The CBD Period Product You Never Knew You Needed with Sara Tess + ENUF

By: rē•spin staff

Let’s face it, that time of month often brings discomfort, emotion overload, and can be a real f*#@ing mess. It doesn’t have to be all bad, though. As women, we deal with periods monthly — some of us since elementary school, some of us with pain so unforgiving that doubles us over, and some of us who walk that line between control and out-of-control. 

I spoke with the ENUF period creator, Sara Tess, about her CBD balm, formulated to relieve many of the symptoms associated with Aunt Flo. It’s a concentrated, sustainably sourced CBD balm made for all women who experience period pain — and who have had enough with the products that don’t do anything to support menstrual cycles. 

As Sara shared all the ENUF product details during our interview, I slyly ordered my first jar mid-conversation — I was sold. Read on to hear more about the period product you never knew you needed.


So, what is ENUF?

We are a whole-plant CBD-infused body care line targeted around menstrual discomfort. Our first product release is The Ritual, a CBD balm for cycle support.

Where did your inspiration for ENUF stem from?

~ The idea for ENUF came out of me needing a product that wasn’t currently on the market — I struggled to find one that worked for me.

I’ve always had horrible periods with debilitating cramps, back pain, migraines — you name it. From diet, exercise, birth control, and over-the-counter medications to a more holistic approach — believe me when I say that I’ve really tried it all. Nothing has ever worked as well for me as cannabis has. It’s not surprising, though, cannabinoids and our endocannabinoid system can directly affect our endocrine and hormonal systems. It has been the one constant that really saved me (edibles in particular), but I could never find a topical that could actually hold up to the test and work well enough. 

I really wanted to find an approach to menstrual care that was topical, accessible, natural, and intentionally created to minimize our cycles’ monthly discomforts.


Tell me more about the CBD used in your product and why you chose to source the ingredients so specifically —

~ There are three forms of CBD; Isolate, Broad, and Full Spectrum. I believe that other types of products, such as skincare, Broad and Isolate are very useful. Still, I wanted to focus on a potency with full-spectrum CBD for ENUF, taking advantage of the whole plant benefits. We’re proudly partnered with family-run farms to provide organically grown U.S. hemp and made in small batches. 

Our full-spectrum CBD preserves the plant’s beneficial elements, leaving all the powerful cannabinoids intact to do their thing while also utilizing the naturally occurring terpenes, essential vitamins, and fatty acids — bring you the highest effective potency of hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.3% THC.

Potency and quality were most important to me. It’s very easy to get lost in the world of CBD, and only about a third of CBD products on the market contain the actual amount of milligrams that they claim. Pretty wild, right?

I wanted to be as transparent as possible and make it easy to find our third party batch reports to know with confidence that what I say is in the product is really what you’re getting.

CBD products are in such high demand. What sets ENUF apart from any other CBD brand? 

~I’d say our potency, Some brands include a less potent mg or percentage of CBD in a larger container. We’re 1,200 mg of full-spectrum CBD in each 2oz jar. I created this product so that it could stand up to the test, selfishly for my own needs, and therefore wanted to focus on a high mg whole plant CBD. We’re research-backed, always third party lab tested, and have a give- back initiative.

How do we use ENUF? Can you use the balm for other things than just supporting period pains?

~We’re made for the areas of discomfort you can face during the month but can be used for any sore muscles really.  This is a product I personally use weekly, either on my temples for a headache, sore period boobs, cramps, lower back pain, or anywhere that needs some extra support.





What is your advice to girls and women that struggle with severe period pain? 

It’s so common, though not really talked about too often. I feel like it’s a topic that’s sometimes more joked about then actually discussed as part of women’s health. I’d say the best thing to do is to tune into your body, get to understand the different phases of the month and how your body differs between each phase and what it needs specifically in those other weeks. Understanding your hormone levels, tracking your period on an app or journal, and eating based on the phase you’re in will help better understand your cycle and have it work with you rather than against you. And CBD, obviously. (;

I saw on your website that you have a Give Back Initiative. That’s so cool. Tell us more about the causes you give back to: 

~It was important to me to give back to both period poverty and cannabis injustice, as ENUF holds space in both these categories. Being a period-based cannabis brand puts us in a unique position to have more than one primary focused mission behind the brand. 

As part of our Give Back Initiative, ENUF will be donating a percentage of proceeds to help these two causes close to our heart. Period poverty is real, and we’re committing to supporting causes that supply underprivileged women with feminine care products.

Additionally, as a cannabis-infused company, we are very aware of the injustices in the cannabis industry. We feel that it is only right to profit off this industry if we are also giving back to those currently incarcerated from a cannabis charge.





Tell me more about you —

~ Oh gosh, well, I was born and raised in LA and have been a hairstylist for film and television since 2011. I’m held together by matcha, cannabis, and hot yoga (; 

Did your work as an LA hairstylist on sets inspire you to create ENUF?

~ I wouldn’t say it necessarily inspired it, but it did help me see what I did and didn’t want to do when it came to certain aspects of the brand. 

So many amazing brands have gifted me in the past for my career. Seeing the different packaging (excessive or lack thereof) helped inspire the path I wanted to take with our packaging and do our best to be as sustainable as possible. 

Being a hairstylist in film/tv is a very intimate and personal job. You spend a crazy amount of time with each other and can create really strong relationships. Many of my long-time clients turned friends have been the best sounding boards as well as the supportive team I didn’t know I’d need but am so grateful for.

But ultimately, I was never a person in the beauty industry who dreamed of having a line of products — it was definitely not the original goal — but it’s been an enjoyable journey, for sure.


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