Gift Giving for the Soul

A holiday guide that makes you and your loved ones feel good.

By: rē•spin
Gift Giving for the Soul

The world has changed — for better or worse — making thoughtful gifts that soothe the soul more necessary than ever. As you approach gift-giving this year, consider the brands you are shopping from and supporting, what material goods mean to the people in your life, and how to put your values into action, while putting together your shopping list.

Now is the time to consider a more conscious approach to holiday gifting — both in the brands you support, and what you ultimately decide to give. While each brand in the rē•spin shop has been curated because they align with our key pillars, we’ve highlighted a few brands to consider for your holiday shopping this year and moving forward.

Brands to Consciously Shop this Holiday Season


Former Wall Street banker and current wellness entrepreneur Shizu Okusa founded Apothékary. Okusa embraced her wellness journey rooted in Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Japanese Kampo Medicine, drawing upon the 5,000 years tradition in these ancient medicinal practices to create the brand’s line of supplement blends. The result? The AAPI-founded plant medicine “apothecary” that helps to bring balance to mind, body, and soul.

Bathing Culture:

Emphasis on living a more sustainable lifestyle is becoming increasingly more important. In an effort to cut down on waste — but still create products that still perform — Bathing Culture was brought to life in Northern California. The natural formulas are derived from plants and are packaged in recycled materials a glass bottles. With the option to refill your product at local “refill stations,” they cut back on waste created. Lastly, for every five gallons of soap made, they plant one native plant or tree to give back to the earth.


Born from negative past experiences with conventional, store-bought olive oils, Aishwarya Iyer created Brightand, a company providing olive oils and vinegar that aren’t overly processed or full of artificial preservatives. This BIPOC founded company makes the perfect gift for the chefs in your life, no matter where they are in their culinary journeys. Give the gift of nourishment that allows recipients to create moments in the kitchen for themselves, or share the love with those around them with consciously-cooked meals.

Mate the Label:

We want to feel comfortable in the clothes that we’re in, but what about feeling comfortable about the brand’s values, too? Mate the Label embodies a mission of providing people with closet essentials that are clean — from seed to skin. Each item is sustainably made in Los Angeles, California, with non-toxic, natural, and organic materials. They follow the “Mate Eight,” which focuses on clean, essential, organic, ethical, women-centered, plastic-free, circular, and local practices when approaching their business practices.

No. 8:

Kaling Lim and Trina Chan set out to introduce the power of nootropics, a class of substances that can boost mental performance, to their community. Combined with mindfulness, the line seeks to make a balanced life possible. No.8, an AAPI founded the brand, embraces its roots in Chinese culture, with the number 8 symbolizing luck and harmony. This ties into the company’s ethos that mental wellness is grounded in bringing the mind and body to equilibrium.

Priya Apotheca:

This female-founded company was born out of the desire to combine the 5,000-year-old lineage of ancient plants with modern, clinically proven cosmeceutical actives. Priya Apotheca aims to help us connect to ourselves within while topically treating our skin through creating rituals with their line of skincare products whose ingredients were selected by an experienced formulator and pharmacist, and whose spirituality seeps into every bottle with Tibetan sound waves and reiki energy. Each ingredient is carefully vetted and clinically backed, allowing for the emphasis of self-care every single day.

The Gifts That Can’t Be Boxed

Sometimes, the gifts that keep on giving don’t necessarily fit in a box adorned with a picture-perfect bow. Instead, they come in the form of experiences or subscriptions to help enrich the lives of others or to provide loved ones with tools to help them lead better happier lives.

A Donation to Charity in Their Name:

Show your loved ones that you care about them as well as the causes they support by making a charitable donation to their favorite organization, or one that aligns with one of their passions. Not sure where to start? Check out Sista Afya, The Jenesse Center, and Black Girls Code.

A Wellness Subscription:

What’s better for the soul than leaning into your wellness journey, no matter what stage you’re at? Consider buying a subscription to a service such as Headspace or the Chopra App for daily meditations, or Peloton and Bande for regular workouts at home or on the go.

A Tailored Life Experience:

Never forget the profundity of giving the gift of an experience. This type of gift can come in various forms, tailored to the loved one in your life that doesn’t do enough for themselves, or thrives from moments spent outside of the house. This year, instead of a physical gift that fuels overconsumption, give the gift of a facial, a series of workout classes, a massage, tickets to their favorite play or concert, or whichever experiences suit them the best.



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