How to Vibrate Higher Daily with Lalah Delia

Lessons from nature for a season of rē•newal.

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How to Vibrate Higher Daily with Lalah Delia

The changing of the seasons is a deeply transitional period. Daily routines that make up our days adjust with the passage of time. The goal for the spiritual seeker is to continually adapt to greater alignment with the multiple dimensions of self. As a season of rē-newal, the Springtime bridges this inner cycle with that of the external world. It is no accident that it corresponds to key moments of rē-birth within multiple spiritual traditions — from Ramadan to Easter to Passover. It all points back to an earthly archetype embodied in nature’s blossoming cycle back to consciousness.

“Spring reminds me of how inspiringly unapologetic Mother Nature is with herself, her growth process, and [her] divine pace and timing,” says Lalah Delia, certified spiritual practitioner and the best-selling author of Vibrate Higher Daily. “Spring energy… is a force I work with to be in tune with Mother Earth’s rhythms, [inspiring] me to renew myself and bloom in grace and divine timing like her. It’s freeing to surrender to who I am and to support who I am called to be in each new season.” Delia is a shining beacon in self-development. Delia tells rē•spin how this process inwardly feels like a continual conversation between the primal forces of love and fear — between self-care and self-love and lower-vibrational states like self-doubt, rushed feelings, and unhealthy self-expectations.

Delia rē-veals that it is possible to sync the soul’s evolution in time with the earth’s natural cycles. Look to the earth for guidance. After all, we are nature. Below, Delia shares more about her multifaceted process of self-forgiveness, healing, and evolution, which she sees reflected in nature. This Spring, harness the cosmic energy to fuel your own soul-work, awakening to greater self-alignment and your sacred place within the holistic whole.

Honor Your Own Pace

“As women, we can come home to ourselves and our power by honoring our own pace,” Delia begins, encouraging everyone to step back from comparison to others. By looking to nature instead, it is possible to recognize that each individual possesses a different innate rhythm. This is more than okay — it’s the natural way. “[This means] not making life a race, but a marathon; nature is a marathon. This softer approach is how we vibrate higher in our truest authentic nature, radiance, and embodiment; we are in the garden, growing [unapologetically] as we should.”

Springtime: An Archetype for Continual Self-Renewal

As those on the path of inner development will attest, the work is never done. Soul evolution is about learning to love the process, including its ebbs and flows. “Springtime, for me, represents renewal and the promise of growth and new life through the shedding and letting go process. It’s also a call to expand our wings and exit the cocoon that has been home to our transformation,” Delia says. “So many blessings await us outside of our cocoon. Letting go to grow and seeking inner-outer renewal are major spiritual themes on the path of life; they are organic and essential to our process.” As the universe expands and contracts, moments of inward retreat complement work on the inner-self. They are imperative for the inner reflection and purification that raises your vibration. When you emerge rē-newed, your engagement with the external world reflects this shift.

Inner-Alignment Leads to Outer-Alignment

In stark contrast to the rapid pace of external culture, inner wellness is, to Delia, a matter of slowing down and self-syncing to the rhythms of your soul’s growth. “Through daily mindfulness practice, we can see and feel what’s there to see and feel. As we slow down and become more present with our time, focus, environment, body, mind, and energy, we are more capable of receiving higher insights,” Delia tells rē•spin. By tapping into these introspective states, insights, and knowledge from your higher-vibrational self and guides will begin to emerge. “These insights arrive in the form of inner and outer cues, subtle changes, and nuances, all carrying with them codes for our higher good and its ascension. Our body speaks; when we come home to it, we can hear what it is saying.”

The Practice: Every Moment is an Opportunity

To begin practicing Delia’s philosophy, think of every conscious moment as a choice. With each mindful moment, determine whether you would like to step into greater authenticity that raises your vibration or simply revert to an unconscious status quo. “It begins with daily awareness. Mindfulness that it’s the nurturing of our whole selves as a lifestyle: mind, body, spirit, and energy, that leads to us experiencing higher states of well-being is essential. Each moment is new and a new chance to restart – from wherever you find yourself,” she says.

