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Exploring Beauty and Hope with Multidimensional Creative Alex Noiret

By: Julia Childs
In the Mind Of

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” ― Vincent Van Gogh

A difference in perspective can do wonders. It can inspire, nourish, and replenish the soul. We take to dynamic creatives often, asking them to share their insights, probing at what drives them forward – especially in times as tumultuous as these. When considering who is a messenger of light and testament to the wonder that exists in this world, our minds wandered to Alex Noiret. The Franco-American model and creative straddles many different identities. She is a writer, an artist, a muse, a wife, and a cat mom. Known for her timeless beauty and endearing takes on the essence of life, Alex creates a space on social media where positivity and soulful reflections live alongside portraits of her striking features. Equal parts inspired and curious, we opted to have a conversation with Alex on optimism, personal growth, and hope. Read on for some much-needed inspiration. 

How do you find beauty in the world, especially during times as challenging as these?

As we live through this pandemic, so much of our lives feel up in the air, full of unknowns. While I can’t control what is happening in the world, for my well-being and mental health, I try my best to practice beauty-seeking and gratitude in my everyday life. How can we all do this?

  • Look inward and practice finding gratitude. Giving (and gifting) myself the space to indulge in childlike joy over small things, has brought me moments of respite, presence, healing and joy. 
  • Focus on the beauty in the world. Finding beauty doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to the reality of the world. It means resilience and self-love –which we need if we want to make any change at all.


You’re a multidimensional creative. Can you speak more to the various creative outlets you use? 

In my home country of France, the free-flowing concept of being multidimensional, especially at work, still confuses many. Understandably, it’s a new way; it’s non-descriptive and fluid, just like humans are. That is the beauty of Los Angeles, a city where multidimensionality and exploration of passion is normal, even celebrated, no matter how nontraditional or “out there” that passion or dream may be. To put it simply, I love taking photos, creative directing, writing (on Instagram or my website), modeling, acting, drawing and sharing the beauty I find in the world. These passions feel like limbs, growing from my soul and body, extending themselves toward understanding, and sharing in, humanity.

How has your relationship to modeling evolved as you have grown as an individual? 

Modeling is no longer a dream in which my worthiness is up for debate and only validated through fame or success. Modeling is a dream I’m able to use to share my passions, create and connect with a world of creatives, and hopefully, use my platform to uplift others on their journeys! 

What is one belief you let go of during the past decade? 

I am learning to let go. Specifically, I’m learning to let go of the belief that it is my responsibility to fix and change how others feel (and letting go of the belief that if I don’t, their continued struggle is my load to carry). I’m still in the process of fully integrating this into my life, because it’s hard to do. 

What is your vision of hope for the future?  

I don’t have all of the answers that our world requires to fully change in all of the many ways it needs to. But, I have simple words. My vision of hope for the future is a more vulnerable, understanding, self-aware world united in our collective humanity. Intolerance to injustice and inequality would be our trademark, and free, functioning healthcare and quality education a human right for all. 

Stay in touch with Alex by following her on Instagram and catching up on her blog.

Feature Photograph by Hilary Walsh, 2nd Photograph by Carly Dame


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