Florals Forever: The Alchemy of Flowers

Schentell Nunn of Offerings shares how flowers can rē•spin your well-being.

By: Julia Childs-Heyl, MSW
Florals Forever: The Alchemy of Flowers

Schentell Nunn was 30 years old and newly sober when she announced to her loved ones that she was leaving Brooklyn to become a florist in California. Everyone thought she was crazy. But, it turns out, there was profound wisdom in her decision. “When I cleared away all the chaos, I wanted to go back to flowers,” she explained. Five years later, Offerings, her floral design studio, is beloved by everyone, from Byredo to Gucci.

Floral artistry was a life-long love, beginning with running around in her grandmother’s expansive rose garden as a young girl. Some of her most cherished childhood memories include playing outside as she made flower chains and headpieces from whatever she could forage. This fascination continued as she matured, leading to her first job out of high school in floristry. Besides, she has always identified as an artistic being, having owned a jewelry line before directing her focus to Offerings. It just so happened that when she tended to her well-being, flowers were waiting for her. 

The Healing Blooms

One of the most nourishing gifts we can lend to ourselves is a connection with something greater than ourselves. After a stint of traveling through Asia years ago, Schentell was struck by the presence of flowers everywhere she looked, from blooming trees to adorned temples. It led her to realize how humans have connected with flowers since the beginning of time, underscoring their sacred properties. Flowers aren’t just something beautiful for us to gaze upon – a recent study shows that breathing in the aroma of fragrant flowers can lead to increased relaxation, comfort, and attention. 

Florals represent a return to nature, bright offerings of earth’s candy. Flowers aren’t only healing for Schentell but also healing for each of us. “Humans naturally are very drawn to nature, it is something we aren’t getting enough of, but it definitely enhances your mood and quality of life tremendously,” she explains. These benefits are for anyone and everyone. “It doesn’t matter who it is. I have men from my courier systems who come pick up bouquets, and their eyes light up,” combatting the assumption that flowers are only for femme-identifying people. 

Florals for The Masculine

Flowers function as a genderless bounty, one that can be appreciated by the masculine as well. “Men love flowers. You’d be surprised how much men are naturally drawn to them, even though we don’t necessarily think of it as something they want to receive,” she shares. While it is warming to hear that men also love flowers, many can still feel confused about where to begin. Begin by reflecting on who you send the flowers to and what you want them to feel. “Think about who your person is. What are they drawn to? If they’re playful, don’t be afraid to get all the colorful flowers,” she explains. Working in monochromatic tones can lend a chic or elevated look for a genderless or masculine-leaning look. “If they’re a more reserved person, consider all white or all yellow flowers,” Schentell continued. 

Father’s Day, birthdays, and just because are all perfect opportunities to send flowers to the men in your life. “There’s a gentleness in men that a lot of people don’t take note of. Culturally, we aren’t quick to realize that,” Schentell shares. Yet, if there is scientific and anecdotal backing that flowers are brimming with health benefits, why should they be hoarded solely for women?

There’s great liberation in releasing gendered expectations and inviting the men in your life to enjoy floral artistry. So if you notice that fresh-cut blooms aren’t quite their speed, fret not. “There are many ways to bring men natural elements. Depending on your person, plants can be great,” she explains, expressing how some men find pleasure in caring for something alive in their home. 

A Divine Awakening

Once you prioritize flowers in your life, you’ll seldom go back. This type of prioritizing can look different for everyone. Maybe you become known as the loved one who always sends flowers, regardless of the occasion and person receiving them. Perhaps botanical body oil or lotus flower tea find their way into your daily life. You may even find yourself going down to your local flower market and trying your hand at building your own bouquet. There are many ways to invite flowers into your life, so choose the route that feels the most instinctual to you.

Beyond The Special Occasion

Many consider floral arrangements a luxury, which only arrive before us when there’s an occasion worth celebrating. However, there is room to make a habit of keeping flowers around. First, there are floral subscriptions, like Schentell offers to those in the Los Angeles area. It is an easy way to ensure you have a burst of vibrancy around you regularly. With proper care, plenty of arrangements can last up to 14 days. 

Second, dried bouquets are a fuss-free way to keep the natural energy flowing in your home. Affectionately referred to as flowers forever, they embody the joy and warmth of fresh flowers without the heartbreak of eventually perishing. Additionally, dried bouquets can be an excellent fit for the men in your life who prefer a more low-maintenance approach to blooms. 

Finally, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, consider exploring how live flower plants can become part of your lifestyle. Whether tending to a flower bed in your backyard, nurturing a potted rose plant, or babying an orchid, you may fall in love with the challenge of giving life to one of the earth’s sweetest gifts.


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