As you become accustomed to recognizing opportunities for alignment, even the most mundane tasks can become a spiritual practice of honoring your personal truth. “This is a practice and path I use, and I teach about something called “journeying in grace.” Grace is a beautiful starting point each day. We can set daily intentions for honoring and doing more of what raises our vibration versus lower it. When you apply this practice to all areas of your life, it begins to harmonize and expand and vibrate higher.”

Remembering that this is a practice is the key. Moments of unconsciousness need not be judged. Rather, they can be reflected upon as opportunities to bring greater consciousness and intention to your journey.

Boundaries Protect Your Shift to Vibrate Higher Daily

With all-new practices comes an adjustment period. Accordingly, it might require taking extraordinary steps to anchor in your new practices and protect your new lifestyle changes from external energies that seek to derail or disrupt your process. “Setting energetic boundaries is the way. Establishing healthy and necessary boundaries helps prioritize and even check the vast amount of energy seeking to come in and out of your life and energy field daily,” Delia advises.

You might notice that once important relationships in your life are not supportive of the pro-health changes you are implementing. The soul’s ascension process is often associated with a “pruning” of the relationships in your life. This ensures that your closest companions are in alignment with your growth. Think of setting boundaries as forming your own energetic cocoon to protect the delicate inner process from which you will emerge transformed.

High Vibrational Embodiment is a Self-Sovereign State

Soul work is an empowering process of adjusting to the truest self. Although difficult, the high vibrational states you pave the way for within impact your level of agency in the world, infiltrating your relational dynamics and the attitude with which you achieve your goals. “High vibrational embodiment is a favorite topic I love teaching. This embodiment practice is about becoming aware and intentional of the subtle and not so subtle [frequencies] and energy we hold, receive, and emit daily,” Delia says. “We don’t have to live on autopilot. We can take our power back daily by remembering who we are. [People can] become a powerful divine presence when we remember who we are and integrate higher awareness into what we are embodying through our behaviors, choices, actions, and responses.”

“Our presence in this heightened state becomes a conduit for the divine in us and beyond us; we find ourselves no longer willing to accept what is not resonant with our higher good. This energetic sovereign state takes consistent time to develop, nurture, and sustain. But it’s worth the journey and critical to us vibrating in our true and authentic divine selves.” As you defer to the truth within, you will be integrating this self-authenticity into your human form. This process is what Delia calls a heightened, self-sovereign state of high vibrational embodiment. It all begins within, and your outer world will transform to meet your vibe.

Ascension: The Cyclical Seasons of the Soul

Rather than seeking an external guide, remember to be your own guru. Part of this means recognizing that the path forward can ultimately be found within. Just as the seasons occur without effort, this process will unfold. Your task is to stay present and to stay true. “Through vibrational awareness, you’ll find your way. Vibrational awareness is being in tune with what raises your vibration and who and what lowers; this insight will be your roadmap,” Delia explains. “Becoming resensitized to what your body, vibration, and energy-field, are communicating [will] guide you forward and through.”

You will know, without a doubt, when you begin to live your authentic truth. “Changed behavior, a renewed mindset, and higher vibrational embodiment will be yours as you shift higher,” Delia points out. Of course, the path will not always be easy, which is why it is called soul work. “On the journey home to yourself on this power path, you may at times experience [adverse] ‘weather’ and metaphorical terrain in the form of challenges or lessons you’ll have to navigate,” she says. Yet the key is to be gentle with yourself and remember that you possess the tools within to get through the process. Your task is always to be more authentic to yourself. Delia can attest firsthand that it is worth it. There is nothing quite like coming home to your body and owning your most empowered state.

If it resonates with you to live a more soul-centered life, this process could very well be for you. Aligning yourself with the process of the soul’s ascension is honoring this unseen dimension of self. Once you do the work, the empowered state that results from your soul being untethered from your ego’s restraints will bring a sense of joy to your life. “You journey differently … once you realize you have the skills for the weather and/or terrain you are trekking through. It will expand you, realizing that is how you win.”



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