Our Men’s Guide

Our Men's Guide - Gift Guide That Is.

By: rē•spin staff
Our Men’s Guide

Let us make shopping for the men in your life easy, check out this non-exhaustive yet, ever complete, gift guide for the men you love. 


Skateboarding isn’t just for the kids. Although the falls might hurt more with age, Primitive offers great decks and gear in collaboration with some amazing people and brands alike. Light up the kid in him again and add this gorgeous board to his list of toys. 


Travel the world through handcrafted whisky! This is the perfect gift set for all the discerning recipients on your list this year. Everyone loves Fuyu Japanese Whisky because of its trademark smooth texture and warm, spicy flavor profile. Fuyu means “winter” in Japanese – and boy are we ready to snuggle.  Flask & Field also offers a handful of other great whiskey and bar sets – each balanced and easy to sip and share.  Cheers! 


To pair with your Whiskey, this Huckberry collection consists of a handsome set of two hand-blown whiskey glasses made from premium lead-free glass. Featuring a raised topographic impression of some of the greatest, most majestic peaks in the world, Whiskey Peaks will keep you inspired and sippin’ “on the rocks” whenever 5 o’clock calls. While there’s nothing quite like taking a swig from a beat-up flask at the top of a mountain, it’s unrealistic to think we can experience that exact moment every Thursday at 7 pm. Thankfully, there are these Whiskey Peaks to help channel that same energy with a more “Don Draper” attitude. 


The perfect leather backpack for all your man’s travel needs, not that any of us are traveling that often these days; however, this bag is a great addition to ones’ every day leaving-the-house adventures — and Peter Lee-Thomas’s, Halle’s personal trainer, go-to bag as well. (Not going to lie, this just might be one of those ‘one for you, one for me’ scenarios.)


Men like candles too, not to mention ones that remind them of hiking in the woods with their favorite people. This exclusive candle from Gypsy Vine offers just that experience, light it, and prepare to be taken back to your favorite moments in nature from the comfort of your home. 


Hibi creates a new, inventive way of enjoying the relaxing aromas of incense and introduces a mixture of refined fragrances from classics like Lavender to Japanese essentials like Yuzu. Each stick will burn for about 10 minutes, but the aroma will linger. No lighting device necessary – just strike the incense match on the side of the box and enjoy. A full aroma experience simply with the light of a match. 


Developed specifically for men, ASYSTEM’s Performance Skin Care is an all-in-one skincare maintenance kit comprising Cleanser, SPF Moisturizer, and Rebuilding Night Cream. A clean, fragrance-free formula, engineered for all skin types, containing a roster of powerful plant-based ingredients and essential oils. A simple 3 step skincare set for men, because we know the simpler the better. 


The full-body experience, unscented and not “too feminine” as my husband would say The Body Ritual features four clean, effective body care essentials packed with vitamins and nutrients to support your man’s skin health. 


The sweats he won’t want to take off long enough for you to wash them. The Todd Snyder and Champion collab offer a range of loungewear that you just might end up stealing from him after you try them out. 


The cool dad diaper bag Dagne Dover created is the perfect bag to transition from him to you. Clunky overflowing diaper bags that he is embarrassed to carry are no longer – snag this for all the new dads in your life.


Speaking of dads, especially new dads, the yeti coffee tumbler is a must. In fact, dad or not, it is just a must-have for anyone in your life. 


Bose headphones are one of those gifts that will be one, you both love. Tik Tok scrolling from your partner keeping you up at night? Let’s fix that. 


The following foundations offer a great way to gift “in the name of” – because giving back is one of the greatest gifts of all. 

The Boys and Girls Club of America

Defenders of Wildlife



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