Our Fitness Must-Haves

A curated gift guide for your at-home fitness experience

By: rē•spin staff
Our Fitness Must-Haves

Creating the perfect at-home fitness experience is more important now than ever before, when we all need an extra dose of self-care. With the holidays just around the corner, we rounded up some of our favorites that the fitness gurus in your life are bound to love. Shop our curated at-home self-care essentials below:

1. Speed or Weighted Jump Rope: On the hunt for some at-home cardio but don’t have space for large pieces of equipment and working out outside in the winter just isn’t an option? These ropes can help keep you trim and tone in the new year and boost your stamina to boot.

2. Workout Scrunchie: There’s nothing worse than getting into the groove with your latest workout and having your hair fall out of its up-do. These simple and chic scrunchies will help keep the hair out of your eyes, off your neck, and just out of the way entirely. No disruptions here!

3. Waist Pack: We need to keep our belongings somewhere. From indoor workouts when you need your phone close by or for your solo-hikes, walks, or runs, a waist pack will give you the hands-free workout you need.

4. Workout Gloves: The benefits of workout gloves into your fitness routine are endless! These gloves will add traction to any at-home lifting and support your wrists to extend your reps and reduce any unnecessary pain. 

5. Grip Toe Socks: Socks may not be the most exciting gift, but these grip toe socks will help make your at-home exercise more comfortable for your workout of choice. From yoga to pilates, these socks will keep you anchored in place, no slipping guaranteed.

6. Cooling Towel: It’s a necessity we all need! This super-absorbent towel will keep you cool and dry during your workout — a useful tool for stretching too.

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1. Yoga and Mobility Bundle: For the fitness lover–or even novice–in your life, the Yoga and Mobility Bundle will provide them with all of the tools they’ll need to have a comfortable and productive at home yoga session, and are essentials to have when working towards better mobility and range of motion.

2. Yoga Mat: Yoga mats are an at-home essential to give you a cush surface for your workouts. This one-inch thick, slip-resistant mat is extra comfortable while alleviating any stress on your pressure points simultaneously..

3. 1L Glass Water Bottle: Say it with us now: hydration, hydration, hydration. This one-liter reusable glass bottle will keep you hydrated throughout your entire workout, whether it’s 15 minutes or 45. This water bottle is also an excellent choice for its reusable factor — helping to keep plastics out of the ocean and landfills.

4. Full Body Resistance Loop: This award-winning Resistance Loop is a vrsatile piece to add to anyone’s at-home gear. This band can help with a wide variety of exercises and will focus on specific muscles that you want to target. You’re in control with this one!

5. Vegan Pre-Workout Powder: Looking for a little something to have before you dive into your workout for the day? This powder can help keep you focused during your workout while supporting a healthy blood flow.

6. Post-Workout Bath Salts: Sometimes we get a little sore after our workouts, it happens! These bath salts can help release tension from your body for the perfect muscle recovery post-workout.

7. Black Leggings:   These special “i am a voter” leggings are a comfortable high-rise that will stretch as you move throughout your workout. These leggings were created in collaboration with I am a voter, with a percentage of each sale being donated to their movement aimed at creating a cultural shift around voting.

8. Full Body Experience Bundle: Go big or go home! This collection will give anyone in your life––from beginner to expert–– the tools they need to strengthen their entire body. From legs and glutes to your core and arms, this gift has you covered.

9. Digital Workout Classes: Apps like FitOn, Classpass and P.volve offer digital classes for all types of workouts. Whether you’re looking for something new to spice up your routine or haven’t quite found the class for yourself yet, digital workout apps can help provide guidance for your daily routines or a little variety so you can switch it up.

10. Healthy Cookbook: It’s important to wind down after your workouts and nourish your body after strenuous activity. Keto nutritionist, Maria Emmerich, has a collection of 15 keto-friendly cookbooks to choose from. For the vegetarians in your life,, the “Love Real Food” cookbook by Kathryne Taylor is a great option for a vegetarian diet that will still provide the nourishment your body needs.

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