rē•spin Your Life To Realize Eternal Beauty

Embark On Your Journey While Embracing Our Central Pillars.

By: rē•spin staff
rē•spin Your Life To Realize Eternal Beauty

At rē•spin, our mission is rooted in the understanding that wellness is a lifelong journey that asks for our commitment and mindfulness. We believe that there are five key pillars in our lives that will lead us down a fulfilling life path. Once you are able to strengthen your body, nourish your soul, awaken your mind, connect to yourself, and give back, then you will be able to realize eternal beauty.

Through small changes in our daily routines, we can all live a life centered on rē•spin’s five pillars to create an enlightened space for ourselves.

Connect with yourself

We believe in the power of relationships. Billions of tiny connections make up our entire world, including the connection we have with ourselves. Today is the day to start deepening the relationship that you have with yourself, one step at a time. If you thrive in creative environments, try adding journaling into your daily routine. Find a time during the day when you feel the most at ease and carve out ten minutes to just write. If you want to let your thoughts roam freely, use a blank journal to let out your stream of consciousness with no obstacles. If you need more prompts to guide you through your journaling process, try rē•spin’s Journal on Joy which will give you space for freeform writing in addition to 89 journal prompts to help you steer your life towards joy. 

To connect with your mind and body, look to yoga as part of your routine. Yoga forces us to be present and pay attention to what we’re thinking and feeling to keep up with the motions. Meditation is another activity to introduce daily to help us become more aware of our emotions. Through constant stimulation from technology and the added obstacle of isolation, we can easily become disconnected from ourselves. Whether you choose a guided meditation or find your method, it’s important to take the time to deepen your connection with yourself and reverse the disconnect.

Strengthen your body

We want you to be able to discover your strength and push yourself to the limit to feel empowered in the body you’re in. We are all on our unique health and fitness journeys, so it’s time to make sure you’re focusing on the one that brings you the most joy and success. Follow along with rē•spin’s #FitnessFriday routines put out by our group of inspiring trainers, like the full-body workout with Rocky Horsford.

To give your routine a refresh, try implementing some new equipment into your routine. Wrist weights and ankle weights are a low maintenance option to level up any workout. For any yoga enthusiasts, add a set of yoga blocks to your routine to enhance some poses or a yoga wheel to help with your backbend needs. For your post-workout moments, make sure you have a foam roller to aid in muscle recovery and relieve tension.

Nourish your mind, body, and soul

Carve out the time in your day to feed your mind, body, and soul. You can nourish your body and mind simultaneously by mindfully choosing your meals to set the groundwork for your day. Research shows that our diets have the potential to affect our brain health and mental function, emphasizing the importance of paying attention to how certain foods affect the way we feel, both physically and emotionally.

If you’re a vegan or prefer a plant-based lifestyle, look to “28 Day Plant-Powered Health Reboot” by Jessica Jones and Wendy Lopez for an option that includes macro-nutrient information or “Vegetable Kingdom” by Bryant Terry, which breaks down whole food plant-based recipes rather than relying solely on meat substitutes.

For a keto diet, Maria Emmerich has a variety of books and e-books to choose from to add to your cookbook collection. For a book that applies to all diets, “Love Real Food” by Kathryne Taylor offers 100 approachable recipes that come equipped with allergy and diet-friendly solutions whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or a meat-eater. “Healthier Together” by Liz Moody is a great option for quarantine when you’re stuck at home by yourself or with a companion, providing 100+ recipes for two to nourish both your body and soul.

Awaken your conscious

It’s easy to find our days consumed by external factors. With demands coming in left and right, the time we need to be with ourselves falls onto the back burner. It’s crucial to find pockets in our day to make sure that we are preparing ourselves internally for our day-to-day lives.

Self-care starts internally. First, we have to allow ourselves to just be with no distractions. How you spend quality time alone is up to you and what you feel is quintessentially yourself. Reclaim some free time in your day to take a beat and focus on yourself to explore your psyche and spirituality. As we begin to take better care of our inner self, the results will show externally in how we present ourselves to the world around us.

When you feel healthy on the inside, both mentally and physically, your inner self can transcend the physical boundaries of your body to allow you to be the best version of yourself and show up for the people in your life. As we focus on the work we put in to better our inner selves, the results will manifest in our physical presence.

Give back where you can

Being able to look inward and know how to take care of yourself on all levels is only part of our path to eternal beauty. We must also know how to give back, not only to ourselves but also to the world around us. Giving back doesn’t always have to be through monetary contributions. Use your voice to amplify an organization’s message within your community or be an advocate for their missions. Find leaders in your community who can highlight these issues on a larger scale. In support of Black History Month, next month we’re looking to organizations that support Black lives and communities like Loveland Foundation, Sister Song, and You Good Sis?.


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