Lauren Arps
SPECIALITY: Barre, Yoga, Dance
Lauren Arps is a professional group fitness trainer in California. She was inspired to embark on her path of personal training after a group class in 2015 when she was approached by a student to talk about what was holding her back from achieving her goals. It was then that Lauren realized she wanted to not only help her student at that moment but for many more to come to improve her overall lifestyle and relieve the mental blockage holding her back. Lauren combined her background in ballet with her love of fitness to create her own ballet-based method of exercise. She has been a group fitness trainer for over five years and a personal trainer for three. She also received her yoga certification in Rishikesh, India where she previously lived for a month.
Meet Lauren Arps
One breath at a time. I say it in every single class. Any challenge big or small can seem so overwhelming if you take it all in at once. Moment to moment, you can conquer anything and before you know it, you’ve already won.
When did you decide that you wanted to be a PT?
It was when I first started teaching in 2015 and I had a student stay after class to chat with me. We ended up chatting for the next 2 hours about what brought her to class that day and the things that had held her back from reaching her goals. It was at that moment that I learned what it was to be truly empathetic. I wanted to not just help her at that moment but every moment after that. I wanted to help her learn how to improve her overall lifestyle, not just a workout change but to relieve the mental blockage that was holding her back from achieving her goals. I think a lot of times we forget the “personal” in Personal Trainers, otherwise, we would be called General Trainers. Each individual is just that, an individual. I believe all of my students/clients have all the tools and capabilities to achieve any goal that they have, it is my job and passion to help you realize your own strengths.
First thing you do when you wake up?
I take out my journal and write down my to-do list for the day. My journal really helps to keep me organized, I am a person with alot of ideas and it brings me so much satisfaction to make a little check knowing that I had an idea and I made it come to fruition.
What is your training philosophy?
“One breathe at a time.” I say it in every single class. Any challenge big or small can seem so overwhelming if you take it all in at once. Moment to moment, you can conquer anything and before you know it, you’ve already won.
What’s your sweet spot for training, (ie. Strength, HITT, yoga, etc.)
Ballet Barre, Yoga and Dance Cardio.
What is the best fitness advice you’ve ever received?
Don’t try to be or teach like anybody else. Relax, take your time and listen to how you feel in that moment and speak from there.
What advice would you give someone just discovering fitness?
Figure out what brought you to that class. The motivation behind the reason why you want to be there. Maybe because you want to feel powerful or to dance or box or scream or simply to let go. Find it and be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable because that is what will drive you and keep you in it and coming back for more.
What does your pre/post-workout meal consist of?
Pre - A toast with peanut butter and jam pre-workout energy drink Post - egg white omelette with a protein shake
What are you hoping people will get out of your rē•spin workouts?
Energy and release. I want you to know that you are safe with me and that it is ok to let go even if it is just for the time we workout, give yourself the freedom to check-in with your body and mind. By the end of our workout together, you will be so energized to take on your next challenge.
How do you feel you’ve rē•spun your life?
I’ve taken charge. It’s my life now, there is a difference between being alive and living. For a while, I was just letting days go by and waiting for things to change without actively making them happen. I’ve woken up and am not afraid to go for the things I want out of life. It is mine for the taking and I’ve made a promise to myself that I will every dream a reality and every goal, achieved. It has taken a lot of work to find my purpose and that is what makes my life worth living.