New Year, New Manifestations

A new year is approaching, we can finally let out a sigh of relief.

By: rē•spin staff
New Year, New Manifestations

This is the time where we reflect on the past year to see what we’ve accomplished and what we’re looking to set out to do for the next 365 days. Year after year, we make resolutions to get fitter, save money, read more, the list goes on. Statistics aren’t always in our favor when it comes to traditional resolutions due to their daunting nature. Goals can be more actionable than resolutions, but are still limiting and can easily change as the year progresses.

Instead of making traditional New Year’s resolutions, it may be time to shift your mindset and make New Year’s intentions and affirmations instead. These can outweigh goals and resolutions, allowing us to focus more on the qualities of ourselves that are unique to us and who we are today. Through your intentions and affirmations, you can hone in on who you are versus what you have to achieve.

If you’re feeling the “new year, new me” spirit, rē•spin how you look at your plans for the year ahead. A powerful way to invoke change in your life is to write it down and plan out your spiritual journey for the year ahead. The first step is easy: grab a journal and a pen. What comes after you flip to the first blank page is up to you!

Setting Positive Intentions:

Use your new journal to create intentions for the year ahead. Your intentions for the year are the actions you want to create for yourself while co-conspiring with the universe.

It’s important to dig into yourself to think of what you truly want for your life–your intentions don’t mean much if it’s not authentic to what you want. Keep it short and sweet when you’re writing out your intentions, focusing on a mantra (or affirmation) to carry with you along the way through your journey. But most importantly, align your path that year with the intentions that you set, following through to hold yourself accountable. Keep track of these intentions in your journal to see yourself through your journey. 

Finding Your Affirmations:

An affirmation is a way for us to reimagine and choose the thoughts that will support us through our endeavors while letting go of the toxic thoughts that plague us. It’s easier said than done to discover these affirmations, but they are supremely important in getting us inspired and energized as they become engraved in our minds.

Affirmations are one-sentence statements whose purpose is to retain your mind into behaving differently to better manifest a certain outcome. Positive statements, naturally, will make you feel more positive. Take this positive attitude and motivation to put yourself in a better position to achieve what you set out.

Manifesting Your Life:

Both intentions and affirmations are important for manifestation in your life, though both differ in their ways. Combined, intentions and affirmations can create a new reality for us, guiding us to where we’re trying to go, keeping us focused, and comforted as we make our way toward the end goal.

Manifestation is visualizing your dream life and putting energy out into the universe. Speak it out into the universe as if it’s something that’s already happened to you. Embrace your positive affirmations, avoiding any negative words or statements while manifesting your life. The more you repeat them, the more we believe them, and the more they can manifest into truth. Create a vision for your future, painting a detailed picture of what you imagine your life will look like based on your definition of successful. 


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