Pets Gift Guide

The Ultimate Pets Gift Guide with Anja Skodda, Founder/CEO/Chief Scientist of HappyBond

By: Anja Skodda
Pets Gift Guide

With the season of gift-giving upon us, there’s one group we can’t forget to shop for: our beloved pets. When thinking about who would be the best to curate a list of gifts for the pets and pet-lovers in our lives, we immediately knew the perfect person for the task. Anja Skodda is the Founder/CEO/Chief Scientist of HappyBond, a company that produces human-grade nutrition essentials and food products for pets and people.

On top of being an animal lover, Anja is a bioengineer who for the last 20 years has combined her scientific training at the Technical University of Berlin and entrepreneurial spirit to founding multiple business ventures and creating products that make our pets healthier.

Anja currently resides in Venice, California with her bulldog Nando, who is HAPPYBOND’s, Chief Tasting Officer.

“Our dogs are like family to us and the bond we share with them is probably the best friendship we will ever have. With the season of gift-giving here, where better to start than with your best friend? Here are some gift ideas I curated, hand-picked, and love for our canine friends.”

+ I’m extremely proud of the Handmade Dog Macarons we created in partnership with Bonne & Filou. We added our signature Collagen+ to this human-grade treat that’s perfect for your dog or to give to the dog-loving friends in your life.

+ As a bulldog owner, tug of war is probably the most played game in the house, maybe after chewing my favorite pairs of shoes. Quality toys that can endure a bulldog’s jaw are key and have them look stylish at the same time is just a bonus. Plus, this toy comes in four different hues for your canine companion!

+ I fell in love with this product when I was in Finland last year. This bowl will keep your dog’s water fresh and cool the whole day thanks to its special ceramic technology. Plus, it’ll look great in any home and is easy to clean.

+ As a special treat this holiday season, we added 10% of pure beef liver to our signature Collagen + formulation to create our 2020 Holiday Blend. This blend is a limited edition, so be sure to order now so you don’t miss out. 

+ Working with Cesar Millan taught me a lot about communication and connection with my dog. After I got the Halo Collar for my dog, my life changed forever– I could finally trust him to stay with me even when he was off-leash. It gave us both freedom! Halo is your dog’s invisible leash and is the next generation of dog collars. 

+ If you are more traditional and don’t need a tech to train your best friend, you can opt for these handmade collars. Seiba pays homage to ancient mythology by creating connections between local artisans and the global community. Each purchase will help support the artisans’ families, communities, and their creative voice. 

+ As a scientist, I worked a lot in the field of rheumatoid arthritis and am a huge fan of orthopedic dog beds. These beds are both stylish and supportive for your dog to keep them happy and healthy. Plus, finding the right bed for your dog will bring many more bonding moments to come!


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