How Astrology Can Help Align Our 2022 Outlook

rē•thinking the way we look at our chart.

By: rē•spin
How Astrology Can Help Align Our 2022 Outlook

Astrology offers an understanding of who we are as beings at our core—from our feelings and how we express them, our beliefs and how they guide us, and how others may perceive us. With the landscape of horoscope apps and other mediums ever-expanding, more and more people are exploring their horoscopes. They are examined for assurance, advice, and to gain insight into our daily struggles.

Generally understood as a window into our future, or a guide to productively shaping our outlook on and reaction to the road ahead, astrology is deeply ingrained in our societal understanding of past, present, and future. But what we learn from our horoscope is not necessarily our destiny. Astrology is better understood as a spiritual guide to use as we create our own path forward.

rē•framing how we define our astrological charts

Alexandria Lettman, founder of Jupiter Jewel, views astrology as a tool for personal growth. She sees it as something we can use as we journey to become our best selves. Astrology can help us rē•gain a sense of purpose and transform how we view the world around us. Our astrological charts are not as a definitive understanding of our destiny, Lettman explains, but a “coding of potentiality” that provides insight into our potential and outlines the highs and lows we may encounter. This insight puts the power to act in the palm of our hands. It empowers us to decide how we will allow cosmic energy to influence us.

“Astrology is empowering because it encourages us to take control of our destiny by working with our unique quirks rather than resisting them,” Lettman says. “We have so much potential within ourselves that we aren’t often aware of until we see our astrological chart for the first time.”

When we know and understand our charts on a deeper level—rather than thinking of a horoscope as a surface-level predictive tool—our personal astrology can provide guidance, insight, and a deeper understanding of our own experiences.

“It helps you to navigate activity in your day-to-day life so that you can progress under desirable planetary alignments and grow through difficult energies to become the best version of yourself,” she explains. “Having an astrological awareness is the cheat code to living your best life. Life without it is like living on autopilot with no recognition of what’s influencing your mindset and behavior and no understanding of your purpose and destiny.”

Why Rising Signs are so important

How our astrological charts play into our lives can seem complicated. Lettman suggests anyone new to astrology—or horoscope lovers ready to take their understanding deeper—start with planets. Knowing which planet rules a specific area opens up a richer understanding of your astrological chart.

“Each planet carries unique significations that represent the different aspects of who we are as humans,” she explains. “They become easier to understand when you look at the mythology and astronomy behind them, and the history that correlates with their alignments, which provides context to their energy. In addition, knowing where the planets are in your chart will give you a broad overview of how you interact with the world around you. For example, how you present yourself, how you love, form relationships, and achieve your goals.”

When looking at your horoscope, Lettman suggests checking your rising sign first. “The rising sign gives a broader overview of your life experiences because it’s the lens through which you see the world. It’s also the first of four major angles in your astrological chart, giving it a significant influence on the way that the rest of your chart is mapped out.”

That’s not to say your sun sign isn’t helpful to read. Lettman explains that your sun sign provides insight into how external events will influence your identity. She suggests checking your sun sign in addition to your rising sign, not in place of it.

What will 2022 bring?

Jupiter will be in Pisces until May 11 and again from October 28 through December 21. With Jupiter ruling Pisces for the majority of the year, the focus is on the bigger picture that surrounds global events and understanding how we can influence positive change. Lettman explains, “Look to Jupiter’s placement in your chart for insight into the underlying principles that guide you through life. Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus, and Scorpio placements have the most dynamic and life-changing year ahead of them.”

Lettman predicts a more sensitive and light year in 2022, especially compared to the drudgery of the last couple of years. “The year’s theme is spiritual growth and acquired wisdom,” she explains. “We’ll begin to realize that we are far more resilient than we imagined and feel optimistic about our ability to come together as a collective when we’re under pressure.”

Compassion is another theme Lettman sees for 2022. This will influence our outlook and personal and global growth. “We’re encouraged this year to allow ourselves to be soft, intuitive, and reflective, rather than solely analytical and forward-thinking,” she says. “Looking at where Pisces resides in our charts will show where we need to work on staying positive and trusting the bigger picture of what’s unfolding.”

Lettman shared some of the domains and themes that will play a major role in our years to take forth as we continue through the journey that is 2022:

  • Aries: Focus on eliminating self-doubt when things don’t work out the first time.
  • Taurus: Give yourself permission to dream big and trust that they’ll come true.
  • Gemini: Believe that your hard work will pay off and keep making an effort.
  • Cancer: Inspire others with your positive worldview without forcing them to see it.
  • Leo: Remember that there’s a lesson and opportunity in every difficult experience.
  • Virgo: Believe when others tell you that you deserve to love and be loved.
  • Libra: Seek joy in giving to others without the expectation of receiving in return.
  • Scorpio: Prioritize your happiness and allow yourself to relax and enjoy life.
  • Sagittarius: Go back to your roots to understand your present-day experiences.
  • Capricorn: Value your intuitive side as much as your analytical side.
  • Aquarius: Believe that there’s fulfillment beyond your material and financial goals.
  • Pisces: Put yourself first and give to others without taking away from yourself.

Don’t forget to take a look at both your rising sign and your sun sign!



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