rē•spin the Way You Wear Your Jewelry

To Supercharge Your Intentions.

By: Jessica Ourisman
rē•spin the Way You Wear Your Jewelry

Colleen McCann, founder of Style Rituals and author of Crystal Rx™, was a fashion stylist in New York City when she first noticed the metaphysical healing properties of jewelry. After delving into an exploratory journey of various wellness and healing modalities, she emerged on the other side a certified Shamanic Energy Healer with her very own brand of “glamour magic.” These days, she describes herself as an energy stylist — grounded in physical aesthetics, yet fully immersed in the esoteric.

McCann combines her passion for mystical work she does with her clients, infusing shamanic training, crystal readings, tarot cards, reiki, and more into sessions, but always with the aesthetic savoir-faire of a former fashion industry insider.

Lesson one? How to rē-spin the way you wear your jewelry by awakening to your authentic desires.

Your Hands Are Magical

The process starts by rē-spinning your view of your body to incorporate its energetic dimension. “Imagine your fingers as conductors of energy, like little antennas that send and receive messages on your behalf,” McCann begins, drawing from Palmistry, Ayurveda, Astrology, and her experience as an energy healer in the process. Everything from the gemstone you choose, to the metal it’s set in, matters; even the different dosha types can be balanced with different crystals.

First, the sides of your body correspond to different energies in the universe, with the divine masculine (a more proactive ‘yang’ quality) associated with the right, and the divine feminine (the more receptive ‘yin’ trait) situated on the left. Use this knowledge to choose whether to adorn your right or left sides

“If a person feels tired and wants to increase their energy and vitality, they would wear a ruby or garnet on their left hand or wrist,” McCann explains. “If you want to work on your listening skills, you could wear a cool blue stone, like lapis lazuli, on your left hand or wrist.”

Rings: What The Fingers Mean

Vedic astrologers, Ayurvedic practitioners, and crystal healers can prescribe you an item of jewelry with a specific place to wear it, but we’ll start with the basics. “For 101-level [energy styling], focus on finding a stone you love,” McCann begins. “In my personal work with clients, the most important thing is working with the crystal or gemstone that carries the right vibration for you. A stone that you energetically connect with is always going to make you feel better when you look at it and wear it.”

After choosing your gemstone, select which finger to wear it on. Each finger corresponds to a planet, the meaning of which can be explored in astrology. Depending upon which domain of your life that you are hoping to expand, select the corresponding gemstone and planet to work with. 

what the fingers mean


“The thumb is connected to the planet Mars and the element of fire,” says McCann of the planet associated with passionate action. “This represents willpower.” She notes that there is no particular recommended crystal or gemstone for the thumb.


“The pointer finger is connected to the planet Jupiter and the element of air, representing leadership and expansion,” she continues of the benefic and lucky orb. Yellow sapphire is the gemstone that corresponds to the pointer finger.


“The middle finger is connected to the planet Saturn and the ethers, atmosphere, cosmos, and space,” McCann notes, alluding to the planet of hard work and growth. “It represents responsibility and truth.” She names blue sapphire, diamond, and garnet as the ideal stone for the middle finger.


“The ring finger is connected to the Sun and the element of earth, representing creativity and affection,” McCann notes, adding that ruby is the go-to pick on the finger associated with the self and identity.


“The pinky finger is connected to the planet Mercury, the element of water and represents communication and intelligence.” For the pinky finger, emerald is a natural choice, while Mercury governs communication and travel.

The Metal You Choose

The metal your jewelry is made of also possesses a spiritual meaning that is rooted in ancient traditions and practices like alchemy and astrology. “Each metal carries a specific mystical meaning and has the ability to ‘amplify’ and be conductors of energy — whether you are speaking from a scientific or spiritual perspective.” McCann points out that her clients often report more spiritual activity in the places in their homes where there is more metal — like the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or jewelry box!


“Gold represents the Sun as well as the divine masculine, perfection, spiritual purity, wealth, prosperity, and authority,” McCann continues. “Energetically, it is believed to aid in healing, protection, growth, and knowledge.” As a special tip, she recommends wearing a citrine crystal set in gold on your right-hand pointer finger when embarking on new business endeavors.


Silver corresponds to the Moon and the divine feminine, invoking qualities such as intuition, self-reflection, the spirit realm, and inner wisdom. Energetically, it can be used to aid in healing, to promote emotional stability, to all in love, to increase wisdom, and to enhance intuitive qualities ranging from psychic gifts and focus to perseverance and tenacity in pursuit of our dreams. McCann recommends wearing a Moonstone set in silver on the New or Full Moon on your left hand.


McCann explains that Copper represents Venus, as well as nurturing, feminine youthfulness, love, lust, and creativity. She points out that it is also uniquely linked to our health and a reminder to stay away from processed foods that make your body more acidic. “Copper reacts to acidic environments, and your body’s acidity is related to your diet… Processed food, junk food, and large amounts of red meat will make your body more acidic [and] more likely to be dealing with health issues,” McCann points out. She recommends wearing a Morganite set in copper on your ring finger on your left hand.

How to Charge Your Jewelry with Intention

The last step is programming your jewelry, just like you would with a crystal you are using the manifest.

Step 1: Decide your intention.

Step 2: Choose your hand — does your manifestation reflect energy going out, or coming in?

Step 3: Pick a finger after consulting what each finger represents.

Step 4: Select your crystal and the metal it should be set in.

Hint: McCann reminds us to clean our jewelry — physically and energetically — on a regular basis, such as with the Style Rituals Detox Trinket Bowl, $40.


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