#FitnessFriday: Maintaining Your Fitness Routine At Home

A guide to transforming your home into your gym.

By: rē•spin staff
#FitnessFriday: Maintaining Your Fitness Routine At Home

This past year has been tough on all of us, mentally and physically. If you’ve struggled with maintaining your fitness routine and finding motivation during your days at home, you’re not alone. We have some tips for rē•spinning the way that you workout at home and embracing a positive mindset after the year that we have had.

Embrace a positive mindset:

Because our minds and bodies go hand in hand, Raquel “Rocky” Horsford, Lead Trainer, at rē•spin identifies a positive mindset as the muscle to strengthen for consistency, kindness, and self-love while we exercise. “We have to recognize what makes us feel good, and [become] addicted to feeling the best and the better you,” she says. “We all are capable of tapping into our greatest potential. We just have to listen to the body and it will always tell us what it needs.”

We have all been carrying the weight of our experiences with us, which can’t be dismissed. This weight, Rocky says, will eventually become evident in our current lifestyles if it hasn’t already, taking a toll on our mental and physical wellness. While our collective hardships can be perceived as setbacks, they also have the potential to be setups for self-awareness and success.

Take a beat to stretch and breathe:

After 2020, the collective stress has left us in need of looking inward and filtering out the “noise” as a means of coping. Rocky says that this intentionality of focus on self can improve the quality of our health. For instance, taking time to tune-in can motivate you to start incorporating self-care into your at-home lifestyles.

Keep the basics of your at-home workouts the same:

Taking time out of your day to stretch is important, regardless of whether you have a specific fitness regimen in place. It may be tempting to skip this step to save some time, but mindful breathwork and stretching are essential. To enhance your stretches, or to relieve any lingering muscle tension post-exercise, try a foam roller or yoga wheel.

Gather up the right equipment:

You don’t need to have a decked-out home gym to maintain a quality fitness routine while social distancing. Bringing equipment into your home can elevate your workouts — and we don’t just mean yoga mats and weights. Consider a waist slimmer or vested slimmer to add additional core support to at-home workouts while helping you work up a sweat. Keep a cooling towel handy to wick away sweat during high-intensity exercises, especially while the heater is cranked up in the winter.

If you’re looking to build your at-home fitness collection, you can uplevel your experience without cluttering your space with some strategic purchases. Wrist weights and ankle weights are comfortable, no-fuss additions that add extra intensity to your workouts. If you’re more interested in traditional weights, this two-pound set of compact, foam dumbbells adds up during the activity of choice. A booty band is another must-have for targeted workouts to the rear end.

No equipment? No problem. You can use common household items as props or opt for something that doesn’t require extra equipment, like yoga or pilates.

Create a home-friendly routine:

Your previous fitness practices can almost always be adapted to your home. If they can’t, find something that gets your blood flowing and that you look forward to each day to boost your motivation. If you don’t know where to start with at-home training, rē•spin’s trainers have put together some adaptive routines that will help you work your full body or target the areas you’re looking to strengthen and tone.

Rocky put the full body resistance loop to good use in this full-body workout to do outside and add to your weekly mix. If you’re looking to get some cardio in with a side of weight training, pop on your wrist weights to test out a wrist workout. If strength is your goal, grab your chest expander to do a quick and easy chest workout from home.

To target the lower body, put on your ankle weights to try this leg workout or grab a resistance bands to tone the muscles of your legs, arms, and more.

Be flexible with yourself:

Just because we have more time on our hands doesn’t mean that our energy is boundless. If there’s a day that you need a break and your motivation is plummeting, swap out your normal exercise with something less intense, or opt for a long walk instead. It’s okay to take time to regroup; this allows you to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your workouts when you resume. Rocky emphasizes the importance of recognizing what makes you feel good so you can incorporate positivity into each step into the new year.

“After the last year, we have learned what’s most important: family and good health. Going into 2021, we’ve made sacrifices and adjustments to our lives as we’ve grown [accustomed to the new normal]. Hopefully, now that we know better, we [will] do better,” Rocky says. “We’re better equipped and have learned how to turn inward, quiet the noise, and filter out the toxicity. That alone can improve the quality of your health.”

Now, let’s rē•spin 2021.


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