Meet Buttah Skin’s Founder Dorión Renaud

From actor to skincare entrepreneur.

By: rē•spin staff
Meet Buttah Skin’s Founder Dorión Renaud

Happy Black History Month! To keep the celebration going, we’re highlighting a black-owned business in an industry we can’t get enough of. Skincare!

It’s an industry that hasn’t always prioritized melanin enriched skin or black-owned businesses. Even in 2021, white-dominated beauty corporations are still marketing skincare products and routines that cater to lighter skin tones. Renaud is following in the trail-blazing footsteps of Madame CJ Walker, choosing to not just prioritize melanated skin, but make caring for multicultural, multi-dimensional skin easy. 

Texas native Dorión Renaud kick-started his career in the entertainment industry, working as a model, actor, and recording artist, spending most of his time in front of a camera. Renaud took on hosting duties at NBC’s “Extra,” found himself in a lead role on the Bounce sitcom “In The Cut,” and had plenty of other guest appearances on television. 

When Dorión was on the hunt for skincare that would best address his skin’s specific needs, he struggled to find products that would do the job. It wasn’t until he discovered raw, organic, natural Shea that he formally began diving into the skincare industry. After he was introduced to shea and its transformational properties, Dorión created Buttah Skin, a luxurious, gender-neutral line focused on skincare for multicultural tones.

Dorión serves as the CEO of Buttah Skin, living out its mission of giving melanin enriched skin the attention that it truly deserves, one product at a time. Dorión is here to help give others a route toward prioritizing self-care to allow them to not only look good but feel good, too. 

We caught up with Dorión to find out how Buttah Skin is rē-spinning the beauty industry.

What were you pursuing before launching Buttah Skin in 2018?

Before launching Buttah, I was pretty much grinding in every field of entertainment. From acting on “In The Cut,” a sitcom I’ve been on for seven years, to hosting for “Extra” and dabbling in the world of reality TV.

Why did you decide to branch out into beauty?

The origin of Buttah Skin was simply me needing an effective skincare routine for my skin type. I suffer from hyperpigmentation and a multitude of other skincare issues that other people of color deal with as well. I felt we were underserved by the skincare industry and I wanted to create a brand that gave melanin enriched skin the attention it deserves, a brand that prioritized quality and results.

For anyone unfamiliar with your brand, what’s the goal of each product and formulation?

Our goal is to provide an easy and effective skincare routine that helps our users not only love the skin they are in but prioritize self-care. Our products target issues that many people with melanated skin experience such as hyperpigmentation, dryness, and blemishes.

What is Buttah Skin’s brand ethos?

Our mission is rooted in community. We put our community at the center of our brand, we listen, and we develop products based on what they need so we can continue to evolve. It’s bigger than skincare.

How do you think beauty and wellness intersect?

The intersection of beauty and wellness is self-care, one of our brand pillars. Each product we develop adds a little more time to your self-care routine. We truly believe that in order to look good you have to feel good and most importantly, be good to yourself.

What’s next for Buttah Skin this year?

More products, more content, Buttah merch, and of course, more of our signature Buttah glow from head to toe. We also have some exciting retail partnerships on the horizon that we can’t wait to announce!

What is your ultimate goal as an entrepreneur?

My goal is my mission: to help people love what they see when they look in the mirror. 

How has Buttah Skin rē-spun the beauty industry?

By being a Black male-owned, gender-neutral skincare brand. By building a brand through the lens of a skincare lover, not just an expert. 



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