KINRGY: The Multidimensional Fitness Modality for Spiritual Healing

"I am really passionate about the fact that movement is medicine.”

By: Jessica Ourisman
KINRGY: The Multidimensional Fitness Modality for Spiritual Healing

Meet KINRGY, a fitness platform for mind, body, and soul, founded by actress, dancer, singer, entrepreneur, and EMMY award-winning choreographer, Julianne Hough. This integrative fitness modality — the development of which Hough refers to as her purpose — bridges multiple dimensions of wellness into a singular practice that strengthens the body, promotes emotional release, and fosters connectedness to self and spirit.

“What inspired me to create KINRGY was my own transformation that I went through when I realized that I had a lot of built-in trauma throughout my life,” Hough tells rē•spin. “I wanted to be able to de-layer and let go of a lot of that conditioning of self-protection, and [to] be able to come back to my most authentic and true self — to feel free within myself.” To do so she looked to the modalities that she found most impactful — breathwork, meditation, movement, and energy work — on her own healing journey, creating one truly innovative workout for mind, body, and soul. What resulted was KINRGY, a multidimensional fitness modality that borders on the spiritual.

Movement Itself is Medicine

Dance has long been regarded as a form of physical movement that can connect you to the spiritual realm. From the whirling dervishes of Sufism to Paulo Coelho’s best-selling novel, Brida, the dance-induced sensation of liberating the spirit from its physical restraints is a well-known phenomenon among spiritual seekers. “When we dance, we are free,” Coelho writes on his blog. “To put it better, our spirit can travel through the universe while our body follows a rhythm that is not part of the routine.”

This is the foundational premise of Hough’s wellness venture — which makes sense, considering the multihyphenate’s original stardom came from her prowess as a professional dancer. “Dance evokes emotion — it evokes freedom, it evokes expression. And when you dance, you feel free; when you feel free, you dance,” she says. But by pairing it with breathwork and meditation — which she has practiced consistently along with energy work and visualization for the last six years — she discovered an amplified state of connection and healing that has been remarkably therapeutic. “What better way to help people on their transformational discoveries than through a form of celebration?” 

What is the KINRGY State?

We all have different names for the special state of consciousness that can be induced by practices like yoga and is often alluded to by professional athletes and which Hough calls the KINRGY state. Whether you call it being “in the zone” or flow with the universe, synchronicity abounds and a sense of deep relaxation, joy, and purpose floods your being. “When I think of movement, breath, and meditation [or] visualization… all three of those things help you get to that flow state really beautifully,” Hough says. “But when you actually combine all three of those at the same time — our KINRGY trifecta — that is what actually creates a super-charge and helps us drop into that flow state even faster than you could if you were to do one of those things on your own.”

The “biological mechanics” come down to the brain state achieved, and the phenomenon of neuroplasticity. Hough’s experience of “amplified flow” is linked to research-verified benefits that range from promoted self-actualization, emotion regulation, feelings of fulfillment and happiness, motivation, creativity, performance, and even optimized learning and skill development. On the cognitive level, this translates into neurogenesis, the creation of new neural networks that can facilitate long-term transformation thanks to the brain’s capacity for continual change across the life course. 

The idea is that this culmination of three different practices, all of which help you achieve the desired cognitive state, makes shifted states of expansive consciousness highly accessible. “It amplifies the energy to a certain point of expansion,” she continues. “And with that, expression also shifts the connectors that are being made in our brain because of the neurotransmitters going from the body to the brain. Because of the emotional expression, it’s literally changing our belief systems in our hippocampus while building these new connectors in our brain — these new brain cells. So, dance is one of the best forms of exercise that you can do for your brain, as well as getting into that flow state.”

The Mind-Body-Spirit Fitness Modality for Seekers

Hough’s newest venture into mind-body-spirit modalities rē-affirms our belief in the interconnected, holistic nature of wellness. She is a teacher in how strengthening the body is not simply becoming fit; practiced consciously, it can awaken the spirit, bring consciousness to your shadow, clearing blocked emotions, and allowing your human self to exist in a more aligned form. Simply put, this is healing. “This is, I believe, really my purpose,” Hough says of the modality she channeled. “I think that this method came through me. It was the perfect combination of preparation-meeting-opportunity, and being open to a point where it could literally [be channeled through me] from Source, from the divine.”

She is intimately familiar with the process of inner-work, and how their aligned states of physical movement, meditative states, and breathwork can help to promote emotional healing from within. “I am really passionate about the fact that movement is medicine and that we hold and store information in our bodies, whether it’s happy memories or traumatic ones,” she explains. “If we hold onto those emotions, we can become denser… stagnant, and stuck, and get further and further away from ourselves and our truth. But when we can de-layer those belief systems and come back to our core, true natures, then we can be set free. And when that can happen, we can truly experience the world in its most true and pure form, which is love, connection, and just pure expression.”

If you want to give KINRGY a try, sign up at for your first month free and use code EXPRESS20 for 20% off all merchandise.


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