rē•spin your weekend routine

Creative ways to stay active at home.

By: rē•spin staff
rē•spin your weekend routine

As we move into the weekend, it’s time to start thinking about what we can do to incorporate some creative ways to keep ourselves active. Over the last ten months, we’ve all been left to our own devices at home. We can’t do all of the things that we are used to and finding new ways to occupy our days at home can be a feat in itself. We’ve been presented a unique challenge to discover new ways to fuel our energy and feel inspired again during long periods of monotony. When your days start to feel mundane, it’s time to curate a new daily routine that reignites that spark within and rē•spins the way you’re keeping active.

Switch up your fitness routine:

If you’re used to hitting the gym throughout the week and have fallen into the cycle of doing the same session over and over again, it might be time to try out something new. Swap in one new workout a week, whether you’re trying yoga instead of high-intensity cardio or even testing out a fun dance routine to get the blood flowing. The internet is home to so many different types of workouts with plenty of newnesses to try to break out of your cycle of repetition. Our rē•spin trainers have curated some incredible routines that are guaranteed to give you a full-body workout and target the areas you’re looking to work.

Even if you don’t have time for a full routine, you can find pockets in your day to get a few reps done. Try a speed or weighted jump rope during commercial breaks. Having a yoga ball handy is a great at-home addition that gives you a tool for building balance and your daily stretches as well as an active seat that will engage your core.

Take a walk :

Sometimes, it’s just nice to get outside. Taking a walk may seem like a simple addition to the day, but even taking a thirty-minute stroll can be enough to make you feel more active throughout the day while allowing yourself to take a beat to disconnect and focus on rē•connecting with yourself. Let your mind and body loose as you listen to your favorite playlist, a soothing sound bath, or even ditch the headphones and listen to nature around you.

Read a book:

Your body isn’t the only thing you need to keep active at home. Finding activities that will nourish your mind is key and reading is a great way to mental stimulation. Whether you read a chapter before bed or binge-read a full novel in a day, be sure to find that time to disconnect and envelop yourself in a new story or educate yourself on a new topic. 

Recently, we’ve loved “I Used To Be Afraid” by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, “I Can See Clearly Now” by Wayne Dyer, and “The Life-Changing Magic of NOT GIVING A F*CK” by Sarah Knight.

Cook a new meal each week:

Being active doesn’t always mean engaging in a high-intensity fitness routine. To get more involved in the kitchen and what you’re eating each week, challenge yourself to try and make at least one new meal, whether it’s a breakfast for champions, a full family dinner, or even an indulgent dessert as a treat to yourself. Not sure where to start? You can try this keto chicken coconut and lime soup or these tiramisu ice cream bites.

Find a project to do around the house:

We’re already inside for hours on end, we might as well get some work done too. No matter where you live, it’s important to have space where you can settle that you feel most comfortable. If you’ve been itching to rē•decorate your bedroom at home, it’s time to envision your dream space that will make you feel like your best self at home.

Having a project around the house doesn’t have to be as involved as changing your space. It can be as simple as doing daily chores but making them fun. Put on an upbeat playlist and add some pep into your step as you do the sweeping, put in a load of laundry, and wiping down surfaces to make your space a clean and organized haven for yourself.

Let yourself discover new hobbies:

For the first time in our lives, we have uninterrupted time to do the things we’ve been telling ourselves for years we’d try. What better way to awaken your creativity than putting your mind to something new? The world is your oyster to discover your next new interest. Maybe it’s knitting, maybe it’s finishing that book you started months prior. Find something that speaks to you and lean into the newness. Don’t be too hard on yourself–it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to make you feel good.

It’s important to remember that everyone works in their own unique ways. Don’t compare your productivity to anyone else. Focus on your journey and how you feel from the inside and out.


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