Lifting Up Our Mamas

By: Katie
Lifting Up Our Mamas

In the wise words of Tupac, “We all came from a woman, got our name from a woman.” In honor of our original source, this edition of the weekly highlights organizations that nurture those who have nurtured us the most: Mothers. From single mamas to Black birthing people, the echoes of systemic racism often harm mothers. The Black maternal mortality rate, which indicates Black women experience fatal birth outcomes at disproportionately high rates, serves as a stark reminder that we have far to go in the fight for equality, equity, and the right to a safe birth and parenthood experience. We hold a vision of hope for women, birthing people, and those who have chosen parenthood. We hope you join us in getting further acquainted with each of these organizations, whether that is through donating fiscal resources, sharing your time, or using your social reach to amplify these organizations.

Need a soundtrack while you learn about the following organizations? Jhene Aiko’s cover of Keep Ya Head Up is an incredible testament to all the mothers everywhere. Listen here.


Black Mamas Matter Alliance
Black Mamas Matter Alliance is a Black-women led organization that centers Black mothers through shifting policy, cultivating innovative research, advancing maternal health care, and shifting culture in the maternal health care sector. In other words, the organization fully exemplifies the term, “For Use, By Us.” In practice, Black Mamas Matter Alliance’s work looks like educational webinars, legislative lobbying, and building connections between mainstream entities and Black-women led organizations. True advocates for a holistic approach to wellness for Black mothers, we are so thankful for all the work BMMA does. You can learn more about their work here and can support them directly here.



Founded by model and mama Jaycina Almond, Tender is an Atlanta-based nonprofit focused on empowering women through ensuring accessibility to essentials. Tender provides emergency bill-pay assistance, food, diapers, wipes, car seats, formula, and other essentials moms need. This organization reduces stigma around unmet needs for single mothers and truly redefines the term community care. We love Tender because it embodies the age old adage, “It takes a village.” If you’re a mama based in Atlanta and feel you could use some support, learn more here. If you’re interested in supporting Tender’s cause, the opportunities are endless. You can host a fundraiser, give direct donations, use your platform to amplify their message, amongst other things. Get in touch here.


National Birth Equity Collaborative

National Birth Equity Collaborative is an organization dedicated to optimizing Black maternal and infant health through training, policy advocacy, research, and community-centered collaborations. One of our favorite projects is Mothers Voices Driving Birth Equity, which creates a model for Black women to voice their experiences regarding childbirth, also known as a patient-reported experience metric. There has never been such a metric created specifically for Black mothers that has been informed by impacted Black mothers, communities, and scholars. This is just one example of how the National Birth Equity Collaborative is moving the needle for Black mothers in a dynamic way. Support them directly here. (Note: This organization is supported by the Foundation for Louisiana, thus you will be directed to the Foundation’s website. Simply select National Birth Equity Collaborative from the drop-down menu when making your donation).


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