How to Guard Your Energy

Say yes to inner peace.

By: rē•spin staff
How to Guard Your Energy

It’s easy to get stuck in a mindset of always needing more, or trapped in a cycle of constantly saying yes. Especially nowadays when boundary lines between work and home life are blurred. If you’re feeling as though your energy is slowly fading, or it’s being unevenly dispersed we’re here to help. Here are some practices we recommend to guard your energy from entities around you.

Set boundaries:

First thing’s first: set boundaries with those in your life. Whether it’s family, colleagues, friends, or acquaintances, remember that your time is valuable and there has to be time in your day set aside for yourself. It’s important to set clear limits in your life and control the time you spend listening to other people. Learning how to say “no,” especially when you’re feeling drained is crucial to your mental health. If people in your life are crossing the healthy boundaries you have set, empower yourself to cut in and reinforce your limitations, for your own good. Focus on protecting your own energy.

Shut out the noise and meditate:

Once you’ve set those boundaries, you’ll have more time available to focus on maintaining and nurturing your own energy. Meditation is key when it comes to balancing healthy lifestyles. It can help improve your overall mood, allowing your system’s natural defenses to strengthen against negative energy. 

A guided meditation will keep you centered and focused on your inner self instead of being distracted by external factors with a negative focus. If you struggle with meditation, start with a few minutes and gradually increase as a regular part of your routine to integrate a routine that actively blocks out negative energy in your day.

Move your body, whether it’s a full workout or just a walk:

To break out of a negative spiral, one surefire way is to get your body moving. Take a walk, run, or do a full-on workout session. Anything that gets your body vigorously moving will purge the negative energy from your system and maintain your energy.  Movement activates the power to flow without hindrance, breaking up negativity that gets stuck in your system.

Surround yourself with inspiring things and people:

We are who we surround ourselves with. Keep your circle full of people who bring you positivity and inspire you to be your best self. Naturally, you want your energy shared and spent on those who enrich your life versus entities who pull out your good energy, only to replace it with the negative.

Journal to check in with yourself:

The concept of journaling can be viewed as a creative writing meditation. Through your words, you’re able to process your feelings via pen and paper, digging up the deepest thoughts you’ve subconsciously held on to. Repressed thoughts can lead to a negative buildup of vulnerability, taking a toll on the energy that you hold and preserve for yourself. Think of writing or even drawing as releasing the negative energy that has built up inside you. 

Try some sandalwood oil:

Sandalwood oil’s sweet, woody aroma is frequently used in meditation due to its incredible grounding effects. It can also help create a positive atmosphere for you to immerse yourself in. A sandalwood oil, like this one from dōTERRA, can help calm and uplight your mind and energy to reduce distractions that disrupt your ability to concentrate on your mind and heart. If you feel disconnected from yourself spiritually, sandalwood can help you regain that connection when you feel ungrounded so you can focus on yourself and maintain your energies.


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