Oak Essentials: The Beauty In Purity

Awakening our senses to nature-adjacent aesthetics.

By: Jessica Ourisman
Oak Essentials: The Beauty In Purity

Jenni Kayne’s aesthetic is akin to an earth-hued daydream. Having built an empire based on her vision of open, airy living, her home collection builds tidy and nature-adjacent interiors. (Peek at her personal achievement of indoor-outdoor living for inspo.) But part of what makes her brand so magnetic is how it unveils her genuine world-view.

Kayne’s lifestyle and aesthetic seem to reflect a return to purity immersed in nature — and people cannot get enough of awakening to her vision. At a brunch at her house in Brentwood, we were served organic beet salad, heirloom tomatoes, vegan ricotta, and gluten-free flatbread, mindful of her refined sugar-free diet. While enjoying this meal beneath the Oak trees, we were also surrounded by her own little herd of rescued goats, chickens, donkeys, and miniature horses that nickered at her happily. (One of her life dreams was to have a rescue farm.)

Her brand of cozy carries over into her ready-to-wear items (like the perfect cashmere cardigan for cocooning on your couch) and decor, rē-aligning your space and wardrobe into its best possible version for a staycation. With the 2021 launch of her skincare line, Oak Essentials, they now offer a regimen to nourish the skin while lavishing in your little self-care oasis.

The Evolution of Her Brand

This next leg of the brand connects with the same contemporary, wellness-enthused woman in a new way. “Skincare and wellness essentials felt like a natural step in the journey to inspire women to live well every day,” says founder Jenni Kayne. “We sought to deliver a full-scale wellness experience through clean, foundational beauty basics for everyone at every age.”

Her initial launch featured a five-product collection which was then joined in 2022 by the two dermatological staples, vitamin C and retinol. But true to her brand and aesthetic, it does so with the intention of nourishing while being functional — and cognizant of nature whenever possible. “I drew inspiration for Oak Essentials from nature, using clean, quality ingredients to create staples that seamlessly fit into any existing routine,” she explains of her goals with the skincare brand. 

Her philosophy regarding formulation also reflects her wellness journey, which took on a new form back when she became pregnant with her son, Tanner, now twelve. “I started doing a lot of research into everything I was putting in and on my body — from the food I was eating to the products I was using daily,” she continues. “I completely cleaned up my diet and my beauty routine as a result and haven’t looked back since.” There is an effort to therefore nourish the skin with a nature-forward, minimalist approach. 

The Skincare Specifics

With the incorporation of the quintessential antioxidant, Daily Vitamin C, and the anti-aging Nightly Retinol Serum, Oak Essentials now offers the two most foundational active ingredients in a contemporary skincare regimen. You will notice that it does so without all the usual bells and whistles of typical beauty marketing while still adhering to expert recommendations and what skincare-savvy customers want.

“Vitamin C and retinol have been part of my beauty routine for a while, and so I was eager to bring both active ingredients into the Oak Essentials lineup,” she says. “We listened to our customer’s wants and needs while taking cues from beauty experts and estheticians’ recommendations.”

Kayne personally sees esthetician Sonia Vargas, whose facial massage and glowing results ensure that Kayne always leaves happy. “With our serums, we were looking to further cement our philosophy around the beauty of simple yet effective routines that give you everything you need,” she says. “Oak Essentials is simple, beautiful, and effective, which is everything I want a beauty routine to be.”

She explains that their products are non-GMO and sourced organically whenever possible. The formulas exclude silicones, colorants, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, PEGs, petroleum, mineral oil, and nanoparticles. As a lifelong animal lover and equestrian, it was important to her to ensure that the line was strictly cruelty-free.

Wind Down Like Jenni Kayne

Lastly, Kayne shares her own self-care ritual for winding down in the evenings: connecting with her loved ones and nourishing her skin using the line. “My evenings are where I really take the time to unwind and indulge in a self-care ritual,” Kayne explains. A typical evening might include a bath with her other son, Trooper, and a face mask. “Sometimes I’ll sauna before that, depending on if I have time,” Kayne continues. After her bath, she completes her skincare regimen with the Nightly Retinol Serum for youthfulness, moisturizes with the Ritual Oil, and seals in the goodness with the Moisture Rich Balm.

It goes without saying that these products will look gorgeous sitting on your countertop or vanity. Frankly, we would expect no less of our ultimate interior design muse. “All of our products are designed to look beautiful and minimalist when displayed,” Kayne says. “The packaging is simple yet recognizable and a true homage to the clean and elevated Jenni Kayne aesthetic.”


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