Halle Berry’s HIIT List of Must-Haves 

Some tried and true favorites from our founder to rē•spin your routines.

By: rē•spin
Halle Berry’s HIIT List of Must-Haves 

rē•spin’s pillars were selected to support your dynamic wellness journey. Based on her own experience, our founder, Halle Berry, has put together a list of must-haves to help you nourish yourselves from the inside out — strengthening your bodies to keep reaching your goals, awakening your minds to new ideas, and enhancing your connection within. Halle’s everyday essentials and top picks on Amazon span each, so we’ve pulled together a few top selections to support your own pathways to wellness.

Connect: Amazon Echo

At the surface level, the Amazon Echo can be an amazing tool to allow you to consume the audio content of your choice. From your favorite playlist to catching up on a podcast, or tuning-in to a guided meditation, it diffuses sound in space to create an atmosphere catered to you. It can also be used to communicate hands-free within your home to make announcements, or you can take advantage of its outgoing call feature to stay connected to those separated by distance.

Nourish: Breville 3X Bluicer Pro

We’ll take versatility in the kitchen any day. This blender-juicer combo revolutionizes your wellness routine with one tool to blend your daily smoothie, juice your fruits and veggies, or combine the two for a double dose of nutrients. Your choices are endless, allowing you to keep it fun and fresh in the kitchen as you nourish your body from the inside out.

Strengthen: Kettlebell Set

The type of workout equipment you curate is personal to your fitness needs. This kettlebell set is a great place to start if you’re keen on workouts that allow for a range of motion and that engage the larger muscles in the body. This set is versatile in weight so you can select the resistance to suit wherever you are in the moment, but also make it more challenging over time as you get stronger.

Awaken: Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

Brown’s 2012 book, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead, is a New York Times best-seller for a reason, dispelling the societal myths that being vulnerable is a weakness. Rather, she argues, it is a measure of courage. Taking time to showcase the duality in vulnerability, she explains that it is the root for love, joy, and creativity, and at the core of emotions like grief and disappointment. This read awakens a new perception of deep emotions and shifts the way that you relate to the parts of yourselves that are too often shamed.

Give: The Overstory by Richard Powers

The Overstory is a work of fiction yet is rooted in environmental activism, a necessary presence in the world today. It follows the story of five trees, each with their own unique experiences with nine Americans, who are brought together in their interconnectedness and forced to address deforestation and the destruction of ecosystems. The book takes the opportunity to anthropomorphize trees, forcing us to recognize the life they contain. It explores the impact that humans and climate change have on Mother Earth and opens readers’ eyes to ways to give back to our earth for the hope of a better future.

Eternal: Casper Sleep Pillow

By tapping into each of rē•spin’s pillars, we hope you can allow yourselves to reach an eternal, enlightened space that promotes positive energy. By cultivating this healing state, you can move through your days with a new sense of ease and lightness, being more mindful about what you are thinking and doing, including your sleep patterns. The benefits of a good night’s sleep seep into every aspect of your lives, so it’s important that you are equipped with the best-of-the-best, right down to the pillows you rest your heads on each night.



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