rē•spin your Cyber Monday shopping

By: Krista West

It’s an add-to-cart kind of Monday. With the holiday shopping extravaganza still going — and virtually, none the less — we have rounded up some of our favorite shops to support via your online shopping today. We chose each brand and product consciously, recognizing the importance of shopping small and supporting brands that may no longer have a thriving brick and mortar. Your online purchases today and every day mean the world to smaller brands, such as ourselves. From experience, we can say that each purchase made doesn’t go out the doors without a happy dance behind it. Join us in shopping small this holiday season – because now more than ever, brands need our support and purchases to keep their businesses up and running.




“Qi” (or “Chi” means Life Energy) stands for the energy in all things, the vital energy forming part of any living entity. Flowers contain the most Qi. According to ancient Eastern philosophies, when a plant flowers, it is believed that it’s at the peak of its life, and the flowers are the fruit of this highest level of energy Qi. When we enjoy this wonderful flower Qi it can help us heal too. Enjoy 30% off their unique floral teas here.





Hand-selected and designed pieces for your home that are unbelievably easy on the eyes – trust us, you won’t be able to stop staring. Paula Rallis Home brings you items that cannot be found anywhere else, from French linens to Moroccan rugs and antique hand-selected from the Paris flea market. Shop 20% off the entire store (and the new collection designed by Paula herself) here.





Head to toe self-care brought right to your door. Their products have innovative formulations of certified organic, bioavailable seaweed paired with pure steam-distilled and cold-pressed essential oils. In short, the best ingredients possible, sourced from all over the world, can be found in each and every one of their products. Their products offer a full-body experience in means of skincare. Enjoy a free Hyaluronic Sea Serum ($88 value) with a purchase over $135+ today only. 





Snuggle in and stay warm with these stunning ethically sourced pieces from Yaya & Co. Each piece is sourced by the Yaya team from local artisans working in private shops or small family-owned factories in different countries and remote towns and communities all around the world. “A YaYa home brings renewal to exhaustion, relief to tension, and compassion to judgment. We can exhale because we are home.” Enjoy 30% off the entire store today.




Because our feet deserve to feel snuggled too! Sabah’s are celebrated for their quality, comfort, and style. They mold to one’s feet with wear becoming very comfortable, age beautifully showing a lovely patina with time, have a replaceable rubber sole to ensure they live a long life, and have a unique yet sophisticated style that is timeless and versatile. Enjoy free shipping today with the code “SabahSabah”!



This book is a vessel – a series of prompts that you can address chronologically, or simply flip to a random page and fill in the blank. Add photos, quotes, spontaneous notes, anything that contributes to your story of joy. It can live on your table as an intimate conversation starter with your loved ones, or be housed on your nightstand for your eyes only.” – Halle Berry 

Enjoy 25% off and free shipping on our Journal On Joy for the next 24 hours!

Put on your sherpa sabah’s, boil some water for your Qi tea, apply a face mask from OSEA, grab your Journal On Joy, snuggle into a dreamy pillow from Paula Rallis, and cover up with a Yaya & Co throw and begin. The best way for us to remember the joy that was today is to write it down. Concentrate on it, remember it, collect it, treasure it, journal it.

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