rē•setting Habits Through Nourishment and Abundance

Kroma’s Lisa Odenweller on how to “be the CEO of your health”

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rē•setting Habits Through Nourishment and Abundance

When we pay attention to our diet, we can quickly realize food’s impact on our health. Lisa Odenweller learned this lesson firsthand after going through some of her own health and hormone challenges in her late 30s as well as watching her daughter be put on medication for ADHD at the age of 9. Through simple shifts in their diets, Odenweller noticed a difference in how she felt. Within three weeks, her daughter was able to come off her prescription. “I quickly learned how much control we have over our health by just being more mindful of what we eat and drink, and I realized I had to share this information with others,” the mother-of-three tells rē•spin.

Kroma Wellness offers a diet and lifestyle rē-set program based on nutrient-dense and superfood-and adaptogen-packed meals designed to nourish, strengthen and heal our bodies. Crafted with the help of functional medicine practitioner Dr. Will Cole, the signature 5 Day Whole Body Reset program helps rē-set habits and ingrained behaviors. It features ten convenient, superfood-packed foods and beverages every day. Items include lattes, broths, elixirs, morning porridge, and the brand’s signature OMG Cookie Butter.

Here, Odenweller shares her tips for being “the CEO of your health.” She speaks to how nourishment and an abundance of healthy foods can help rē-set your body and mind.

Kroma vs. a traditional detox or cleanse

Traditional cleanses focus on dietary restrictions as part of a detoxification process. This can cause weight loss in the short term due to the low amount of calories consumed. This weight loss is often quickly gained back as we resume our everyday routines. However, these programs can also cause nutritional deficiencies. These result from the lack of healthful food consumed and can lead to fatigue, dehydration, and headaches, among other things.

Kroma aims to rē-set both your body and habits. Odenweller dubs it a “nutritional cleanse,” emphasizing ten daily servings of foods that draw toxins out of your body. The program is also customizable based on your goals. “If you are struggling to lose weight because of gut or hormone challenges and have tried everything with no success, you may modify the program to consume a little less and not add any extras but still feel totally satiated,” says Odenweller. “If you just need to reset bad habits and lose a few pounds because you got off track through the holidays or pos-vacation, you can follow the program as is.”

Body rē-set

With Kroma, a physical rē-set takes place. You begin to rid yourself of toxins accumulated in your body and start making more mindful choices around your diet. The effects are tangible, from reduced inflammation to mental clarity, improved sleep, and better digestion. “I think we can all benefit from resetting at least quarterly to help us remember how good it feels when you feed your body well,” says Odenweller. Kroma’s 5-Day Whole Body Reset puts that process in motion. The brand’s Daily Essentials allow you to continue enjoying your favorite foods and beverages from the program in your daily life and capitalize on the momentum. “People who do our program then often incorporate at least two or more products into their everyday life, which becomes a vital part of helping support healthier lifestyle choices for the long-term,” says Odenweller.  

Spiritual and mental rē-set 

A rē-set of the mind and body often go hand in hand. Physical nourishment can be just as essential as spiritual and mental nourishment. Odenweller recommends finding a practice that complements your cleanse. These include journaling, taking a break from social media and screens, or making gratitude lists. For her, that means meditation and being surrounded by nature. Movement is also an important part of the process for Odenweller. “It helps to ignite your energy and metabolism, flush toxins, and release dopamine and serotonin to help improve your mood and clear your mind,” she says.

She notes that developing and strengthening interpersonal relationships also benefits spiritual health. It can also help us find purpose and meaning in the world. “Even if it is as simple as engaging in conversation with the barista at your favorite coffee shop, we all need to feel connected and reminded that we are supported and not alone.” 

Habits rē•set

A cleanse can deliver instant results, such as a boost in energy and mood and improved sleep. But the real change happens afterward when we become more aware of the poor diet and lifestyle choices that we’ve been making, and the ability to rē-establish healthy habits kicks in.Our program is five days because that is the minimum time needed to reset and start to feel the benefits of fueling your body with clean nutrition and superfoods,” says Odenweller. 


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