rē•framing Astrology For Our Mental Wellness

Exploring our birth chart’s effect on our mental health 

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rē•framing Astrology For Our Mental Wellness

Our connection to the cycles of the planets extends far beyond reading our horoscopes or the influences that our astrological chart can have on our lifestyle. Maisy Bristol, a tarot reader and astrologer, describes astrology as a tool rather than a “guiding force” in another area of our life: our mental wellness.

“I think it serves our mental wellbeing because it offers a sense of stability, purpose, and self-acceptance that perhaps we’ve never experienced before,” Bristol tells rē•spin. “When you dive into your birth chart, you can find a number of amazing pieces of information about who you are, why you act certain ways, what your fears are, and what you’re supposed to be learning in this life.”

It’s our birth charts, after all, that show us as the person we were born. They also tackle what we may struggle with, and where we can create improvements in our lives and selves. Bristol explains, “And because it was ‘fated,’ in a sense, we can more easily ground ourselves in self-acceptance before starting our birth chart journey.”

Astrology’s role in our mental wellness

When looking at our birth charts and what planets rule each sign, Bristol says that each of the nine planets contributes one way or another to our mental wellness. She says, “For example, the moon sign indicates where we are most sensitive, Saturn represents our fears and self-restrictions, and the Sun represents how we approach ego.”

Bristol says, though, that the Houses, rather than the planets, that rule our mental wellbeing – with the 1st, 6th, and 12th as the most significant contributors. She explains that the 1st House equates to our ego, identity, and personality. The 6th House is dedicated to service, wellness, and overall health, which include mental health, nutrition, exercise, etc. The 12th House is for spirituality and things unseen. It provides for flaws and areas of improvement, and the house of “self-undoing,” which in this case would be hospitals, loneliness, and health. 

She also suggests looking into the following distinct areas of your chart to gain a better understanding:

  • Chiron: The asteroid responsible for our deepest childhood wounds. It represents the biggest insecurity that we carry throughout our life. It’s where we need to find ways to heal ourselves and often the method we use to heal others.
  • Saturn: Fears, restrictions, self-impositions
  • Moon: How we give + receive love (what we need to feel safe)
  • Venus: Self-worth and self-image
  • Sun placements and aspects: How healthy our ego and self-love is

“The natal placement of any of these things in one of the three Houses above indicates a focus on this part of your mental health,” she says. “For example, I have my moon in my 6th House—which can indicate everything from a heightened anxiety about health and being healthy to needing a partner who brings service to the relationship.”

Using our birth chart to influence our mental wellness

Bristol explains that when a planet travels through one of the signs associated with our sun and rising sign, it’s moving through the house of “mental health.” She explains, “Take the planet’s meaning and attempt to apply it to the above House descriptions. For example, if you’re an Aries and Venus is in Virgo, you may feel a little extra OCD about your appearance and body image.” 


  • 1st House = Aries
  • 6th House = Virgo
  • 12th House = Pisces

“For Aries, it’s important to learn how to slow down and smell the roses—not only from a speed perspective but also from a patience perspective,” Bristol says. “This is the most impatient sign in the zodiac, so it’s necessary for this sign to learn how to be calm in the chaos as opposed to feeding off of it.”

Bristol suggests exercise as a good outlet for an Aries, explaining, “Once you run all the antics out, you’ll definitely feel less rushed to get things done.”


  • 1st House = Taurus
  • 6th House = Libra
  • 12th House = Aries

“Taurus is all about stamina, but sometimes, this sign can go too hard in the wrong direction,” Bristol says. “And what’s more is that they’ll be so stubborn that they won’t find another way out in their mind; the only way out is through.”

For a Taurus to improve their wellbeing, Bristol says individuals need to embrace a more easygoing attitude. In addition, she explains, “Finding peace through sensory outlets like yoga or meditation is great for this sign.”


  • 1st House = Gemini
  • 6th House = Scorpio
  • 12th House = Taurus

“Gemini is all about the buzz. But often, they can get so excited about all their ideas that they can’t keep hold of any of them, resulting in overwhelm, anxiety, and flakiness,” Bristol says.  

She suggests that Gemini discover better ways to manage their day-to-day and find balance in their personal life. For example, she adds, “Keeping track of all your to-dos via a journal or a calendar book is a great way to stay on top of things without feeling too much pressure.”


  • 1st House = Cancer
  • 6th House = Sagittarius
  • 12th House = Gemini

Because the mood rules Cancer, these individuals may often feel moody. Bristol attributes this to caring deeply about their loved ones. To offset their worries, Bristol explains,” This sign needs to learn how to do self-care. Cancer is a water sign, so bubble baths or an ocean trip usually do the trick.”


  • 1st House = Leo
  • 6th House = Capricorn
  • 12th House = Cancer

“To everyone else, Leo seems as confident as can be,” Bristol says. “But truthfully, Leo is yearning for acceptance from others. So, this sign needs to learn self-acceptance.”

She suggests spending one-on-one time with a therapist to receive the attention they need while also finding methods of practicing self-appreciation.


  • 1st House = Virgo
  • 6th House = Aquarius
  • 12th House = Leo

“Virgo is the perfectionist,” she says. “All too hung up on what they’re doing right or wrong, this sign should learn how to numb the need to ‘be better.’ Finding peace and pride with who they are right now is key for any Virgo.”

One tool Bristol suggests for Virgo is to devote themselves to others in their life to find personal acceptance – some of these activities can include volunteering or donating.


  • 1st House = Libra
  • 6th House = Pisces
  • 12th House = Virgo

Because Libras often think about everyone else first and forget about themselves and their needs, Bristol says establishing boundaries is essential for this sign. She says, “The best thing for a Libra to do is to take a day off simply! Take a “me day” and do whatever you need to feel nourished and complete.”


  • 1st House = Scorpio
  • 6th House = Aries
  • 12th House = Libra

“This sign needs to learn the art of letting go,” Bristol says. “Scorpio is very sensitive, so sensitive that they can become brutally petty and hold grudges.”

Bristol recommends “let go” through burning rituals. For example, she says, “Write the things that ail you on a piece of paper and set fire to them underneath a fire moon.”


  • 1st House = Sagittarius
  • 6th House = Taurus
  • 12th House = Scorpio

“Sagittarius can get lost in their own fantasies about what their purpose is in life,” Bristol explains. “In order for this sign to stay grounded, the best thing for their mental wellbeing is to feed the creativity and excitement to learn—not the complex.”

She suggests taking a class or learning something new is the perfect self-care method for a Sagittarius.


  • 1st House = Capricorn
  • 6th House = Gemini
  • 12th House = Sagittarius

“This sign is all work and no play—ever,” she says. “Capricorn can so easily get caught up in their work that they forget to have fun and engage in their relationships. The best self-care method for this sign is to take a day off. And the reason is different from Libras is because this sign doesn’t need ‘me time,’ they need ‘fun time.’ So, designating a day to just ‘fun’ can help alleviate the stress of work.”


  • 1st House = Aquarius
  • 6th House = Cancer
  • 12th House = Capricorn

“Aquarius is very mentally forward about things, but sometimes, this sign needs to learn how to get in touch with their feelings,” Bristol says, adding that journaling is a “safe place” for an Aquarius to embrace their vulnerability and discover what it is they need to learn about themselves. 


  • 1st House = Pisces
  • 6th House = Leo
  • 12th House = Aquarius 

“Pisces all too often gives more energy than they can physically handle,” she explains. “The best self-care method for a healer and giver like this sign is to find spiritual practices that bring their energy back into balance—like acupuncture, massage, or reiki.”


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