rē•framing Our Relationship With Our Homes

The role our space plays in our well-being

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rē•framing Our Relationship With Our Homes

Our homes are a reflection of who we are. Not only our ethos and sense of self but they are also what we’re experiencing in our current lives that may manifest in our routines today. Our homes play an undeniable role in our wellness journeys. They forge a relationship with all dimensions of our well-being. By garnering a deeper understanding of this connection between home and self, we can begin to rē-set our living space. This promotes a positive health experience as we all carry on with our wellness-focused lifestyle. 

Jenni Kayne and her eponymous brand know this connection all too well. They operate in a multi-dimensional realm to inspire women to live well in their everyday lives. Jenni Kayne transcends one category, evolving as a multifaceted, all-encompassing space centered around one’s lifestyle in every area. This alignment and cohesion were intentional, of course, to promote a holistic sense of wellness. Kayne tells rē•spin, “I think it’s all one world—from your self-care practice and the outfit you’re wearing to how you set the table or decorate your home. Everything speaks the same language and relates back to this idea of living well.”

rē•setting our homes

Our homes can often mirror ourselves and our innermost thoughts and emotions beyond the energy we bring into the space itself. For example, disarray could signify a period of stress. A deep clean may represent a period of clarity. Knowing the effect our physical, mental, and emotional health can have on our space, what about the converse relationship that explores our space’s impact on ourselves? Our homes can better serve us on our wellness journeys from the perspective of promoting the ability to connect, strengthen, awaken, and nourish ourselves. It just takes a small rē-set.

“One of the best and easiest ways to rē-set your space is to bring nature inside,” Kayne suggests. “Whether it’s with fresh flowers from the garden, a plant in the corner, or simple branches, being surrounded by nature in some form is a great way to feel instantly grounded and inspired. I also think that living in a clean, neutral, and functional space is so important—it helps quiet my mind and spirit.”

rē•opening our space

Connection to oneself and the loved ones in our lives is also core to our wellness journeys. As the months have gone on, our homes have become open again. Open to hosting, burgeoning with new life, new relationships, and new conversations. We’ve continued the rē-connection process, welcoming the important individuals in our life to spark stimulating conversation, fill ourselves with the joy of company, and bask in the quality time. 

“A simple gathering can make such an impact on our everyday lives, which is one of the reasons why I love entertaining so much,” Kayne says. Of course, promoting a positive, wellness-focused environment for your guests is part of the battle, but Kayne says, “For me, hosting is all about the little things that invite guests in and make them feel at home. Creating a positive experience for your guests doesn’t require much other than some great music and quality conversation.”

Embracing wellness in the home

Wellness in the home is not just related to the activities we participate in that can better our mind, body, and spirit. It goes well beyond our at-home fitness routines and self-nourishment practices. To Kayne, our homes should rē-flect how we desire to live while also serving as a space where we can rest and rē-charge from the world around us. 

“To me, that means curating quiet and simple interiors with plenty of spaces for easy gatherings and moments together,” she explains, tying in her mantra of living well and living beautifully, all while delving beneath the surface and aesthetics of it all. I define living well and beautifully as taking the time to get grounded, being in the present moment, and appreciating the beauty that’s all around me. “

Each day, she takes this approach in whichever way she can. It might be carving out extra time each morning to dedicate to herself or finding time to go outside in between meetings during the work day. It may even be ensuring a spot for her at the dinner table to eat with her family.

rē•connecting with ourselves

We may each have a unique connection to specific home areas that make us feel the most balanced and in tune with ourselves. For some, it may be a reading nook where you can take a moment away from reality and connect with a new realm or open your mind to new messages to carry along with you through your day. For others, it may be the kitchen where they find solace in cooking and finding ways to serve our physical self first, thus trickling into the other facets of our health.  

At her home, Kayne feels as though her bathroom feeds her sense of wellness most, telling rē•spin, “I love taking long baths while looking out into my garden where I meditate, but even doing my daily or nightly skincare routine feels like a form of wellness to me. The whole space was designed to be my sanctuary, and I love relishing my time there.”

Kayne’s vision of wellness, not only in her own home but through her brand to inspire others, all ties back into the ethos of living well, a necessary rē•spin on the interiors and design space. She says, “I’ve always believed in prioritizing wellness within the home, and through our thoughtful collections, effortless approach to design, and inspirational content, we’ve been able to create an all-encompassing lifestyle that empowers people to place more importance on the details and live intentionally.”

Photographer credit: Angi Welsch 


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