The Eternal Candle by rē•spin: Spark the Senses With Scent Therapy

"Keep your inner flame burning…"

By: rē•spin staff
The Eternal Candle by rē•spin: Spark the Senses With Scent Therapy

Scent is perhaps the most emotionally evocative of the senses. One inhale can transport you through time, allowing you to vividly rē-experience past memories. Fragrance can also be used functionally by tapping into this powerful quality. Some scents bring feelings of peace, joy, gratitude, and bliss to the body, while others invoke more grounding sensations. Others can energize the mind, inspiring creativity and honing focus for improved productivity. The fact is that the olfactory sense is intricately braided through our daily existence, at once connecting past, present, and future in the mind’s eternal — often unconscious — embrace.

In addition to the visceral experience of enjoying a scent, candles help set the ambiance of your home — not just for your space, but for yourselves. Lighting the wick can itself feel like an intention-setting ritual, even before your chosen aroma wafts through the room…

The Art of Functional Fragrance 

Anecdotally speaking, inhaling different aromas offers unique and therapeutic moments of pause that can ignite something powerful within. As it turns out, this is partly because fragrances stimulate regions of the brain; hence the popularity of scent therapy. “Scent therapy, or aromatherapy, is the practice of using aromatic essences and plant extracts, mainly through the olfactory and transdermal pathways, for the benefits of promoting and maintaining overall health and well-being,” says Katya Slepak, certified aromatherapist and founder of Malaya Organics.   

She goes on to explain that aromatherapy has been used to treat a myriad of physical and mental ailments, from alleviating stress to soothing headaches. Thus scent therapy is not only a way to elevate your environment, but it is can serve as a way to generate presence as mind and body fall into harmony.

When it comes to physical health, Slepak lists a number of different ailments — from pain management, inflammation, and improving digestion, to boosting the immune system and promoting relaxation. Hence the mental health benefits, which are also worthy of noting. “Aromatherapy can help with insomnia, stress and anxiety, fatigue, depression, boosting energy, [and] mental clarity,” says Slepak, adding that it can “improve quality of life for those with conditions resulting in memory loss.”

The Ritual of Scent Therapy

There are different ways to incorporate scent therapy into everyday life, including options that feel ritualistic and intentional — such as the very act of lighting a candle. “The act of lighting an aromatic candle alone can already feel like you’re creating a moment for self-care,” says Slepak. Depending on the candle’s scent composition, its therapeutic benefits may differ. Plus, if you enjoy diffusing essential oils, you don’t even need a diffuser. “Essential oil candles are a wonderful way to diffuse essential oils in your space, providing therapeutic benefits through the olfactory pathways,” says Slepak. 

Of course, essential oil candles aren’t the only way to invite the benefits of scent therapy into your atmosphere; truly, any scent that you enjoy will do. In fact, relying on your innate scent preferences is a wonderful guide to creating a comforting environment and having a mindful moment. “[Even without plant essences], you can definitely still get benefits of relaxation, calm, or feeling invigorated, since aromas can evoke a variety of moods, memories, or mental states,” Slepak explains.

Introducing the Eternal Candle by rē•spin

Keeping this in mind, allow us to introduce you to the Eternal candle by rē•spin, formed at the intersection between intentionality and sensuality.  “Our Eternal candle was created as a reminder to keep your inner flame burning,” says rē•spin’s founder, Halle Berry.  It’s a reminder to keep nourishing that spark — the one that awakens your most authentic self and connects you to the ones you love.

As for rē•spin’s signature scent, it was created with sultry and rich fragrances of sandalwood, suede, tobacco, and amber, with notes of tarragon, pear, nectar, and rose. The Eternal candle’s aromatherapy seeks to call upon a bright ambiance inspired by the sun’s embrace. 

It’s the perfect balance of suede’s “musky, leathery, earthy, and sensual” aroma, combined with the sweeter, fruity essences of airy pear and delicate nectar. Rose’s sophisticated sweetness plays with amber’s signature musk and spice to bring depth to the overall experience. Reminiscent of anise, tarragon brings an “herbaceous [and] bittersweet” vibe, while tobacco and sandalwood ground the aromas together in a deep woodsy scent. 

Altogether, the blend is powerful. Slepak assures that the candle’s bespoke blend will offer a unique experience for each person who sparks its flame — simultaneously toking their soul’s inner ember. “The [unique] benefit of lighting a candle with these aromas depends on the association of the person lighting them,” she explains, predicting a pleasant olfactory experience for each that is as unique as each person lighting it.