Self-Sterilizing Towels? rē•Considering the Beauty Benefits of Silver

Should You Be Using A Silver-Infused Face Towel?

By: Jessica Ourisman
Self-Sterilizing Towels? rē•Considering the Beauty Benefits of Silver

Would it surprise you to learn that your towels and washcloths could be harboring microbes and bacteria that are sabotaging the health of your body’s largest organ, the skin? Responsible for inflammatory breakouts of acne and irritation that can exacerbate skin sensitivity and reactivity, there is a case to be made for swapping out your pillowcases, washcloths, and towels frequently — some experts recommending it daily.

But unless you have a stockpile of linens to get you through until laundry day, you might want to look into the potential of antimicrobial towels and washcloths. Created from silver ion-infused textiles that harness the benefits of anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and antiviral silver, these linens for the home stay clean for up to two weeks at a time, changing the conversation around at-home wellness (and making household chores much easier). Take it from Melanie Grant, Skin Expert and founder of Melanie Grant Skin Health, who vouches for the beautifying perks of the luxury brand, Resorè.


Why Resorè?

Grant explains that the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the Resorè line are ideal for those worried about acne, congestion, and skin sensitivity — including inflammation, redness, and outbreaks of eczema and psoriasis. “Resorè towels are made [using textiles infused with] active ingredients [like] Silverbac™ and Lyocell™, which work together to break down germs and stop the spread of bacteria,” she tells rē•spin. “Regular towels harbor skin-irritating bacteria and pathogens which can all lead to further [skin] congestion, inflammation, and sensitivity.” 

This is especially important for those with acne (for which inflammation and the introduction of bacteria exacerbate the condition), as well as those with ultra-dry or sensitive skin, which is characterized by a compromised skin barrier (i.e., the biological mechanism that helps keep bacteria out). Particularly for those with pimples, she explains that an overgrowth of the P. acnes bacteria is one of the primary factors that trigger acne’s inflammation, swelling, and redness. “If you’re pressing a towel to your breakout, letting it sit for 24 hours, and then pressing it to your face again, you’re essentially incubating this bacteria — not to mention, potentially introducing new strains to already compromised skin,” she warns.

Resorè For the Face and Body

“If you have sensitive skin like me, the transfer of bacteria back and forth from towel to skin can be really damaging to the skin. [This is why] Resorè towels are an absolute staple in my bathroom,” Grant says of the line. First, they offer the Face Towel, which is ideal for removing cleansing oils and balms in the first step of your skincare regimens. “I prefer to remove my cleansers and cream masks with a flannel or [washcloth] as it gives a more thorough, comprehensive cleanse, as well as gently buffing away residual product, dead cells, and debris,” Grant says. “This leaves the skin feeling super polished.” 

But she has always been aware of the need to wash her face towel daily on account of the “nasty bacteria and pathogens that breed on our towels and subsequently transfer to our skin, causing all sorts of carnage.” Even though she knew of the deleterious potential reused towels had on the skin, she — like the rest of us — was guilty of waiting a few days at a time before swapping them out and washing them. “That’s why I was so excited to discover Resorè; I can now skip the daily towel wash and reuse my face towel sans guilt!”

Of course, there are benefits of using silver ion-boosted textiles on the body, too. “I’ve introduced the Body Towel into my routine as well,” Grant says. “If you are prone to blemishes or congestion on the back, the back of your arms, buttocks, or the decollete, [you can use it] guilt-free knowing you’re not transferring pathogens, irritants, and bacteria onto the skin.” Yet another benefit of the body towel? It is luxuriously soft to a degree that you have to try to believe. “I love nothing more than a super fluffy, plush towel,” Grant continues, noting that it is ideal for sensitive areas like the decollete and bust.

If you’re interested in incorporating wellness-promoting home goods into your lifestyle, you can also check out the antimicrobial silk pillowcases by shopping PMD Beauty silversilk™.



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