Small Business Saturday

Independent and Heart-Driven Businesses to Support

By: Julia Childs
Small Business Saturday

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

Small businesses need some love today and always. When it comes to seeking out new organizations to support, we were particularly inspired by soulful offerings. At the heart of each business is an individual. Perhaps they’re a burgeoning artist, or maybe they were inspired by a personal experience to create a new solution. Whatever it may be, it is a dream at the center of the following businesses. We believe in big dreams, and we believe in cultivating a community where all dreams are possible. Read on to learn more about the small businesses we’re supporting this Saturday.

GOODEE is a leading curated marketplace offering essential homewares and lifestyle products for better living. Driven by an unrelenting desire to co-create a world that’s smarter, kinder, and more beautiful, they built a platform centered around responsible brands and artisans producing timeless everyday objects. We believe conscious commerce has the power to transform the world and seek to empower both creators and consumers to create change by championing community, transparency, and sustainability. Shop the artisan’s timeless pieces here. 

Gifted by FreeFrom

FreeFrom is an organization dedicated to uplifting survivors of gender-based violence through advocacy and capacity building. Gifted is Freefrom’s social enterprise that focuses on building wealth for survivors through entrepreneurship and sustainable wages. Offering a wide range of self-care products, everything sold in the store is made by survivors, and the digital storefront is managed entirely by survivors who are paid $20/hour, work within a safe and healing community, and are benefitting from flexible work schedules. Besides, at this point in the year, couldn’t we all use some self-care? Find your bliss here. 

Satori Boutique

Satori was founded in 2013 with the mission of making fashion accessible to all. Their sourcing focuses on unique pieces that will stand the test of time. They work with designers from around the world to bring you a relevant assortment of apparel and accessories. Long gone are the days of buying simply to buy. Make your closet something worthwhile and take a look into their unique pieces to add to your collection. Shop timeless wardrobe additions here.


Kinn was created out of tragedy. The founder, Jennie Yoon, saw the devastation her parents experienced when antique jewelry that had been in their lineage for decades was stolen. She created the brand as an opportunity to replace those jewels and create timeless pieces that could be cherished for decades. Designed to be worn forever, each piece is made ethically out of solid goal and is certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC). Spending time in her virtual storefront feels like stumbling upon your grandmother’s jewelry box. You never know what beauties you may behold. Shop your future heirloom here

Le Minou Studio 

Le Minou Studio is the visual expression of Los Angeles-based artist Roxanne Morrison. Crafting various sculptures representing the female form in all of its phases, Le Minou is an ode to the femme within each of us. A sand figure carrying the curve of blooming life is aptly titled, “Expecting.” Colored in a cinnamon-swirled hue, “Minimal Reaching Toward the Sun” is reminiscent of taking the first stretch of the day in the wash of golden morning light. Morrison is particularly inspired by the co-creation process, taking commissioned orders from those who wish to see their figure set in stone. Find a form that fits your home here. 

And for your stocking stuffer ……..

Pear Nova

Pear Nova offers all creme polishes, with an aura of silk and leather that creates a depth you will get lost in. Pear Nova is designed in Chicago, made in the USA, cruelty-free, vegan friendly, and 10 free. Shop your next manicure favorite here.


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