Mercury Retrograde…Not Always a Bad Thing?

It's a time for the rē's— rē-flect, rē-visit, rē-evaluate, rē-connect...

By: Jessica Ourisman
Mercury Retrograde…Not Always a Bad Thing?

Astrology followers tend to feel deflated each time Mercury retrograde begins. At these times, astrologers advise against certain courses of action — like signing major contracts, purchasing expensive electronics, embarking on intricate travel plans, and having important talks or conversations. The phase, when the planet of communication, Mercury, appears to move backward in orbit, is all but known for plans going wrong, electronics going haywire, and misunderstandings abounding. As psychic and astrologer Marie Satori, founder of the Satori Shala and Golden Eclipse Tarot, once said, “It’s as if the planet responsible for getting from A to B is drunk.”

But Satori also notes that Mercury retrograde serves an important metaphysical purpose. She explains that in the universal “language,” it is not a time for outward action, yet there is plenty of energy moving within. In fact, it is an ideal time for introspection and inner-work. Satori teaches that Mercury retrograde is more about the “re’s”: rē-visiting, rē-flecting, rē-evaluating, and rē-newing existing areas of your life. You might even find yourself rē-connecting with an old friend or an ex.

It’s time to rē•spin your feelings about Mercury retrograde, harnessing the universe’s inward energy to gain momentum on your healing journeys. Syncing yourself to the cosmic rhythm allows you to grow through this planetary phase simply by leaning into what it is asking of us. This essentially means introspectively discerning what first needs fixing before resuming with your plans. Below, Satori explains the cosmic themes inherent in this particular Mercury retrograde, which will help you find a deeper sense of self-connection as you move into your futures more mindfully.

Mercury Retrograde: September 26 – October 18

“This cycle focuses on relationships, power dynamics, and balance in the house of Libra,” Satori tells rē•spin. “Libra symbolizes relationships and partnerships, which will be our collective focus [during this phase].” Thus the cosmos might be bringing up issues surrounding how your needs are being met in your partnerships at this time. As she explains, these partnerships may or may not be romantic. For some, this reevaluation could apply to your current work situation. “What we need and what we want from others needs to be balanced with what they want and need from us in return,” she continues. “We’ll be reviewing [this phenomenon] in both work and relationships… If that balance can’t be struck, it will be time for major changes.”

Satori dives into the other nuances of this particular astrological transit, explaining that Mercury Square Pluto in Capricorn is what highlights the power dynamics in the workplace — perhaps increasing responsibility and status. It might also mean reevaluating if you feel appreciated and compensated sufficiently in your current employment. “It’s a good time to reflect on what you need to feel secure and empowered in your work, and start actively planning how you can achieve it,” she says. Mercury Trine Jupiter in Aquarius, on the other hand, tells Satori that new ideas and inspirations are coming through. “In work and relationships, this could mean moving towards new freedoms or new creative solutions that can change your perspective of your current situation,” Satori explains.

Mid-way through this retrograde, Satori points out that Mars Conjunct Mercury in Libra could indicate increasing frustrations. “Try to remain level-headed and avoid impulsive or rash decisions,” Satori instructs. She goes on the explain that this particular energy will make you want to impulsively break free from something that feels smothering, but that you might regret it later. “So stay mindful with your actions,” she says.

Lastly, Mercury will be stationing direct in opposition to Chiron, the wounded healer. “Here, we may be feeling the repercussions of our words and actions this retrograde,” Satori says. “We’ll have an intense few days of conversation, reflection, and hopefully healing.” This is where we are given a chance to make amends, discuss the future, and begin to take more appropriate action to bring improved balance moving forward.

How to Support Yourself This Retrograde

That being said, Mercury retrograde is not an easy phase to get through. It’s only natural to experience feelings of frustration as plans are changed, iPhones glitch and emotions run high. Considering the specifics of this planetary placement, tensions could arise, and you could be feeling stress. So, to facilitate your most fruitful and constructive passage through this retrograde season, rely heavily on self-care. Journal, slow down, give yourself extra time when commuting, and try to cultivate patience. Lean heavily on mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga, and tend to your vibration. Since the cosmic weather is encouraging you to spend more time inside your head, make your home feel extra cozy, nestle deep into your nest, and treat yourself to some of our self-care favorites below.

Apothékary Chill The F* Out

Keeping your cool and curbing your impulsions is key to getting through this phase. We’ll be reaching for this adaptogenic remedy on repeat.

The Nue Co Sleep+

Getting proper sleep is critical for managing your stress levels when life feels hectic and things go wrong. Prioritize your rest so you can make the most of this time to look within and plan ahead.

Casper Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket will help make you feel secure and swaddled when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You might even keep using it long after Mercury goes direct.

Esker Bathroom Incense Bundle

Aromatherapy always helps — especially when sage is involved. Clear away negative vibes while uplifting the senses with mind-clearing eucalyptus and nerve-settling lavender.

Art of Tea Wellness Mood-Boosting Tea Bundle

Never underestimate the power of a warm mug and an herbal remedy to lift your spirits.

Sage & Salt Mercury Retrograde Rx Mist

The mystical brand is known for its mindfully concocted room sprays. This one features a magical blend of herbs, oils, and more for spiritual support for this cosmic phase. If you like crystals, check out their Intention Bundle for Mercury Retrograde.

Life Elements Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb

Taking time for a therapeutic soak in some soothing essential oils is a great way to unwind and think… The 250mg of CBD doesn’t hurt, either — relaxing your muscles and calming the mind.

Golden Eclipse Tarot Deck

Whether you pull a single card or create a full spread, this astrologically-informed deck of tarot will be an invaluable tool on your inner-awakening journey.

Papier Navy Moons & Stars Leather Notebook

Meet the perfect container for your self-reflective musings in this chic, celestially-themed journal.

Lunya Washable Silk Button-Down Pant Set

Nothing will make you feel as luxuriously nurtured as a silky pair of pj’s. Even though they’re silk, they’re far from high-maintenance — these pajamas are machine-washable and easy to take care of.



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