rē•spin Your Holiday Tradition

It has been a challenging year with the universe presenting one obstacle after another. 2020 has forced us to regroup, to refocus, and to reimagine life’s most familiar moments.

By: rē•spin staff
rē•spin Your Holiday Tradition

From first dates and Sunday brunches to birthdays and weddings, everything looks a little bit different in 2020 — holidays included. With COVID-19 cases rising nationwide, causing our traditions to be hindered by the pandemic, it is hard to imagine the holidays feeling the same as in the past.

Despite the challenges presented, we believe we can help you rē•spin your holiday traditions into something entirely new this year.

Here’s how…

Create New Memories

This is the time to create fresh memories within our “new normal.” We still crave moments of connection, but amid our newly remote lifestyles, it’s time to embrace the digital age through Zoom and FaceTime. Screen-to-screen might not replace face-to-face contact, but we have to make do with what’s available in our holiday celebrations.

Pour a glass of wine and enjoy the spirit of conversation (or consider a blind wine-tasting event), or take it one step further to stream holiday classics. You can even bake holiday treats together virtually. Anything you can do in person, you can likely mimic digitally. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! You can still create special moments from home, no matter the circumstances. Who knows? You may even come out on the other end with an unexpected new tradition.

Welcome Smaller Family Gatherings

If your family gathering has reduced in size, know that you’re not alone. This is the year to learn to enjoy these smaller family gatherings and to see them as rare, intimate get-togethers. Time spent with family, no matter how large, is valuable. It’s important not to take it for granted. Take the time to be present with each other and reflect upon the highs of this year, rather than the lows.

Embrace Less Travel

For most of us, planes, trains, and buses are simply off the table. There will be no rushing to make your flight, spending hours on the road driving back to your hometown, or strategic planning around time off from work. Bask in the ease of less travel this year, and take the opportunity to slow down your pace. There’s no need to rush from place to place or plan for someone’s impending arrival. Sit back, relax, and breathe.

Don’t Look Back in Anger

We could call this year every negative word in the dictionary, but it’s important to focus on the positive, too. Negative thinking can spoil the holiday before it’s even started. Even without our typical holiday gatherings, full of laughter, warm embraces, and endless toasts, this year’s holiday season is not something to write off entirely. Focus on the new memories you’ve made, no matter how big or small. They will all hold a special spot in the story of your life, even during this historic time.

Drive Positive Change for Your Community

We’ll admit that this year has been physically, emotionally, and spiritually difficult individually. It has undoubtedly taken a toll on your local community, too. For small businesses and restaurants, to community centers and non-profits, this holiday season has also been tough. The pandemic has impacted the livelihoods of so many, and without much relief. Take it upon yourself to seek out these local businesses and charities to support them this holiday season. Whether it’s through donations, gift purchases, a shout-out on social media, or a recommendation to your close friends, pay it forward to small businesses this year to drive positive change in your local communities.

We will be back to normal someday to revel in each others’ warmth and presence. For now, channel your patience and try to be grateful for the time we’ve had, and the times we will have.


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