NYE Style with Lindsay Flores

After a year unlike any other, our New Year's Eve celebrations are bound to be unique.

By: rē•spin staff
NYE Style with Lindsay Flores

Just as your celebrations will look different this year, so will your outfits. You can balance your desire to celebrate a milestone, even going all out in glam if you want, but also permitting yourself to indulge in the valid need for comfort. After all, you’ll be in your own homes; you have every right to be relaxed.

This dressing philosophy will look different for each of you as you align your inner worlds with your outer style — and we can’t wait to see the results. Below, our style director Lindsay Flores, Halle’s long-time fashion stylist shares her top tips for planning what to wear this NYE.

Embrace a Comfortable-Chic Vibe

“We can still wave goodbye to this dumpster fire of a year with some style,” Lindsay says, who is all about embracing a comfortable-chic vibe. “Honestly, the days of me getting dressed up and going on an all-night party binge are quite the thing of the past,” she says. “The last few years, my NYE vibe has been low-key at home, cozy with some champagne and pizza.”

But if you’re feeling celebratory, honor that. The act of putting on makeup, doing your hair, or styling an outfit can do wonders to create ambiance. But permit yourself to let go of FOMO this year, and dress for yourself. The key is honoring what truly feels best to you.

Mix Comfort Pieces with Fashion Pieces

Wanna nail a laid-back NYE vibe? Mix stylish pieces with comfortable ones. “I feel like there’s going to be people that continue riding the comfort train, and people who are ready to kick it up a notch and slip into something dressy and festive,” Lindsay notes. “I will be sporting a mix of both.”

“I’m deciding between a messy bun with a colored lip, some costume jewelry, and a set of pajamas with an animal print boot, or a hoodie over a long, dressy skirt with my Ugg slippers,” she says. This look is all about balance. For instance, this could mean wearing a silky slip dress — a perennial favorite — with some layered necklaces, a long sweater, and a statement lip color, but topping it all off with some messy-pretty hair.

Keep Your Feet Comfy

We won’t lie — we’re looking forward to the opportunity to wear our favorite slippers instead of heels. “Back in the day, [my go-to NYE style] was a very thought-out look consisting of pieces that supported the ‘hero shoe’,” she says. But this year is about dressing for Zoom’s vantage point, which could very well mean a statement top — and a relaxed vibe on the bottom. “The cozier the better,” she insists. “I’m leaning towards my Ugg slippers.”

Make A Fashion Statement On Zoom

If you’re concerned about losing the effect of your fashion statement over Zoom, Lindsay provides some reassurance. “Zoom is just a smaller window into a full-fledged, in-person presentation,” she says. “I feel like you can get your fashion point across and still have the option to change your backdrop to whatever destination nation you want.” Even if you’re Zooming from a bubble bath, you can pretend you’re anywhere from outer space to Paris, France. Remember: This might not be the ideal holiday setting, but we can work with it.

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