The Joy of Missing Out and the Art of the Staycation

Here's an idea — let's stay in.

By: Jessica Ourisman
The Joy of Missing Out and the Art of the Staycation

As an introvert will attest, a night in does wonders for recharging the mind, body, and soul. You’ve probably already heard of FOMO — the acronym for the “Fear of Missing Out.” While silly, to be sure, FOMO itself can be a source of self-imposed stress that causes you to act out internalized “shoulds” even when it goes against what your body is telling you you need. This isn’t just a disconnect from your inner-knowing and sense of wellness but allowing fear to guide your decisions. Think of those times that you would rather stay in, but you’re worried that your friends will bond without you, or maybe you are exhausted but let yourself be guilt-tripped into attendance anyway, and ask yourself: Am I allowing fear motivate my decisions and do I want fear to be the guiding principle of my life? As the Sufi poet Rumi once wrote, “Move within but don’t move the way fear makes you move.”

Moving forward, consider giving yourself permission to prioritize showing up for dates with yourself. This might mean an evening in your coziest loungewear, parked on the couch with your pet and your favorite blanket. Maybe it means some time spent in nature, soaking in the negative ions from the ocean or the phytoncides from trees. While our culture emphasizes productivity and constant movement, we are here to let you know that JOMO, the so-called “Joy of Missing Out,” is essential, too. There is no better time than the present to practice looking within, tuning-into what you truly need.

The Luxury Staycation

On the more luxurious end of the JOMO spectrum, we have spa getaways, quick little jaunts to fancy hotels or spas where you can be pampered to a T. If you’re looking to have a day spent in bed with actual room service, a destination spa like Mii Amo is firmly on our bucket lists. But depending on where you live, a luxury hotel chain like The Four Seasons is accessible and knows how to deliver. David Ourisman, the founder of a luxury travel agency and one of the world’s top ten sellers of Four Seasons, points out that luxury travelers know and trust the Four Seasons name for being synonymous with consistent comforts and luxury. But when it comes to wellness, another important factor is that the hotel group is known for its hospitality, seeking staff members that genuinely care about people. “The best thing about Four Seasons is their people — they are looking for outgoing, caring people. Their corporate ethic is based on the golden rule, ‘Treat Others How You Want to be Treated,'” he describes, going all the way back to the founder, Isadore Sharp.

Your staycation might call for a good book, an on-demand movie you’ve been waiting to stream, and some room service. But we’ll be frank — living your staycation to the fullest might mean booking a treatment or two at the spa. (After all, this form of pampering takes place lying down! What could be more relaxing?) At the Los Angeles location, you can choose among facials — including the oxygenating Geneo facial or even one from celebrity esthetician Georgia Louise — or a host of body treatments. The spa’s Surrender Massage was developed in collaboration with six of the hotel’s therapists, complete with traditional massage, stretching, and crystal-infused massage oil.

The Budget-Friendly Blanket Day

On the other end of the spectrum, with a veritable universe of options in between, is what we like to call a “blanket day,” which is similar to a “mental health day.” You can turn wherever you are into a staycation, even without a fancy spa and room service. For example, suppose you are the type to feel easily pressured or guilt-tripped by others or are motivated by FOMO (the fear of missing out). In that case, a staycation is about giving yourself permission to miss out — and rē-framing it as an intentional dose of relaxation. Instead of being motivated by fear, take the pressure off and tune-in to what your body truly needs.

If you need some ideas for what to do, consider a book, a self-love bath, or maybe some cortisol-conscious exercise. Of course, if you decide to binge-watch your favorite series on Netflix and order-in from Postmates, that is totally acceptable, too. The point of a blanket day is to let go of the nitpicking judgments and internalized voices that pressure you to do anything other than be. Get used to the idea that you are your own expert. Wellness might mean taking time to rē-connect with nature on a hike or for a day at the beach. It might mean cuddling up with your pet for some unconditional love. We are particular fans of ‘blanket days,’ during which we give ourselves an entire day’s break from having to be “on” for anyone but ourselves.

The wellness-savvy life shift requires making your mind a pleasant place to be. This means being forgiving, compassionate, and nurturing to yourself — which, in turn, tends to impact how you treat others. But something is to be said about the merits of turning FOMO into JOMO. Any opportunity to take the pressure off and to awaken — and trust in — the voice within that knows exactly what you need is a practice of putting wellness first. So think of it like a muscle, and start exercising your wellness-muscle when your inner-critic perks up. 

Here are some items to help you embrace JOMO:

This weighted blanket said to reduce anxiety and feel like a hug, is the perfect pick for a wellness-promoting staycation.

Give your face a warm massage while absorbing the anti-aging benefits of LED and lymph-moving microcurrent.

Hu Kitchen Gingerbread Dark Chocolate

When has chocolate ever let you down? So treating yourself to gluten-free, vegan dark chocolate is a good choice.

Art of Tea Wellness Mood-Boosting Tea

A warm cup of tea can be endlessly calming, while each cup’s medicinal herbs can work wonders to soothe the nervous system.

Sipping on some tea from your favorite mug always makes it better. Plus, this one is super cute.

Parachute Linen Duvet Cover

Good luck getting out of bed once you’re under one of the cult-favorite brand’s brushed linen duvets. You’ll want to stay cuddled all day.

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

This is a self-help classic for a reason —it’s the perfect read to dive into from under the covers. Tolle’s insightful description of transcending beyond the ego-based state of suffering will inspire you to prioritize JOMO more often.


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