Find Ways to Flow by rē-Thinking Convention with Spiritual Teacher Sah D’Simone

Here’s how his Spiritually Sassy Method can help you learn to flow beyond the box.

By: Karyn Trepanier
Find Ways to Flow by rē-Thinking Convention with Spiritual Teacher Sah D’Simone

Typical notions of spiritual teachers evoke serene, calm, gentle presences like the Buddha or Gandhi. Similarly, spirituality is often categorized as quiet contemplation and ritualistic prayer, with a heavy focus on the self-control of thoughts and actions, en route to an ever-elusive idea of enlightenment. Spiritual revolutionary Sah D’Simone is shaking up this conventional approach with a modern answer via The Spiritually Sassy Method.

D’Simone outlines his unique method for healing in his book, Spiritually Sassy: 8 Radical Steps to Activate Your Innate Superpowers. The focus isn’t on becoming silent and zenned out. Rather, Spiritually Sassy is an invitation to do the real work of uncovering the limiting thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back from your worthiness and the genuine expression of self. The fact is, your authentic self may be loud, sometimes hysterical, and unable to sit still in meditation for 20 minutes a day, and D’Simone wants you to feel free to embrace those authentic qualities within your spiritual practice, learning to tap into your natural flow so you can create the life that your sassy heart truly desires.

Flow Beyond the Box

Flow is described as the fully present state in which your conditioned mind falls away and your innate wisdom takes over. It’s considered one of the most powerful states you can be in, communing with “God,” the divine, or universal energy. If you’ve ever acted with miraculous strength in an emergency, scored against all odds in a high-stakes sports game, or been awed by a poem you wrote as if the words came from someone other than yourself, then you’ve experienced being in the flow.

“You can recognize flow by its texture,” D’Simone says. “You may remember times when you’ve been so focused it felt like an out-of-body experience. When you’re tapped into flow, synchronicities become more common. There is spontaneous correspondence between the inner and outer world, which helps you connect to the universe at large. You’re experiencing an expression of the part of you that is already completely awakened.”

In addition to living a more awakened, present life, learning to tap into flow can help you manifest with greater ease because you’re connecting to your authentic heart. D’Simone stresses that “it’s not about instantaneous manifestations out of thin air, but about skillful rituals that will set you free.” Meditation and yoga are the rituals most often recommended to get in touch with your inner wisdom and enter the flow state. But if they don’t resonate with you, rest assured that according to D’Simone, they aren’t the only effective methods you can use.

Get Curious

Getting into the flow might look like dancing it off, performing in a play, or even acing a math test. But the truth is that anything can be a spiritual practice when it’s done with intention and love. The flow state is a natural byproduct when you’re engaged fully in activities that have meaningful purpose to you. Discovering what gives you this sense of purpose in life involves a little trial and error, but according to D’Simone, it’s important soul work, and indulging in your natural curiosities is one of the best places to start. “Your curiosity is one of the beautiful ways your heart speaks to you,” he says. From a spiritual perspective, D’Simone says that curiosity is your heart asking you to follow its guidance into flow.

When you follow your natural curiosity and cultivate your passions, it’s easier to bring intention and joy to the table. The result is that you feel energized instead of depleted. There’s even a scientific explanation for it: When you’re learning and making new connections in your mind, your brain rewards you with dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes you more eager to keep working towards your goals.

Embrace Your Intensity

We all are different, so it’s only fitting that the myriad spiritual practices resonate with us each differently. Some people can tap into flow effortlessly through practices like meditation or yoga, while others find that more intense, physical activities push them into more meditative states. Being in the flow involves being fully present in your body and focusing on the task at hand. Thus even high-performance sports like biking, swimming, running, rock climbing, or surfing can pull you into the present moment because they require you to be fully engaged to succeed.

While participating in these activities, you focus on your breath and your technique — everything else seems to melt away. “Flow happens when we become our action, our intent, and there is a feeling of union,” says D’Simone. If you’re having trouble finding your flow sitting quietly in meditation, rē•spin your fit with us instead. Sometimes it takes getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing intensity to shock you into holistic presence.

Take Social Risks

This intensity can also apply to the emotional level, calling for an intense challenge to wake you into presence. Thus another way to activate flow is to go out on a limb and take a social risk. Making new connections, whether it’s through learning a new activity or meeting someone new, gets your mind engaged and excited with that coveted dopamine reward. We are all wired to crave social interaction, no matter how introverted or extroverted we naturally are. Avoiding taking a social risk and introducing yourself to someone new might sound like a better way to manage short-term anxiety, but holding yourself back consistently is a recipe for depression in the long run.

Risks are necessary for growth, and taking a social risk can be one of the most rewarding ways to challenge yourself. Engaging someone new might bring fear to the surface, but it requires real presence that can help you learn to flow no matter who you’re surrounded by and what you’re doing. Training your brain to find flow in the new and unexpected is an exciting way to foster long-term, personal growth.

…You might even try saying hello and making new connections with us over summer drinks in virtual cheers by sharing your camp craft cocktails with us at #campberryrefresher. You never know who you’ll find doing the same. Let’s flow together!



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