TRAINER Lauren Alps  // DURATION 35 minutes  // DIFFICULTY Moderate
Build your balance, strengthen your core and create long lean muscle in my full-body burn workout! Try this workout at least 3 times a week, intensify by adding weight, rep sets and duration of movement, and lowering rest time! Just remember to breathe and let's get sweaty!
bird dog full body workout
1 minute , 30 reps
EQUIPMENT:  Wrist Weights
GOOD FOR:  This move may look easy but it truly requires full body awareness and engagement. After a few reps, you will feel how your arms, shoulders, core (front and back) legs and glutes are on fire.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Come into a tabletop position and press evenly through your hands. Untuck your chin from your chest, keep your spine neutral ( that means no booty popping!!), press your shoulders down away from your ears and grip the ground. Try to have a soft bend in your knuckles and pull your navel to your spine. When you lift your hand to your opposite foot, notice if you are putting your weight on the outside of your hand, keep the weight even between every single fingertip. Keep your legs long and your extend, point your toes and engage your entire quad. As you bend, actively squeeze your glutes as tightly as possible and bend to a full 90 degrees. Inhale extend, Exhale bend. Option- If you feel yourself wobbling, tuck the toes of your opposite foot to help with stability.
boat pose full body workout
2. Boat Pose
( 1 minute 30 seconds  )
EQUIPMENT:  Wrist Weights
GOOD FOR:  This is a tough move! After just one time you can feel how much core strength is takes to keep your back straight when your legs extend out and in. I feel like there is no wrong way to do this, moving slowly is a killer and going fast is too so keep your form right and have fun with it!!
INSTRUCTIONS:  Starting in boat pose- align your ankles with your knees, release your shoulders from your ears, pull your navel to your spine and lift up away from your hips to lengthen your spine. Spread your arms by your side, take a deep breath inhale as you extend your legs and lower your back to the ground. Exhale as you lift your knees back up to your chest. Option-If you have any lower back pain, or your back arches as you lower to the ground, start your boat pose with your hands down on either side of your hips with your fingertips facing towards your glutes. Keep your feet on the floor as your lower down for lower back support.
inverted plank full body workout
3. Bridge to Inverted Plank
( 1 minute 30 seconds  )
EQUIPMENT:  Yoga Blocks
GOOD FOR:  This one targets your glutes, shoulders and that hard to target lower belly and gets it really tight. You will feel yourself get stronger each day with this move!
INSTRUCTIONS:  Start in a seated position and place each yoga block diagonally behind each hip. Bend your bends and stack your feet underneath your knees, press down and around from your blocks and keep your shoulders soft. Press into the heels of your feet as you lift your hips to the sky and squeeze your glutes as tightly as your can. Let your head drop back as you reach full bridge and Inhale as you press away from your heels, extend your legs, flex your feet and swing your hips back and up. Keep your legs engaged throughout this movement to help you lift your hips off the ground.
scissor kicks full body workout
4. Dynamic Stretch Scissor Kicks
( 1 minute 30 seconds  )
GOOD FOR:  Stretch and sculpt combinations are my favorite. The strap provides a great hamstring stretch as well as tons of lower back support.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Starting on your back, wrap the strap around the ball of one of your flexed feet. Extend your opposite leg to the sky as well and flex the foot. Stack your feet over your hips and Inhale as your strapped foot pulls towards your chest and your opposite foot lowers down with pointed toes. Keep your lower back pressing into your mat and pull your lower belly towards your spine. Option- If your back starts to arch, only lower your leg to a 45 degree angle as your core strength builds.
knee taps full body workout
5. Side Plank Knee Taps
( 1 minute 30 seconds  )
GOOD FOR:  This movement requires the same amount of mental awareness as physical awareness. It is definitely a challenge to focus on one part of your body without letting another release or tense up but absolute doable.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Starting in side plank, stack your wrist under your shoulder and extend the opp. wrist to the sky. Press your hips high to the sky and pull your navel to your spine. Slowly lift your top foot to your knee, stabilize/engage your core, press down and away from your balancing palm, soften the shoulders. The higher your top is, the less pressure you will put on your balancing shoulder. Tap the opp. foot front and back while maintaining balance on the outside edge of your flexed balancing foot. Option- Perform this move in forearm side plank.
downward dog full body workout
6. Downward Dog to Falling Star
( 1 minute 30 seconds  )
GOOD FOR:  It is another great stretch and sculpt combination! You will feel how much deep your Downward dog gets with every movement
INSTRUCTIONS:  Start in Downward dog-press away from your hands as you grip the ground with your finger tips. Release your shoulders down and back, crown of your forehead towards your mat, chin away from the chest and relax your forehead. Press your hips up and back like you are sitting against a wall behind you and reach your heels towards the ground. Inhale, lift one leg to the sky, exhale-step through the space underneath your opp. arm as far as you can. Inhale the same leg up to the sky, exhale-downward dog. Repeat with the opp. foot.
standing ab kicks full body workout
7. Standing Abs Kicks
( 1 minute 30 seconds  )
EQUIPMENT:  Wrist Weights
GOOD FOR:  This is one of my favorite standing ab moves because it targets the side of your core, arms and creates long lean muscle in your front quad.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Begin in a standing position, arms outstretched beside you and one foot pointed out to one side. Tuck your hips so your spine is neutral and your core is engaged. Take a deep breath Inhale as you kick your outstretched leg toward your opp. hand, keep your stabilizing leg and glute strong. Pay attention to your hips and make sure they do not swing side to side, the only thing that should be moving is your leg and your crossing opposite arm.
curtsy lunge twist full body workout
8. Curtsy Lunge Twist to Point
( 1 minute 30 seconds  )
EQUIPMENT:  Wrist Weights
GOOD FOR:  You will never get used to this one! You can lunge deeper or point stronger but you will always see your hard work pay off with this one. Lean strong legs, here we come!
INSTRUCTIONS:  Starting in a turned out lunge, keep your back foot in light with your front foot, bend both knees and tuck your hips. Keep your weight even between both of your legs as you get deeper into your lunge, twist your upper body towards your front leg, keep your hips stable as you twist. Come back to center and shift your weight to your front leg as you straighten your back leg and point your toes.