Rē-Thinking Our Pets as Spiritual Teachers with Animal Communicator Cathy Malkin

Plus, Luxurious Ways to Show Your Pets That You Care.

By: Jessica Ourisman
Rē-Thinking Our Pets as Spiritual Teachers with Animal Communicator Cathy Malkin

Animal Communicator Cathy Malkin, M.A., wants you to know that your pets are spiritual. “Animals are our spiritual teachers, healers, and guides who are attracted to calm, peaceful, grounded, and open-hearted space,” she says. “Animal companions come into our lives to help us remember who we are as spiritual beings and to help us embrace our spiritual qualities, like being compassionate and peaceful.”

Malkin found her calling as a pet communicator in the early 1990’s while she was studying for her Master’s degree. During a vet visit with her dog, KC, she discovered a book on animal communication by the author Penelope Smith. “After reading her book, I knew I wanted to empower animals by giving them a voice,” Malkin says. “Animals deserve to be seen as intelligent beings deserving of our respect. Plus, when we understand animals’ thoughts, feelings, and viewpoints, we can work together to eliminate misunderstandings.”

As you’ll see, Malkin’s work can help you connect with your pets, nurturing the loving connection in ways we never even knew were possible.

Our Pets Are Spiritual Beings, Too

We routinely connect with our beloved pets directly through play, walks, feedings, and cuddles, but as you might have noticed, they are particularly drawn to us when we practice meditation or energy healing modalities like reiki. More often than not, when we roll out our yoga mats, our pets appear, ready to join us in downward-facing dog. According to Malkin, this is not a coincidence; in fact, this is part of how they reflect back to us that partaking in self-care practices — moments of connection in which we attain states of mindful presence — facilitates our healing connection with the rest of nature.

“Animals [are] enlightened spiritual beings who teach us how to be present fully in the moment. They teach us how to listen with an open heart and open mind, which builds animals’ trust,” Malkin continues. She goes on to explain that this state of connection to our innermost selves, and to our love for our pets, is actually a healing state that our pets want us to reside in. “Through our heart connection, we not only feel a deep bond with our animal family, but we also go into a heart coherence that aligns us with our interconnection and oneness with all life.”

What Do Our Pets Want Most?

Any pet owner wants to give their beloved furry child what will make them happy. Above all, Malkin says that pets want to be heard and able to communicate their love for us! “The most common request I receive from pets is giving them the ability to share their hearts with their people, so their thoughts, feelings, and viewpoints can be heard and understood.”

But just because our pets are evolved spiritual beings doesn’t mean they won’t also appreciate a few material comforts, as well. She notes that each pet truly has different tastes, so their requests for toys, treats, bedding, and even clothing varies. “Cats frequently ask for cat posts and trees to climb, in order to be high up and feel safe,” she says, noting that they love a high post with a sun-soaked, outdoor view. “Sometimes cats show me a specific toy they want to play with, like a laser light or a favorite toy mouse.” Sometimes dogs’ requests surprise her — for instance, when she spoke to Bruce the pug who loves the attention he gets when he wears outfits. “Many dogs don’t like wearing clothes, but I have numerous dog clients who enjoy their accessories, like bandanas.”

The Pet Communication Basics

If you have a pet that has passed on, you can actually still connect with them—so don’t stop communicating, because Malkin assures us that they’re listening. “One of the most rewarding parts of my animal communication practice is connecting people with their animals who have transitioned,” she says. “When I give animals in spirit a voice, it brings tremendous solace to both humans and animals.”

In a recent session with a Scottish client named Jerry, whose yellow Lab-mix, Goldie, had died suddenly, Malkin explains that Goldie knew his owner needed to hear his ‘voice’ in order to heal. “Goldie began our conversation by describing his life with Jerry in the Scottish village where they lived,” she says. “Goldie described himself as the self-proclaimed mayor of their town, and said everyone knew his name, which brought a big smile to Jerry’s face when he heard this.”

Throughout the session, Goldie wanted to assure Jerry that he was OK and no longer in pain. Plus, Goldie relayed the message to Jerry that he is now his “guardian angel dog,” still with him all the time. If that hasn’t warmed your heart, we just don’t know what will!

After learning about the complexity and spiritual purpose of our relationships with our animal companions, it’s only natural to want to lavish them with love — and perhaps a luxurious toy or two! After taking some time to connect with your pets, here are some additional ways to show your furry family members some love.

rethinking our pets as spiritual teachers

HAPPY BOND x rē•spin Be Well Elixir, Tum Tamer, Shine On, $19.99 each

We care about our pets’ wellness as if they’re our furry children… which they are! Check out the new formulas by HAPPYBOND that were made in collaboration with rē•spin to promote the wellness of your pups, from their immune systems, to their gut health, to their soft and shiny coats.

Sunday Forever Lucky Dog Treatz and Bonez Canister Set, $52

There is no cuter way to store treats for your canines than these fancy little canisters, sold by one of our favorite self-care destinations, Sunday Forever.

Harry Barker Rainbow Plush Toy, $16

From the eco-friendly filling, to the azo-free dyes used, your furry friend will love chewing on this durable-but-adorable rainbow toy.

VitaJuwel CrownJuwel in Natural White, $78

Do you want your pets to drink crystal-infused water from a specially designed pet bowl? The blend of crystals selected for pets includes jade for vitality, clear quartz for awareness, agate for strength, peridot for balance, and Mangano calcite for social behavior.

Casper Dog Bed, $149

Because sleep is one of the foundations of wellness, investing in your pet’s quality of rest is one of the sweetest ways to say, “I love you.” The same team that designed the high-end human mattresses conducted canine research to produce these luxury mattresses for dogs. The end result? A durable, machine washable, memory foam pet bed that provides orthopedic support (and can withstand any digging).

Earthing Universal Mat Kit, $69

All beings can sense the healing power of nature, including our pets—who have been known to love (and hog) these grounding mats. It can be placed right on top of your pet’s bed, providing your pup with the same therapeutic transfer of electrons that occurs when we walk barefoot on the earth.

Punk’n Pyes Nutty Pumpkin, $9.99

Organic, gluten-free, and made with protein-rich peanut butter and antioxidant-packed pumpkin, your furry kids will go GAGA for these scrumptious little snacks. 

MedTerra CBD Tincture for Pets Chicken, $19.99

Our pets have endocannabinoid receptors just like we do. That means that non-psychoactive CBD is a great way to provide them with stress relief and anti-inflammatory benefits while helping to soothe with aches and pains. Note: This is totally THC-free.

Pretty Litter Cat Litter, $22/month for 1 cat

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Petralyte Electrolyte Supplement for Dogs, $24.99

If your furry companion joins you on hikes and other outdoor adventures this summer, be sure to keep them optimally hydrated. That’s why a team of veterinarians created this electrolyte supplements to help keep your pooches safe from dehydration this summer.


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