Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Our Table To Yours with Editorial Director Krista West.

By: Krista West
Happy Thanksgiving

“Grateful for small things, big things, and everything in between” 

The Holiday’s hit a bit differently on the heart this year. Although many of us have what we like to call “a dysfunctional family”- myself included, we miss them deeply in these moments. The kitchen is awfully quiet without my mother pacing corner to corner slamming all cupboards that she comes in contact with. It’s simply not the same and I agree with you there. However, I have finally found the words for all the things I am grateful for in life that I hadn’t ever seen before, including those slamming cupboards on Holiday mornings. Today I want to share with you the things that I am grateful for, the things that bring me joy, and how I plan to capture these moments in time as to never forget them. Trust me, you won’t want to forget, for even the sourest of moments have bits of joy sprinkled in.

I am grateful for all moments, big and small, that bring me joy. 

Moments like: 

+snuggling my child just a little bit longer even though we should be getting up to begin our days

+getting a brief kiss on the forehead from my husband as we rush past one another in the kitchen

+finding a sweet note from a friend in an old drawer I haven’t cleaned out in ages

+coming in the bathroom to find my child with my lipstick all over her face 

+hugging my family members goodbye after a visit from out of state 

+talking with girlfriends at random unscheduled times

+seeing the sunrise and set over the mountains each day

Today I am committing to more actively documenting these moments of joy. Although some of these moments may feel a little sour in the moment, aka my overly priced lipstick being demolished by my 2-year-old while I was on a Zoom call, we realize these are the times we look back on and smile. 

I challenge you to join me in capturing these moments today. To take 5 minutes, download and print off a few pages from our “A Journal On Joy” and write. These times, though tough, allow us to remember and cherish all the moments before this, and to come, with a different view. I hope you feel joy today, and that you document it in your Journal On Joy as to never forget. Happy Thanksgiving.

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