Let’s Give LED Some LOVE

The Brilliance of Light Therapy

By: rē•spin Creative Director, Jamison Bays
Let’s Give LED Some LOVE

LED therapy chatter is now main-stream speak. A few years back, I was the one getting the side-eye when I would talk to family or friends excitedly about the multiple benefits of LED (light-emitting diodes).

The somewhat exasperating part about this hot new buzz term is that people forget to do their research around what LED is, how long it’s been around, what the different light waves do, and how to best use them — so they know what they are actually spending their money on and what they actually need to expect out of a device.

Okay, now I’ve gotten that off my chest — a short history of LED, and it’s countless benefits.

The origin story: NASA, yes, the space program — it is responsible for the glowing device many of us now own and use to keep us looking, well, incredible. NASA scientists were trying to find a solution to keep plants thriving in space and turned to plant biology experts for answers. Research on LED not only showed marked success with our green friends but also with tissue healing in humans. Cool, right?



Each color of light has a different wavelength, and each wavelength can penetrate the skin at different depths.

Health and Beauty brands utilize the red and amber lights to deep-dive into the skin’s dermal layer — the layer in charge of collagen and elastin production. 

Having battled with acne? Find a device that offers a blue-light feature, which helps to balance and clarify the skin.

On my personal wishlist — green. This baby reduces pigmentation, my nemesis. I find it curious that most on-market LED tools do not offer a green light feature, but I am crossing my fingers that everyone will soon. If you know of a good, reputable device that does, hit me up — melasma is not my friend.

There are even more colors and benefits that I will save for another article, but a quick internet search is a glorious thing if you’re dying to know.

As far as who to purchase from, just do your research. Ensure the company can back up their claims and have some solid reviews from people who aren’t in the super young and plump age group. 

I own a few devices but am currently on day 2 of testing out the Light Shield by DMH Aesthetics. I’m trying a 30-day protocol that involves me chilling in this mask while I type away at my computer (one of the serious pros of this mask). 

I will report back come the new year but let me leave you with this — you cannot cut corners when manufacturing an LED device, so don’t go out and buy one you see advertised on the cheap. If you want to see a difference, be prepared to invest in the right product and commit to using the device. This is not a ‘one and done’ — this is a long term commitment to reap the rewards and keep them coming.

Wish me luck. Hopefully, after my New Year’s check-in, I, too, will be in the young and plump category.


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