Tapping Into the Pillars of Nutrition

Exploring nourishment beyond physical health.

By: rē•spin
Tapping Into the Pillars of Nutrition

When we think of nutrition and even approach the topic from a holistic point of view, we may not understand the whole picture. We’ve broken down the multiple dimensions of self-care to delve deeper beneath the surface and fully understand its inner workings. But what about the layers that exist within nutrition? 

Through Paola Atlason’s (whole)listic vision, we can explore a nutritional journey through her five pillars, incorporating sustainable lifestyle changes into our daily routines rather than simply seeking an opportunity for a diet.

What are the five pillars of nutrition? 

Atlason, a certified wellness practitioner, wanted a return to simplicity. So, she created five pillars throughout her health and wellness journey that focused on nutrition, stress management, lymph work, movement, and sleep. The program was designed for each step to work together to provide the optimal outcome and focus on the whole picture rather than a small snippet. For example, instead of focusing solely on how we nourish our bodies, Atlason allows each individual to strengthen their ties to movement and connect to themselves to reduce stress levels with ease.

My program is as much about learning as it is about unlearning, to forget in order to remember,” she tells rē•spin. “We can’t cheat nature, the body has its own intelligence, and we must learn to listen to our intuition and follow through.”

Through her courses, Atlason helps guide individuals to better connect with each of the five pillars to find the right balance for themselves. For example, she explains, “You’ll learn how to eat and support your body to feel strong, awakened, and refreshed, and you get to share it all with a growing global community of incredible people on the journey with you.”

Assessing what our body needs

Each of our bodies are naturally different. We crave different things, whether that be the foods we consume or even what we want out of life and from ourselves. While our bodies may operate in similar ways, we all need a different set of routines to live life optimally. Understanding her body and the signs it gave her was how Atlason realized that her mind, body, and soul had hit a wall. 

“In seeking to ‘fix’ myself, I left my career as a fashion executive and became a certified holistic nutritionist, and have since dedicated my life to sharing what I’ve learned in hopes to help others experiencing burnout,” she explained.

Through the years, she says she’s gone through multiple changes in nutrition practices and had to follow her gut–quite literally–to understand what suited her. Atlason says, “I’ve tried every diet, workout, pill, and powder and none of it worked. Before developing my method, ‘The Journey,’ I was spending all of my hard-earned money on temporary fixes. It all fell into place when I finally decided to listen to my intuition and simplified and edited my life.”

Now, five years into her next phase as a wellness practitioner, Atlason is helping individuals construct their lifestyles based on their needs and what brings them energy and joy.

“If you’re not feeling love and joy in what you do, there’s no point in doing it,” she says. “Simplicity is at the core of this belief. Your day doesn’t have to be complicated. Once you have a solid yet simple routine and have non-negotiable rituals to rely on in how you eat, breathe, move and care for yourself, it becomes easy.”

The power of a(whole)listic approach

Atlason’s (whole)listic approach to nutrition taps into the mind, body, and spirit by executing our journey through her core five pillars was quite intentional. She explains, “Food is fuel to every cell. It can build or break you down. You have 21 meals in one week – 21 opportunities to support or deplete your body, your mind being part of it.”

“It’s all one system: mind, body, and soul, and it all breaks together and heals together,” she adds, speaking of longevity in our routines. “You cannot repair one without the other. The sooner we support this understanding, the faster we rebuild and regenerate.”

Today, more than ever, Atlason emphasizes that everything matters when we align it with our feelings and how we perform in our everyday lives. She explains, “It’s not just the food or the exercise; it’s also the people that surround you, your career, your creative outlets, and anything you allow into your space. You are a whole.”

“The best solution is often – if not always – the simplest one,” she says. “Everyone is trying to sell us something, and in order to convince us, the narrative has to become very confusing. Nothing worth having is “quick,” especially regarding our health. Quiet the noise, return to basics, and you’ll find your answers. That is what I teach.”


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