Priya Apotheca Skincare: Merging Science with Spirit

Skincare for the face, self-care for the spirit.

By: Jessica Ourisman
Priya Apotheca Skincare: Merging Science with Spirit

Dr. Judit Konrad, pharmacist, Master of Chinese Medicine, and former cosmetic formulator for brands like Estée Lauder and Mac, and Tracy Brown, CEO, are rē-spinning skincare to be a spiritual practice. The co-founders of the clean, “vibrationally alive” CBD skincare line Priya Apotheca create from where science (and its bevvy of evidence-based active ingredients) and metaphysical energetics meet.

Konrad’s scientific research comprises the line’s backbone, but in the making of each small-batch, an alchemical process differentiates Priya Apotheca from conventional beauty brands. For one, their herbalist-formulated Beloved Internal Beauty Tincture is produced in sync with the lunar cycles for cosmically-informed, inner-outer alignment. Each of their skincare products undergoes an energy ceremony with sound frequencies from Tibetan singing bowls, crystal sound baths, Sanskrit mantras, and healing reiki energy.

While honoring the physical tenets of holistic skincare, there is an undeniable etheric component to the brand that elevates a regimen into self-care for mind, body, and spirit. rē-spinning the notion of science and spirit as foes, proving that multiple schools of wisdom can be synergistically integrated, they blur the boundary in concocting truly multi-dimensional skincare. Your beauty regimen is an ideal time to rē-connect with yourself, but if you happen to be energetically sensitive or “ethereally curious,” Priya Apotheca accesses something much deeper.

rē•think Convention: Water Is Not A Filler

Water holds the key to this marriage of science and spirit, where ancient botanicals join forces with clinical active ingredients. Beauty convention often regards water as a useless “filler” ingredient, but this is a misconception that Priya Apotheca passionately dispels. “If water is a filler, well, then it’s a filler for life,” notes Konrad, pointing out that our bodies are made up of up to 60% water (and the skin closer to 64%). As the source of hydration, the brand chose to formulate the line with 70-90% water, with their Illuminating Eye Essence consisting of virtually no oil-based components.

Water-soluble actives are biologically equipped to penetrate more deeply into the pore, but in addition to this, water is the ideal conduit for the energy ceremony. “The physical and energetic components [of the brand] aren’t separate,” explains Konrad. “The fact that they’re water-based products [serves] to hold the [effects of the] energy ceremony.” Referencing work including that by Masaru Emoto (whose book, The Hidden Messages in Water, includes photographs of the molecular imprint of different emotional states, intentions, and more on water molecules) and the documentary, The Secret of Water, Konrad and Brown point out that water can receive, store, and share information via changes in its molecular structure with subtle frequencies of harmonious origins yielding crystalline patterns reflecting a high degree of structural sophistication (whereas disharmonious states reflected more haphazard geometry).

rē•thinking Science and Spirit

An inclusive emphasis of science and spirit rē-spins the debate, which is conventionally framed in terms of “either/or.” Brown clarifies, “This is where science and spirit unite — this is a 50/50 relationship.” After all, the active ingredients selected had to garner the approval of an experienced cosmetic formulator and pharmacist. But unlike her peers, Konrad also happens to be well-versed in the historical usage of medicinal botanicals from practices like TCM, as well as possessing a certain spiritual savoir-faire that informed the product line’s creation.

The line’s roster of actives includes water-soluble CBD, or cannabidiol, a deeply-penetrating, highly bio-available form of the anti-inflammatory extract from hemp. CBD is both calming and anti-aging, as a potent protective force against inflammaging (i.e., the chronic, low-grade inflammation that causes aging to the skin). While prioritizing bio-availability, which speaks to the functional absorbability of the active into the skin, Konrad highlights the broad-spectrum inclusion of terpenes that facilitate what is known as the entourage effect. This enhances the efficacy of CBD, empowering the skin to restore homeostasis via its extensive network of endocannabinoid receptors.

Other notable ingredients include a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, a deeply penetrating, hydrophilic ingredient that attracts water molecules for optimal hydration. She also selected anti-aging peptides, microbiome-supportive lactobacillus ferment, and dermatologically-substantiated vitamins like B5 (or Panthenol) and vitamin C (derived from Kakadu plum). Selected botanicals include anti-inflammatory black cumin seed oil — whose medicinal usage dates all the way back to Egyptian times — the resilient plant ginkgo, and helichrysum.

Extra-Sensorial Alchemy: The Energy Ceremony

The restorative synergy of the scientifically-selected ingredients comprises the backbone of the brand’s physical skincare. But how the product range is blended together is an equally fascinating process of spiritual synchrony that is lavished onto the body’s largest organ. Think of their line as being “energetically spiked” with high-vibrational spiritual blueprints that nourish both the physical and auric bodies.

The energy ceremony incorporates Sanskrit mantras, reiki energy, and sound baths, using multiple senses to impart vibrational and energetic therapies onto each skincare product as a medium. Just as aromatherapy plays an olfactory role that accesses the emotions — vis-a-vis the brain’s limbic system — the multi-sensorial experience allows for the physical application of energy healing.

“Sound is a special vibrational energy. Every different sound bowl is tuned into its own frequency, just as each chakra is tuned into its own frequency,” Konrad begins. “I place the Tibetan metal bowls and crystal bowls [in the center], surrounded by the products, and play for twenty to thirty minutes. The water absorbs this frequency into its molecular structure, imbuing it with high-frequency energy.”

The Beauty Ritual: rē•connecting to Mind, Body, and Spirit

On a fundamental level, Priya Apotheca is rē-spinning the conventional workings of the beauty industry, from the ways we think about water to the way skincare is made—and applied. Beauty fans will attest, applying your nightly skincare regimen is an opportunity to take a mindful moment for rē-connection — and the brand bridges the gap to include spiritual seekers, as well, guiding consumers into a new dimension of self-care. This is why each product comes with a specific mantra and tips for its ritualistic application.

To begin the process, opt for a cleanser that suits your skin type — such as balm, jelly, or foaming cleansers such as the new launches by Detox Mode. Then, while your skin is still damp and the pores are still open, spritz on the brand’s newest launch: a hydrating toner called the Radiance Dew Toning Mist, with a mantra that goes, “I honor the journey to balance, to the place where I can divinely create.” While the face is still damp for optimal absorption, apply the Bliss Renewal Serum with your fingertips, focusing on the mantra that reads, “I take time to nourish and connect lovingly with myself in this moment.” Follow this up with the hydrating Phyto Metamorphosis Crème (whose mantra is, “I am fully open to receive and accept all of who I am, sending love to every cell of my being”), which is an ideal follow-up to seal in the serum but also maximizes the efficacy of the hyaluronic acid serum beneath it. To finish the ritual, swipe on the eye serum — and never forget your sunscreen.

Rē-connecting to your inner-world is an act of self-love, and what Priya Apotheca facilitates is a new frontier in the merger of wellness and beauty. “Take a moment to bask in your inherent value. Let this skincare be in service of your inner light,” Brown concludes. This process is what elevates and distinguishes skincare as self-care.


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