What Is An Integrative Plastic Surgeon? To Start, Meet Dr. Julius Few…

Dr. Few rē-defines beauty, wellness, and how the two are interrelated.

By: Jessica Ourisman
What Is An Integrative Plastic Surgeon? To Start, Meet Dr. Julius Few…

Dr. Julius Few is known for his high-profile fanbase and accolades lauding his skillset to his wardrobe. Although based in Chicago, Illinois, home of the Few Institute, the Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon regularly flies out to California to meet with his West Coast patients. But as a leader and innovator in the world of plastic surgery — recognized by Newsweek as one of the top 15 plastic surgeons in the United States, and having pioneered peer-reviewed surgical techniques in the facial surgery space — his philosophy on aging might just surprise you.  “We are not in the anti-aging business, we are in the anti-looking older than your age business,” Dr. Few tells rē•spin. “Aging gracefully is and has always been the goal at the Few Institute.” 

You might think of the stereotypical plastic surgeon as being “scalpel happy,” profiting off of the fear that anti-aging instills, and promoting aggressive “solutions” to the body’s natural aging process. But when it comes to Dr. Few, nothing could be further from the truth. He has an in-depth philosophy on beauty that focuses on prevention — not “correction” — and is a skincare advocate and pioneer that is committed to holistic health. “There is no beauty without balance and wellness,” he says.

Dispelling the Stereotype of “Anti-Aging”

Many assume that plastic surgery is, essentially, the anti-aging end goal; the Western medical model’s pinnacle of capturing unnaturally obtained youthfulness. But Dr. Few is neither a fan of the term nor of its implications. “Anti-aging is a harsh term, one that connotes a look that is grossly unnatural,” he says. He instead endorses his Four-Dimensional Beauty philosophy which focuses on prevention, drawing on multi-modal, non-surgical treatment plans — from skincare products, to lasers and technology, to injectables, and even those ultra-buzzy “thread lifts” (AKA the Silhouette Instalift, an alternative to plastic surgery which he actually developed).

In stark opposition to the more dramatic ambitions of plastic surgeons of years past (think: removing every last trace of a wrinkle), Dr. Few’s goal is simply to ease and soften the natural aging process by preventing the exaggerated movements that result in exacerbated creasing over time. By layering these preventative treatments to promote the skin’s resiliency, he targets the three major components of aging: wrinkling, volume loss, and sagging. In other words, it’s cutting-edge — without the cutting. “This process is the future of aesthetics,” he assures us. “The idea is to maintain your youthfulness without appearing overdone. As a skincare advocate and plastic surgeon, my main goal is to make you look like the best version of yourself, which is why I love these [stackable] treatments.”

Giving CBD Skincare a Medically-Backed Chance

His emphasis on skincare is not uncommon in the world of beauty and prejuvenation, but when it comes to his willingness to embrace “outside the box” thinking, he absolutely stands out as an innovator. Case in point? His use of nano-emulsified, water-soluble Cannabidiol (CBD) — a highly bioavailable form of the active ingredient — in his line’s Aforé CBD Effusive, officially the first “medical-grade” (read: doctor-developed) face mist to use the active. “When I began seeing patients in Beverly Hills, I was exposed to [cannabidiol] and became curious about its potential benefits. I realized that very little work was done to research the medicinal properties of cannabidiol on the skin, largely because my colleagues disregarded it without consideration. This was enough for me to take another look and subject the compound to clinical research and [ultimately product] development.”

Many dermatologists can appreciate the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD in theory (or off the record), but they are reluctant to publicly do so without an established body of quantitative evidence to back it up. Of course, this research takes time and money, which is why Dr. Few’s open-mindednesses to the anti-inflammatory ingredient made him a CBD skincare pioneer. “I have always believed that science begins with curiosity,” he explains. “Just because an idea originates outside traditional medical pathways does not mean it is irrelevant.” Of CBD’s skincare potential, he notes, “I think anti-inflammatory skincare should be a staple of any skincare regimen. These properties are an essential component of protecting the skin and contribute to the graceful aging of the skin. CBD alone has shown immense promise in cosmetic medicine, when it’s incorporated properly and with synergistic ingredients.” In fact, he reveals that they have just completed a clinical study on the active and are preparing to launch a new CBD-infused cream…

Meet BIÂN: The Beauty-Infused, Wellness Destination Of Our Dreams

No mention of Dr. Few would be complete without taking a glance at his “side hustle,” if you will. BIÂN is a private, members-only social and wellness club, of which Dr. Few is a co-founder, that blends Eastern and Western modalities of healing into a luxury experience. “I embrace the holistic approach to life, embracing the idea that inner peace, outer comfort in your own skin is the goal we should strive for,” Dr. Few explains of the dreamy, haut de gamme wellness destination.

At BIÂN, members have access to countless modalities for inner-and-outer wellness that include a restaurant, traditional fitness (think: yoga, reformer pilates, etc.), but also access to practices like cryotherapy, infrared saunas, nutritional infusions, and a cold-plunge pool, addressing nourishment, stress-reduction, detox, and recovery under one roof. In addition to chiropractic work, massage, TCM, and acupuncture, members can seek out coaching for breathwork, but also for guidance in other areas of the modern, well-balanced life, from life design to nurturing their executive ambitions. There’s even a private nap room in recognition of sleep‘s transcendent importance. 

Dr. Few oversees the Beauty component of the practice, at which you can book everything from Botox and Fillers to peels and facials. For the luxury wellness consumer and adherent of the inner-outer model of health and beauty, this destination offers treatment for both your wellness and prejuvenation by serving on a team that brings together the offerings of Western and Eastern medicine, by innovating in his field, and by helping to rē-define the very underpinnings of medical aesthetics, Dr. Few rē-envisions beauty and wellness, and how the two are intimately interrelated. 

And thus, we introduce to you: Dr. Julius Few, the beauty world’s integrative plastic surgeon.


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