapis lazuli is a necessity for those attempting to mobilize their businesses, grow their communities, or take on new responsibilities. “It is very much a royal stone with the ability to enhance the intuition,” she says. “They say the best leaders lead not by what they are told, but by what they have felt.” Inspiring your personal power, as well as your spiritual path, is said to be a third eye-opener, promoting insights and discernment, that also aids in the expression of personal truth.


Apophyllite is known for its potency, recommended to those with what Di Paolo calls a “need for speed” in taking your life to the next level. “This stone is wonderful for inner reflection,” she says. “Its strong links to the spiritual realm allow you to [cultivate] your natural gifts [and] address suppressed issues and emotions while maintaining a level of calmness. It is most definitely an amplifier on your spiritual path.”


Pyrite is a stone that is necessary for taking the next steps,” Di Paolo shares. “It is a very protective crystal that also helps you overcome feelings of not being enough. It increases the intellectual flow of ideas and reduces feelings of, ‘I Can’t.'” A necessity for business-minded people, Di Paolo describes the stone as keeping you grounded while promoting the inspired flow of ideas.


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